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Official: Israel is THE pariah state

A recent GlobeScan survey conducted for the BBC World Service confirms what most people know but governments want to deny: Israel is an unpopular state whose role is seen as anything but benign in world opinion. The poll rates countries as to whether there influence in the world is considered to be mainly positive or negative, and the results show Israel to be perceived the least positive and the most negative influence. Even Iran did slightly better in the perception of people around the world.

These results have to be viewed against the background of relentless negative propaganda against Iran whereas Israel is usually perceived in the dominant mass media as a beleagured democracy of victimised people fighting for survival in a despareate struggle against Arab and Islamic terrorism. So whilst many people in the world may have been hoodwinked into accepting the official line on Iran, they have not been fooled into believing the myth of Israel as the innocent home for persecuted Jews.

China, by the way, is seen as more positive than the USA, and the latter is perceived as more negative than Russia. It seems the people of the world do not share the American dream, but their clear vote against the role Israel is playing is most telling. Short of accusing the pollsters of anti-semitism in the design of their research methods, as the Israeli paper Haaretz does, Israel and its supporters have an evident image problem in spite of privileged access to the media. No doubt, in their typical arrogance they will respond by claiming that the world's inhabitants will need to be better educated.

This would make the Americans the best educated nation on earth: the Israeli national news service Arutz Sheva tells us that unlike other nations, the sympathies of Americans are still solidly with Israel. Who would have guessed!


At 6 March 2007 at 11:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and fellow posters of this blog,

Yes i noticed an article on the Truth seeker website, in which referred to this survey and i had to smile and mentally punched the air, as the result served to prove that over kill on all things Israel good, Arab bad, US great, world not up to it have fallen not on deaf ears, but enlightened and newly awakened people.

There comes a time, when even children grow up and are not willing to go to sleep and miss Santa coming down that chimney and having Western parents lie year after year,in order to bribe their children to behave, or be good.

The point is i believe, is that the public no longer wish to be lead, coerced, lied to, or forced into any other crimes against humanity.

History may be hidden, but it still remains there for the free peoples of the world to discover it and today, we are discovering it fast and thus, the media control/hold is weakening and once that Wizards curtain is pulled right back, those who played us will have to pay the price.

Now, since i love a good debate, i thought i'd post this debate between Norman Finklestein and Alan Dirtybitch and give all who wish a bit of a laugh, at the manner in which Finklestein destroys this war mongering liar and long may this debate be posted all around the world.





My apologies Mustaquim, but this was a classic and i haven't had so much fun, watching a debate with one scholar and one lying pathetic pliageriser.LMAO

At 10 March 2007 at 18:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel has a long history of supplying Iran with weapons....

The Shah of Iran , who was chased from power in 1979, had bought plenty of weapons, before his departure, in the US, for roughly 18 billion US Dollars. Amongst them 80 warplanes of the type F 14.

The Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran and his government needed them badly, after Saddam Hussein attacked Iran in 1980. However the US government had imposed an arms embargo after the occupation and hostage taking in the US embassy in Tehran in late 1979. So urgently needed spare parts were not for sale in the US for Tehran.

To the surprise of the US government, this embargo was without any effect. The Iranians were helped by Israel. Israel did not care a bit about the embargo. Money did the talking. They saw a chance to make extra profits and keep the Iran-Iraq war going, two of it’s enemies fighting against each other.

Israel regarded Iraq as the bigger enemy, whilst the European countries and the US thought otherwise. After the Mossad had given the green light, the arms deals were negotiated by an Israeli general by the name of Avraham Bar-Am, famous for his brutality against Arabs.

Participating in these arms deals allegedly a German arms dealer group comprising Hans Bihn, Hans Schneider, Hermann Moll and Ralph Kopka. They were well connected to a former top general of the German army, Bundeswehr, by the name of Albert Schnez.
On the Israeli side it was a Ron Harel, acting for Israeli Military industries (IMI), his representative in Germany was a Henry Kamaniecky, Israeli with a German passport. The Iranians were represented by a Abdolfath Katibi and a German by the name of Stephan Kaiser.

The US, after they found out, protested, however they themselves later on sold weapons via Israel into Iran in 1986, it was afterwards called the "Iran Contra Scandal". The profits from these deals were used to support a right wing terror group, fighting the government of Nicaragua, called the Contras., involved was the Pentagon with it’s colonel Oliver North, the CIA and the arms dealer and international crook linkAdnan Khashoggi.

From Germany to Vienna

After being followed by German police, the arms dealers moved from Germany to Vienna, Austria. Money was generated by selling Iranian Oil on the black market, that exceeded the OPEC Quota, at a discount. The oil selling shop was called Bandaran and managed by an Iranian by the name of Mehdi Farschi, alias Hashemi Bari alias Farschchiha alias Masoud.

He was helped by three local men, linkManfred Felber, Engineer, married to an Iranian woman, Ilija Sirbegovic, also engineer and Gustav Kurz. One of the top arms sellers to Iran was an Israeli by the name linkNahum Manbar via his company Europol, based in Poland. He bought Russian tanks of the type T 72 and T 55. They were before sale to Iran refurbished with electronics by the Israeli company El OP. Polish specialists were trained on these arms and later flown to Tehran to train the Iranians.

Manbar was a big supporter of Israels Labour Party and at fuctions regularly seated at the top table next to former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

A ship without a harbour.

In August 2002, the cargo of a ship by the name of "Zim Antwerp I", registered in Thailand was confiscated by the German police. The cargo consisted of 3000 tank chains and hundreds of tyres for armed personnel carriers. The final destination: Iran’s port Bandar e Abbas.

The sender: The Israeli company PAD, based in Netanya and owned by one Archivai Weinstein. His brother-in-law, Eli Cohen, in 1999 bought arms in Canada and shipped them via Belgium to Iran. Not only arms, also chemicals were sold by the chemical company Carmel, owned by the Dankner family in Haifa, to Iran. However Carmel was using a subsidiary in Kenya to mask the origin.

So most Israeli arms deals actually appeared to be arms deals of other countries. These arms deals continued, after the Iran-Iraq war was over and beyond the first Gulf war in 1991, in which Iraq was defeated.

Weapons of mass destruction into Iran

Already in 1989 an Israeli arms dealer, involved in the lucrative Iran-weapons axis by the name of Charles Caplan, tried to sell the nerve gas Sarin to the Iranians. He was helped by a South Korean Juwhan Yun. However the US customs and police got wind of it and stopped it.

These modest beginnings, that had no consequences for the actors, were followed by a more professional sale not only of raw material for the nerve gases Sarin and Mustard, but also the sale of blueprints for a factory plus the KnowHow for the production of these nerve gases. Bought in China and shipped to Bandar e Abbas/Iran.

Sarin is one of the worst weapons of mass destruction. Invented by Adolf Hitler's chemical industries in 1937, however never used in WW2. It was, however, used in a horrific terrorist attack in the subway of Tokyo, in which more than 5000 people were injured.

The Buyers

The buyers are Dr. Abbaspour Tehrani Fard, head of Iran's department 105 (defence industries). He is a close friend of Iran's former President Rafsanjani. The buys are made by the Vienna Crew, Farschi, Felber & Co.

The Sellers

The Sellers are two groups. One group comprises the arms dealer Nahum Manbar in cohort with the Israeli Secret Service Shin Bet. Equally involved the British Mi6 with it's agents Richard Tomlinson and Joyce Kiddie. The second group comprised the Israeli Colonel and former F4 pilot linkMoshe Regev alias Regenstreich in cohort with Shin Bet.

He was supported by the German linkGerhard Merz who later on in 2004 was involved in the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea and died there amidst the allegations of torture. Apparently the German Secret Service BND knew about the sales to Iran.

The sales were during the period from 1991 to 1994. At the same time the UN weapons inspectors were searching for these weapons in neighboring Iraq. The Israeli Government ordered to stop the sale, after weapons once sold by Israel to Iran arrived in South Lebanon with Hezbollah.

Regev/Merz stopped, however Manbar continued for another year. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison in a secret trial in Israel, that was marked by scandals. The presiding judge Shtrasnov started an intimate relationship with one of Manbar's junior lawyers, Pninat Yanai.

This is the first time in history, that a country has sold weapons of mass destruction to it's arch enemy. The only explanation is, that Israel tried to create a case of war with Iran, at that time unsuccessfully



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