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Hitchens is not smart

I've listend to Hitchens on the radio promoting - or mumbling to promote - his new book "God is not Great", a fairly uninspiring attack against all things religious with the most vicious venom spewn in the direction of Islam. After Richard Dawkin's attempt to ditch religion in "The God Delusion", which was also given plenty of airtime, the secularists seem to be really on the advance - or are they?

There is a noticeable unease amongst those defenders of secularism compelling them to write about the subject. The very fact that they see the need to go on the offensive indicates that they are beginning to lose ground, and their attacks are, consequently, becoming more and more fanatical. If religion was a relic of the past, they would not need to convince us that it does not matter.

Hitchen, also an ardent supporter of the war in Iraq, is not so much worried about religious traditions and ritual, after all he admits to wanting a passover ceremony for his little daughter in spite of his Jewish wife not being too fuzzed about it. What worries him is that people should take religion seriously, believe in Divine revelation and be guided by it in their daily lives and politics. Islam is his greatest fear because Muslims have refused to have their religion emasculated by a foul compromise with secular overloards.

Just as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are turning out to be as disastrous and untenable as many an imperialist war before, the secular fundamentalists are beginning to lose the intellectual argument. A fish out of water will flap violently, but it will soon be snuffed out. The American empire is past its decadent stage and disintegrating fast even without having been attacked by any formidable enemy from the outside. Instead they had to create one in al-Qaedah. Meanwhile Russia and China sit on the sidelines watching the erstwhile giant fall and bleed to death, overstretched in too many military adventures far afield.

The need to find fault with religion is an admission of failure by the secular protagonists. Every now and then they are trying to poke a little to get a reaction in order to demonstrate the irrationality and violent nature of their enemy, be it the publication of offensive cartoons in Denmark or knighting Salman Rushdie for having written Satanic Verses, a book described by the late author Roald Dahl as unreadable, which had been prefinanced in order to begin the last crusade against Islam and religion which later culiminated in the war on terror. The mechanism of this kind of subversion is described very well in the response written by the leader of the Islamic Party of Britain at the time in his book "Satanic Voices Ancient and Modern", a book as poignant today as it was then. At the time, Muslims over-reacted and fell into the trap. Now, they seem to have matured sufficiently to sit back and watch the secularists burn themselves out.

Hitchens' and Dawkin's ramblings are the last attempt of the advocates of a failed social experiment to survive whilst more and more people are turning away from the wishy-washy uncertainties of dogmatic liberalism to find fulfilment in religious belief and devotion. Hitchens is not smart, and God is indeed great!


At 18 June 2007 at 14:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could Peter also, like CHRISTOPHER HITCHINS and Madeline Albright and US Senator John Kerry et al ad nauseum, suddenly, discover he has Jewish ancestry perhaps?

His Daily Mail piece was very Judeo-centric.
Which of these is the greater threat to Israel?
16th June 2007 The Daily Mail
by Peter Hitchens

At 18 June 2007 at 16:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and all sane users of this blog,

Me thinks Peter and the unmentionable kiss arse, may not be so brotherly as one may think, not that i ever liked Peter when i first heard him speak.

However, of late Peter (Christian) has made some remarks that lead me to believe there may well be a parting of the ways, in that some of what Peter says makes sense and on the surface appears to fight for Christian morals.

Being Christened myself, i have no problem with anyone seeking the riteous path to freedom,but alas Christopher may not make it.

Richard Dawkins may have put a few digits on his income, since his encounter with the Evangelical high profile preacher in the states, who incidentally was NOT PRO ISRAEL, but seems to have admitted taking drugs and having a massage with a male prositute, but it does not distract away from the facts that Mr Dawkins needs to cease making money off a defucnt project.

The DVD documentary expose "Evolution fact or belief" to me puts the friend of dodgy people,Charles Darwins theory to bed, nope... the grave, yet the Zionist controlled media keep this quiet and up the ante with their attacks (Physically) on Islam and verbally on the brother Christianity.

Yep your quite right Mustaquim, they are rabid in their attack and hire all sorts of wannabe psuedo rreligious broadcaster and critique to pour scorn and attempt to ridicule God,Allah, Christianity, Islam and religion EXCEPT JUDAISM!

So Chris is married to a Jewess eh?lol

No matter, Dawkins can relious on his zionist buddies to continue plying his trade and paying him the 30 pieces, but the facts remain the same, THEY ARE PAID WELL TO SAY AND DO AS THEY DO.LOL

When i phone up a psuedo religious programe to confront the punk Dawkins, they inexplicably kept me haning on the phone and let him get out of the building and that was the BBC!

Of course the BBC receptionists always ask you what quetion you would like to pose to the guest and foolish me, happened to mention a certain DVD with great enthusiasm and was left crushed for two secs, only be left fuming that THIS IS JUST ANOTHER ZIONIST ATTACK ON THE RELGIONS THEY CANNOT DEFEAT WITH ONE ON ONE ARGUMENT!LMAO

The truth of the matter is, albeit i didn't know at the time, is we are winning and as my Muslim brother quotes a phrase, perhaps you'll be so kind to tell me what it is if i get it wrong, "where religion is concerned..You to your way and i to mine", AND THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE COMPULSION VIA VIOLENCE TO ME, AM I WRONG?

At 18 June 2007 at 16:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oops i didn't read Peter's piece, i will blinking well have to now...Drat!

At 19 June 2007 at 12:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MashAllah very well put

At 21 June 2007 at 14:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and all sane users of this blog,

Christopher Hitchens has a new book out it sounds like calling God a dictator and those who believe in God and teach their children there of, are subject to his accusation of child abuse.

The Today programme pitched Peter Hitchens and the above unmentionalbe into a civil debate, albeit brief, but very interesting.

I think these two boys are on opposite ends of the religious and political landscape.

It's a pity it was only a ten minute blast,because i have a sneaky suspicion these boys have been at it before, which really makes me want to see them at it again, in a public forum, where the unmentionalbe can be defeated by his brother, who i believe is the younger.

At 26 June 2007 at 20:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hitchens is a twisted and sly man who could learn much from his younger brother. He was on the panel of Question Time last week, mumbling his trouble making comments. Such a shame George Galloway wasn't there to keep him in check.

At 7 July 2007 at 22:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting article, funny how you decided not to dispute any of Dawkins' arguments for the non-existence of God preferring to focus on what you feel are his motivations.

As an atheist I honestly do feel sorry for you. You seem like an intelligent person and it's sad that you choose to so thoroughly let your intellect be anally raped by this preposterous idea of God, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy or whatever name you call your Deity.


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