Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crusading Cameron

It seems David Cameron's Neocon minders have asked him to safeguard his career prospects by weighing into the popular politician polemics against Muslims, talking of the threat of Shariah law and the oppression of Muslim women. In a speech at a church in Birmingham he went as far as suggesting that Muslims groups were mirror images of the BNP, people who divided society into us and them, which by the way was exactly what Cameron was doing. And whilst he was trying to say that when faced with Muslim extremism one shouldn't blame the whole of the Muslim community, he was actually just adding his voice to the long list of politicians - David Blunkett, John Reid, Jack Straw, Ruth Kelly - focusing on Muslims as the alleged source of all problems of our society. And like those on the government benches before him, he never once mentioned British foreign policy as a contributing factor in alienating young British Muslims.

One sometimes wonders whether these career politicians actually read the speeches handed to them by their script writers or consider the impact of their words before they are in the public arena. Whilst talking about bringing down barriers, Cameron is putting them up and is making dialogue more difficult. And he certainly is stopping British Muslims from considering the Conservative Party as a viable alternative to the Muslim-bashing Labour government. It is almost as if both parties want to create self-fulfilling prophecies by pushing Muslims into the non-British corner from which there is no retreat.

More interesting than Cameron's uninspiring speech is the way the media manipulated it further. The Tory Telegraph carried the story and included the replies by two Muslim organisations: The Muslim Council of Britain and the Islamic Human Rights Commission. Local BBC radio talk shows - two of which interviewed me on the topic - then characterised those two organisations as being the kind of undemocratic extremist groups whom Cameron was warning against. The two organisations have little in common, the former being a previously government-sponsored pretentious umbrella body of Muslim organisations, the latter a pressure group successfully highlighting human rights abuses against Muslims, including in Muslim countries. What they have in common is their refusal to take part in the Holocaust Remembrance Celebrations which Ruth Kelly lately wanted to make the litmus test of Muslim loyalty. Their valid argument for refusal is that since those celebrations do not recognise the genocide against the Palestinian people they elevate the suffering of some people over others and are therefore perpetuating rather than solving a problem.

As the voice of moderate Islam the Telegraph quotes the Conservative-sponsored new kid on the block, the Sufi Muslims Council, their new chosen self-styled representative of the "silent majority of Muslims", just as the Muslim Council of Britain once was the voice of Islam favoured by the Labour party (the all seem to have an infatuation with Councils). Just to show that party divisions in the UK are fake, when this latest Necon creation from Washington was launched in the House of Commons in the UK, Ruth Kelly attended, and Jack Straw is also a fan.

What is transpiring is that British politics is not made in Britain. The British people do not have a say in what the major political parties stand for. Whitehall politics is decided by those parties' financial backers. The crisis of democracy goes deeper than just the cash for honours scandal. The two major parties and their spokespeople are indebted to Jewish financiers with Zionist leanings. When Cameron is joning the anti-Muslim ranting club, he is paid to do so by Lord Steinberg, the gambling magnate who is betting on the Conservatives as the potential winners in the next election, and the media mogul Michael Green, whilst Lord Levy (also known as Lord Cashpoint) and Mr Cohen continue to back the Labour horse. Everywhere else but in Britain it's called corruption, but never mind, keep blaming the Muslims.


At 30 January 2007 at 18:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim,

The problem we have in this world is that Evil, Jew-ish, rabid media control, which has all of its talking heads nodding in sympathy to all manner of tribe tumbling out of the mouths of these anti Christs.

It appears that nobody in the media dare speak againgst the injustice of this Zionist machine and those who do, ie the Galloways, do not reveal unto his adoring fans the depth of the Banksters and who their influences permeate throughout all aspects of our lives, to the point it literally stress's one out and makes one sick!

These Brigands that take over our governments and then tax us for the priviledge, then tell our ministers to attack our single mothers, who are stressed out of making a family to the point that the birth rate is doomed, if we do not have an increase in the people of the UK getting jiggy, we will not be able to have a tiny pension...These brigands no doubt would have softened us up for their Euthansia policies,reminds me of the movie "Logans Run", whereby the cut off point was age 30 and then you had to go.

Do these men who occupy the benches have NO SHAME?

Gordon Brown has ear marked, no given the Holocaust Education Foundation 1.5 million,albeit i believe i heard their head say 1bn pounds and all for a lie and then they attack us in more ways than i can imagine and on a daily basis.

David Cameron is in rehab from his cocain abusing days and only he now knows the benefit of riding a bicycle and keeping fit, as does Jordan, when you abuse yourself with drugs and then go on to have babies, they become affected!

I've had enough Tony Bliar's and certainly do not want a David Come-around!

The Zionists have seen the damage they have done to the education of the masses when they let Jade Goody out, with a grand TA daah in the BB house and if we do not have a media challenge, no matter how small, it doesn't bode well.

However, a magazine/newspaper which spans an alliance Christian/Muslim,telling it like it is, can do wonders and greater wonders if it is given the publicity and called anti semitic.

Great analysis Mustaquim, i'll post it, if you don't mind.

At 1 February 2007 at 18:38, Blogger Unknown said...

Everyone by now should know what is going on, the Zionists are openly exposing themselves and their double standards, one would have to be a stupid person or a shill not to have noticed.

The only thing is anyone who objects singly is singled out and abused. The Muslims have an opportunity to organize en mass and to rid us all of this parasite.


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