Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Aisha in Wonderland

On the same day the British public woke up to the the announcement that two of the people arrested during the latest Birmingham razzmatazz terror raids were released without charge and without even having been questioned about the alleged decapitation of a Muslim soldier, a story which had provided ample fodder for media hacks to spill their venom, the government announced that it is throwing millions of pounds at trial schemes to help Muslim communities from being radicalised. Doesn't the "Department of Communities and Local Government" realise that the best way for innocent young Muslims to become radicalised is by receiving a knock on the door in the early hours of the morning, then being villified in the media whilst held at a police station, only to be released without charge and without even being told what they were supposed to have done wrong? An unsuspecting Muslim visitor to this upside-down world of modern Britain could easily be sufficiently amused at such stupidity to sit down and write a satirical story called "Aisha in Wonderland".

On this strange island innocent people are being terrorised by the police in order to keep other innocent people afraid of terrorism. Day in and day out travellers boarding planes take out their aftershave, toothpaste and sun protection lotion and place it in a clear plastic bag because some Mad Hatter running the home office decided that if you told the British public that a handful of people were going to board several planes without tickets or passports and blow them up with a mixture of beverages carried in Lucozade bottles, they would be either uneducated enough to believe it or disinterested enough to ask questions. A retired British Army intelligence officer with plenty of explosives experience called the Heathrow Blitz allegation a complete fiction engineered for political reasons., but was cause neither for passengers nor the airlines to protest to the government over the ridiculous "precautions" still in place. When reading a blog asking cats their opinion about the alleged terror attack, one finds that they are a great deal more sophisticated in their judgments than the politicians at the helm of these Deceptive Isles.

25 people were arrested at that time and the Bank of England published the names of 19 whose funds it had frozen thus providing the media with easy targets of their sensational reporting. Some of them were later released without charge, just as the brothers in East London's Forest Gate whose homes had been raided at the cost of more than 2 million pounds for allegedly trying to make a chemical bomb which proved to be as illusive and non-existant as Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. To prevent having to face the public totally red-faced the police then invented child porn charges for one of the brothers as a diversion, which were subsequently also dropped. As a consequence the Muslim community of East London are now likely candidates for the expensive government schemes to eradicate radicalisation and build bridges, as are Brummy Muslims.

But why blow up the bridges in the first place? The kidnapped and beheaded Muslim soldier in the British armed forces is likely to be as fictional a character as the exploding toothpaste, but to keep a semblance of propriety, some will be charged with those newly created offences of glorifying terrorism or possessing articles likely to aid in the preparation of acts of terrorism. Like books on Jihad, for example. Seeing a Muslim bookshop was amongst the raided premises in Birmingham it shouldn't be too difficult for the police to find something suitable. If they try a bit harder they might also find some toothpaste or aftershave in some of the 18 properties searched. Maybe one or the other of the subjects was already sufficiently radicalised to get involved in politics and possess references like The Times Guide to the House of Commons which could easily be made out as a list of potential targets.

For those unfortunate enough to own freely available items whilst at the same time being Muslims the ordeal may last a long time. Since books and toiletries in the wrong hands amount to a very serious crime indeed, and such cases require plenty of time and money, their trials will not take place until the circumstances of their arrest will have long been forgotten by the British public whilst some other diversion will captivate their minds. As long as the media feed their viewers and readers the red pill and government ministers keep shouting "Off with their heads", there's no need for real concern, since all is well down the rabbit hole.


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Good post.

This is also worth a read:

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