Friday, December 10, 2010

Selling England by the pound

As in the old Genesis song, England's future is being sold out by the coalition government. Finally having made it into government, the Liberal party demonstrated swiftly that all political parties put their principles behind once in power - actually, they do so because they are not in power, nor do they work for the people, they work for the banks and financial institutions who have enslaved us for far too long. Since those financial manipulators managed to get the government to give them the right to create (yes, create - out of nothing) the credit and money supply of the nation and then lend it back to the government at interest, we have all been trying to pay of the national debt, which has cost the banks nothing and the nation everything. All countries of the world are now tied in the same web, and there is ultimately no way out of the crisis other than either a popular uprising against the banks or direct, tyrannical rule by our financial masters.

The student protests against extortionate tuition fees have mainly hit the news because of violence. On the first occasion a fire extinguisher was thrown from a building with the potential to seriously hurt people. On the second occasion, the car in which the prince of Wales was travelling to attend a theatre performance had its windows smashed. That the future heir of the throne (if his mother abdicates before he himself has to retire) has no power either is evident in that he went to be entertained rather than dealing with the crisis his country is facing. But leaving that aside, the UK is not used to violent protest. It only happens when people loose hope and are pushed against the wall. Last time that was during the poll tax riots under Mrs. Thatcher, but nobody seems to make the connection. The most recent protests are not just about tuition fees, they are about depriving the next generation of Brits of a future: their parents and grandparents have to save up to afford their studies, knowing all too well that after graduation there are no jobs waiting for them. The higher education sector in the UK might deserve the knock - it has been overpriced and underrated for far too long - but the students and their families deserve better - the people deserve better.

Britain is heading for confrontation. People have lost respect for authority. For a government that sends its young into illegal wars. For a government that deprives pensioners of a decent retirement after life-long service to the country. For politicians who show their corruptibility by grabbing whatever expenses they can in addition to inflated salaries. For the police who regularly consider themselves above the law. And some people, only some at the moment, are fighting back. The shock expressed in the media, owned by the same financial institutions as our government, is like crying crocodile tears. Many have warned about things getting rough, and the writing has long been on the wall.

And now enter Islamophobia, that artificially created hate image of Muslims in Britain. It is about time people realised why this is happening and who the real enemies are. Islam is being demonised because it is the only religion left which opposes bank interest and the power of the banks. And anti-terrorist legislation has not been introduced to deal with a real threat from Muslims in our midst, but in order to give the state the powers to tackle protesters when the going gets rough, non-Muslim protesters, students, ordinary people. The pretext of a terrorist threat gives the police the powers to declare curfews and exclusion zones, to stop and search without reasonable intelligence or suspicion, to spy on people and, ultimately, to shoot to kill, as they did a few years back on the London underground. And the courts will always exonerate the police. Anywhere else in the world this is called a police state. Travellers at UK airports are regularly exposed to police patrols with machine guns, serving no other purpose but to intimidate. In the past, such heavy armed presence at public places would always be identified with living in a dictatorship, and that's exactly where Britain is heading. You don't need a university degree to figure it out.