Sunday, August 07, 2011

The occident is coming apart

Dynasties rise and fall, and the decline of the British-American empire has been long in the making. Of late, pax americana it is unravelling fast. Ever more ambitious and hasty wars, such as the support of a hotchpotch band of Libyan dreamers as the official rebel government, increase the overstretch of NATO armed forces who are gradually getting worn down and suffering defeat across the globe. At the same time, international law is in tatters and economic stability and security at home a thing of the past. Painting Muslims as the universal enemy has emboldened home-grown self-styled patriots who, having been ignored by the political establishment shocked Western civilisation with the recent Norway massacre. Not wanting to deflect from the war against Muslim terrorists, the bombing and shooting has quickly been described as the work of a lone madman, however, the reality is that over 95% of terrorist attacks in the the US and over 99% of terrorist attacks in Europe over the last decade were perpetrated not by Muslims but by indigenous secessionists, people who want to break away from the ever more oppressive and all-permeating power of government. Meanwhile the financial markets are collapsing in Europe and America as the scam of bank-created credit is once more spiralling out of control. Whereas Iraq, Iran and lately Libya paid a high price for daring to challenge the supremacy of the dollar and suggesting oil to be traded in a different currency, China, de facto owning the American economy, is emboldened to demand the end of the dollar as world reserve currency whilst at the same time ensuring that the US cannot establish itself near her borders in Afghanistan. With the dollar nearly gone as the tool to command the obedience of the world, American hegemonic influence is finally coming to an abrupt end.

Of course, like fish out of water, we cannot expect present-day power elites to go down without throwing a fit. They have tried to re-arrange the geopolitical situation in Africa and the Middle East with limited success. After the Norway massacre by one of their own and the Tottenham riots out of frustration against the increasing encroachment of the police state, with riots also plaguing Italy, Greece, and Spain due to austerity measures to placate the banking oligarchy, and violence returning to Northern Ireland, Western security forces would need to stage another false flag Islamic terrorist attack to re-focus public attention where they want it. Yet, even when they had plenty of time for planning the perfect crime before callously sacrificing their own people in 9/11 and 7/7, the cracks of the official story soon showed with endless inconsistencies, discrediting the official story, to the point where a UK jury, not usually a group of people known to be gullible or inclined to support political protesters, found the maker of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" film John Hill alias Muadib not guilty of the offence he was charged with, in other words, they found his questioning of the official story of events of the tube bombings entirely justified. So we can expect for anything they might cook up in a hurry to come unstuck rather quickly, and in the face of the death toll caused by Breivik in Norway the simple arrest of a Muslim for the thought-crime of glorifying terrorism without the means or wherewithal to harm a fly just won't do. There is, of course, the other option of staging an extra-terrestrial invasion to create sufficient fear to rally people behind their self-appointed leaders and give up their freedom willingly. Interestingly, UFO sighting stories are all the rage again lately in the UK.

So what does the immediate future hold in store? With Western armies being driven back at most fronts, their own people will question the need to sacrifice and tighten belts whilst wasting money on unwinnable wars abroad. The power of the state will increasingly be directed at people at home to prevent unrest and "keep the peace". People no longer trust their governments whom they perceive to be living off them rather than serving their interests, and being seen in bed with corrupt and powerful international media corporations has not helped to ward off the accusations of sleaze. Democratic systems are not very apt at keeping an angry populace under control, so expect the powers governments awarded themselves to fight alleged Muslim terrorists to be used more and more to placate their own people. No doubt, the scaremongering against Islam and the alleged deluge of immigrants will continue in the hope that people will fight amongst themselves rather than unite against the abuses of government. There is little hope, of course, that Muslims will be the catalyst for unity. Whilst Islam is well placed to rally a new liberation movement, including an uprising against the usurers who have enslaved most of the world into their "global village", Muslims world-wide lack even a basic understanding of political Islam and most Islamic movements have been subverted from within. If the British-American establishment simply hand over to China, it is yet again another change of shift without change of management, as the same mafia banking cartels running the show in the West, have also succeeded in pulling the strings in the East, China having become another economy manipulated and controlled through interest-based fractional reserve banking based on the power of fictitious money. Not having stepped into the breach will be Islam's greatest global failure so far.