Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Crown has no Clothes

By now, over a month into "lockdown", more people are beginning to speak out that the cure is worse than the disease. But hardly anybody seems to have figured out that the cure is in fact the disease. We have been made to surrender three fundamental human rights to governments who declared an unprecedented state of emergency world-wide on the recommendation of an unelected international body, the World Health Organisation: freedom of movement, freedom of assembly and, to a greater degree, freedom of speech. Because anything contradicting the official narrative is dismissed as harmful fake news and censored accordingly.

We have given up those freedoms out of the fear of dying of a disease we were told was as infectious and deadly as none before. To reinforce the message, we are bombarded with figures in an endless television "news" advertising campaign which sustains the largest ever social experiment conducted in modern history. And the economic fall-out of the exercise is such that people will doubtless die, lots of them. But as of today, 22 April, the global death toll of people who died "with the virus", i.e. in whose death the virus might have been at least a contributory cause (not people who have positively found to have died "of the virus") stands at 182,114. Looked at in isolation, this is, of course, a large amount of people, more than a medium-sized town. But this figure has to be looked at in relation to a world population of almost 8 billion (approx. 7,779,550,000 as of today). And today alone, with, as I am writing this, only three quarters of a twenty-four hour complete, a total of 130,000 people have died on the globe. When the day has completed, this number will have reached almost 175,000 individuals, in other words, almost as many as have died with (not of) Corona virus during more than the last quarter. The number of new births, by the way, is twice as much, so the world population is still steadily growing. gives a running count of what is going on in the world as far as statistics are concerned. 18 million people have already died this year, in the very same period during which 180,000 died of this dreadful virus. This means, the virus accounted for a mere 1% of deaths, the rest being attributable to other communicable diseases (4 million), cancer (2.5 million), smoking (1.5 million), alcohol (770,000), HIV (520,000), traffic accidents (420,000), suicide (330,000), malnutrition (300,000), malaria (300,000), seasonal flu (150,000) and mothers dying in child birth (95,000) to name just a few. In other words, the unprecedented virus has killed only about twice as many people as there were mothers dying during child birth, and only slightly more than the seasonal flu, but significantly less than traffic accidents, alcohol or smoking or even suicide. And these killed that many people every year, day in and day out, yet we didn't stop living or surrendered our freedoms. If there was an argument for banning people from leaving their homes, then traffic accidents would be a more powerful one than Covid 19. As an aside, there were more than 13 billion abortions world-wide this year, yet the world population, as already mentioned, continues to grow.

So how have we been so easily fooled into compliance? The power of advertising. Death written across TV screens and public monitors from early morning till late at night. Subliminal "Stay at home" messages everywhere we care to look. Fear, a powerful tool of control, being spread far and wide, and people, afraid to die, desperately looking for a cure to a disease that is hardly out there and a solution to an engineered problem. And, of course, before we were all put under house arrest, we were already conditioned and isolated, real friends replaced with facebook ones, social gatherings replaced with social media, everybody on their own with their smart phone, which they will now willingly allow to be used as a tracking device.

In Hans Christian Anderson's tale of The Emperor's New Clothes, the tailors' cunning trick only works because everybody in society has been conditioned not to challenge the established order and each, worried about themselves, goes along with the pretence. The same happens in this tale of deception and hype woven out of an imaginary plague visiting every house in the form of the evasive but ever-so persuasive Corona (Crown) virus. There are all the official news outlets singing from the same hymn sheet. There are politicians, professors and scientists preaching the danger of interacting with fellow human beings, and there is the co-opted opposition, which talks about lab-created viruses or even 5G-induced illness (and I am not belittling the dangers of 5G as another tracking and control tool), akin to somebody, in the fairy tale, who would challenge the tailors (or magicians) not by pointing out that they had not woven any cloth at all, but by protesting that the cloth they had woven was not of pure silk as they claimed, but of coarse cotton, that they cheated the Emperor knowingly in order to profit from their trade - thereby also perpetuating the myth.

And unlike Moses, who exposed the magicians' tricks for what they were, today's Muslims are also part of the fabric of the Dajjal (false messiah, anti-christ) society: they are pleased to point out that quarantine was an Islamic invention (and so it was, but to deal with, for example, the plague, not with a media-created threat), and so were vaccines (no need therefore, to probe into what they contain and whether they might be more powerful in reducing the growing world population through inadvertent but intentional sterilisation effects, provided they are accepted large-scale or can be made mandatory). Not a whisper from Muslim "leaders" when told to shut mosques, cancel Friday prayers, do without congregational Tarawih prayers this Ramadan and potentially forego the annual Hajj pilgrimage. The Kaabah has even been provided with a triple "face mask" in case it might get infected, pushing worshippers further and further back and away from it and towards the manifestations of the Bedouin complex of erecting tall buildings, which the prophet Muhammad spoke of as one of the signs of the last days, including what looks like the golden horn of the devil at the top of the Saudi version of the Big Ben clock tower, which was foretold to be elevated in the Najd, a tribute to Baal, the money god, the golden calf.

The man-made virus crisis may ease up (it is said to have peaked) and we will be told that it wasn't as bad as expected because "social distancing" worked so well. We will be sold tracking and vaccines by the same media which scared us half to death with this never-seen-before disease. The economic effects will last for years to come, many will die of starvation, unemployment and dependency on hand-outs will have risen, many small and medium-sized businesses will have gone to the wall, even some larger ones, creating more monopolies and concentrating more power in the hands of a few families running the banking system. Governments will have got even deeper into debt in order to help their wounded economies, and instead of issuing the necessary funds, they will borrow them from banks which, in turn, create them out of thin air. For this is another Emperor's New Clothes story, that banks lend out deposits. Who on earth has so much wealth that it is more than all the governments of the world, or rather, all the people of the world, can pay off in decades? The wealth does not exist. The money is created by book entry and backed up by an empty promise. And in the process, we have all been enslaved. For some time, some of us were bought out with a measure of luxury and entertainment. Now we are also imprisoned. The next phase, I guess, will be even less benign. Apologies for being bleak in outlook, but until somebody pulls the veneer of this charade and points at the emperor's nakedness, there is little hope for change. As for Muslims, we have plenty of preachers still, some more honest than others, but I don't see any leaders.