Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Muslim hospital gown by DCS

Hospitalisation may be necessary, but it is rarely pleasant. First priority is the patients health and safety, followed by general wellbeing. Other aspects often take second place, although it is well established that if a patient feels at ease it will aid recovery. To help a patient feel at ease cultural sensitivities must be taken into account. It is important for patients to be able to communicate, to have the support of visiting family and friends, and to have their personal beliefs and feelings respected. A key concern for many, especially female, patients on mixed hospital wards is their privacy and maintaining their decency. For Muslim lady patients this issue is magnified by a different perception of the meaning of decency vis-à-vis the opposite sex.

A company founded by Fatima Ba-Alawi in 2005 is now addressing this need. DCS Designs Ltd. (DCS stands for Dignity, Comfort & Safety) originally produced the DCS patient gown, a new and innovative patient gown that offers hospital patients all the comfort they need, reduce risk of injury by needles and maintain their privacy and dignity during their hospital stay. The design provides easy access to the patient’s body for examination without stripping the patient through different access areas for maximum comfort and minimum stress and pain. Furthermore, the design also makes it easy for the gown to be changed without the removal of any medical devises that may be attached to the patient, hence maintaining patient dignity while minimizing risk of injury as well as infection control. In addition to that, the DCS Patient Gown is designed in such a way that it provides more coverage at the rear of the gown, unlike the conventional gowns where patients have their bottoms exposed.

A comparison study between the DCS Patient Gown and a standard patient gown has been carried out and found that if a patient has drips attached and needs his/her gown changing, it would take between 5 - 7 minutes to change the gown adding to the pain and risk of syringe injury, while it would take only between 1 - 3 minutes if the patient is wearing a DCS gown, leaving the patient pain-free, stress-free and risk-free.

Now the company has developed and launched the "DCS Faith Gown" specifically designed for Muslim women patients.

DCS Faith Gown provides over-all coverage of the body. It provides maximum comfort & dignity for the patient. It offers full body length, long sleeves and a detachable head scarf, which is easy to wear one piece. The head scarf is detachable when required during patient examination or during surgery. The gown has a V neck line, which promotes comfort & ease of manoeuvrability for when a patient is sitting up.

The gown has fastening means along the whole upper sleeve line, which provides easy and quick access for examination. This feature also makes it possible to change the gown without exposing the patient, hence promote dignity & maintain privacy.

There is an examination window in the upper body, which provides easy access to the torso for examination as well as access for surgical procedures while maintaining patient privacy and saving time.

This is a most valuable contribution to make female Muslim patients feel more at ease during hospitalisation, and hospital staff and managers in areas with a sizeable Muslim presence should most certainly invest in this excellent product.


At 4 April 2007 at 16:12, Blogger Bane said...

What? Why do Muslims need a seperate hospital gown from everyone else? Who wears a scarf to bed anyways? That is ridiculous.

Sooner or later you are going to realize that not everyone wants to be Muslim or is going to be Muslim.

At 4 April 2007 at 17:03, Blogger Mustaqim said...

These gowns, minus the scarf, are currently in use by non-Muslims who also, believe it or not, like a measure of modesty, and their design, if you read this post properly, also makes clinical care faster and easier. What on earth is the measure with you cynics that you must reject everything that's good just because it's been introduced by Muslims?

At 9 April 2007 at 23:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslims = bad

Zionists have been telling the non Muslim populations in Europe and the US that Muslims want to 'take over', force everyone to become Muslim and to force their ways on them, if not through political correctness, through violence.

These people just read the Daily Mail and The Sun and cant think for themselves.

I think the only solution for Muslims is to unite and to emigrate to a Muslim hijra...where a leader will take those of us who want to live by Islam to live by our values.

BTW I was listening to a radio show with you talking to Daryl Bradford Smith..he mentioned Kevin Mcdonald's analysis of neo conservertives which you had not read. If you get a chance, it is long but you can find it here:

this too is a good site:


At 25 October 2007 at 23:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is wonderful.
I am a nurse.
When a patient has an IV and I need to change his gown I must: 1.clamp the IV tube
2.quickly seperate the tube from the needle in the arm
3. Remove the sleeve of the gown
4.Apply the new gown's sleeve the arm
5. Re-Connect the IV tube to the needle in the arm.
6.Un-clamp the IV tube

I do this quickly so the patient's medicine flow isn't disrupted too much.
There is always risk of an air bubble in the IV tube after it's reapplied. This can lead to serious problems.

And by the way, In the hospital when a patient goes to bed, that doesn't stop doctors and nurses from coming in and waking them up for medicine and tests. So the idea that patients at least have privacy at night (and therefore don't need to be modest) is FALSE.


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