Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gaza activists stage protest on Scottish parliament roof

Fifteen students belonging to a  group of activists calling themselves "We are all Hana Shalabi" managed to climb on top of the roof of the Scottish Parliament building in Holyrood, Edinburgh, to stage a protest against Israel's ongoing occupation of Palestinians, urging onlookers to stand with the oppressed, not the oppressors.

Predictably, none of the mainstream media picked up on the protest or the related apparent security flaw exposed. With the exception of stv online and the Scotsman and, notably The Jewish Chronicle, the latter, however, claiming incorrectly that they were only attempting to climb the roof, the BBC and other establishment media completely ignored the event, displaying where their biased loyalties lie in spite of endless claims of impartiality. Had this been a campaign for, let's say, gay rights, they would no doubt had covered the event.

All protesters have been arrested and are likely going to be charged with public order offences, therefore please try to make contact with the office of Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister who was answering questions in parliament at the time, to register you objection to this criminalising of essential freedom of speech and expression of humanity.

The Scottish parliament phone number is (+44) (0) 131 348 5712 or freephone 0800 092 7500. Ask for the first minister's office.

Post script: Callers to the number above have been told that submission should be made in writing, please email

The protesters have since been released and charged with "breach of the peace" - ironic isn't it, when this is the very Israeli crime they were protesting against.