Sunday, December 28, 2008

The shoe bombers

Don't talk to me about Islamic terrorism no more. A few years back American "Neocons" in the Bush administration with blind loyalty only to the illegitimate terrorist state of Israel led us into an illegal invasion of Iraq under the pretense of weapons of mass destruction. Last year, Israel tried to bomb Lebanon back into the dark ages whilst our very own middle east "peace envoy" Tony Blair called for a cease fire to be postponed in the hope that Israel could finish the job. Thankfully, the Israeli army had to settle for a defeat, although the Lebanese civilians paid a heavy price for it. So this year they went for a more downsized enemy to show their muscle and sent their Christmas peace message into Gaza, for many years the largest open air prison camp on earth. For all those who hailed Obama as the new saviour, I didn't hear a pip squeak of protest from him. A Bush spokesman, predictably, blamed the victims who had it coming to them and merely called for Hamas to show restraint. One might think scores of Israeli civilians had died. So this is the shape of things to come in the climate of the engineered witch hunt against Muslim terrorists. What Israels "Christian" supporters forget is that the chosen people do not see them as equals either. Israel is like the kid in an American school shooting teachers and fellow pupils for not having given him full marks in the last examination. Israel will not stop until the world acknowledges that global rule is rightfully hers. Meanwhile all the Muslims around the world can do is to throw shoes. Please, don't talk to me about terrorism no more.