Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Brainwashed Blair shows true colour

Tony Blair shuttled to the Middle East in order to escape the sleazy image created by cash for honours and the abandonment of the serious fraud investigation into the Saudi arms deal as well as in order to demonstrate his undiminished importance as a statesman after he has been once more belittled, this time in a Chatham House study, as the junior lackey to Bush without any influence on American policy. In return he was merely derided as having been brainwashed and irrelevant as a power broker, remarks which must carry a particular hurtful sting since the were made by the vice-president of the very government US and UK troops installed in Iraq and are sacrificing their soldiers to protect.

Whilst most of the mantra urging so-called moderates to unite for peace in the Middle East is the usual predictable garbage we've come to expect from our prime minister posing as peace-maker and power-broker in the half a century old Israel-Palestine conflict, his speech given to businessmen in Dubai deserve closer inspection. After the apparent contradiction of inviting Iran and Syria to help the US and UK out of their quagmire in Iraq whilst at the same time threatening them, Blair finally laid the cards on the table with a clear indication of whom we have been fighting this war for all along. This is what he said when describing the government of Iran as a strategic threat:

"They seek to pin us back in Lebanon, in Iraq and in Palestine. Our response should be to expose what they are doing, build the alliances to prevent it and pin them back across the whole of the region."

Now we all know that the British have troops in Iraq and that the prime minister must try to safeguard their interests, however impossible a task this seems to become. But that the British are fighting a war in Lebanon and Palestine is definitely news. Hence, when Blair talks about "us" being pinned back in the Lebanon and in Palestine, he can only mean the Israelis, and thus for the first time has admitted that British foreign policy is shaped for their benefit. Iran is a strategic threat because her government has dared to attach the Zionist apartheid regime head on in spite of making the usual excuses before asking for some polite restraint.

That the US administration has been hostage to Zionist interests for a long time is common knowledge. Now for the first time the British prime minister has put on record that the same applies to Whitehall. We shouldn't be surprised, of course, if we look where the money is: Blair's buddy and financer, and special envoy to the Middle East, Lord Levy is an ardent supporter of the Israeli apartheid regime. Don't expect much change though, if Gordon Brown takes the reigns: his backer goes by the name of Cohen. And according to the Jewish Chronicle, David Cameron's party is bankrolled by the Jewish gambling magnate Lord Steinberg. The British government and opposition have been bought, and I can't wait hearing Margaret Becket paraphrasing Madeleine Albright by saying that the deaths of British soldiers in Iraq are "a price worth paying".


At 20 December 2006 at 15:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blair went to Iraq for two reasons:

1) As outlined in the UK press recently he is putting in motion the first phases of his retirement plan, expect a retirement in Q2 of 2007.

This mans hubristic delusions know no bounds.

At 20 December 2006 at 21:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and all sane users of this blog,

I think it's disgusting really!

However the British media have been leading us to this JudaoFacist control for some time now.

There was a time on a Sunday morning i'd tune my radio in to listen to a particular London radio stations religious show, but increasingly i got less and less music and more and more anti Christian and anti Muslim jibes.

The last straw came when the host deliberately mislead her listeners, over the original reason for celebrating Easter and when i challenged her she would not offer an on air correction.

I suppose steady dumbing down of Christians and blaming Muslims for the deeds of the usual suspects attacking Christmas and all things Christian, is why Nick "Goebels"Ferrari had an item on his show today, concerning circumcision..I kid you not!

I thought it was a bit off the wall, but then again he must please his judaic paymasters, whilst he continously thinks the world can't hear him attack Muslims.

I'd love to save that quote from Blair, if it is in print at all.

At 21 December 2006 at 00:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have a source please for the Blair comments about "us". Ta

At 21 December 2006 at 09:34, Blogger Mustaqim said...

Quote available here:

At 21 December 2006 at 13:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it a bit of a conflict of interest for Lord Levy to be special envoy to the Middle East, I mean, how can you expect him to be fair when he's a Jewish Zionist? It's like having a British citizen of Palestinian origin with links to Hamas being special envoy to the ME.

Hmmm, maybe he bought this position? But who am I to say, to even bring light to these sensitive matters makes us 'anti-semitic conspiracy theorist ranters' blah blah blah.

At 21 December 2006 at 15:27, Blogger Bane said...

Is it not purposely "not stated" that the reason we are having to defend Isreal is b/c Syria had a puppet government in Lebanon? Not to mention that the entire Middle East has tried to destroy Isreal simply b/c they are Jews? Funny how there is nobody speaking out against the dictators in the Middle East, especially the "good Muslims". Is this b/c they live in fear or b/c they have no voice?

At 22 December 2006 at 12:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isu, none of your assumptions are correct. The Lebanese government are puppets to America, that's why they are facing heavy resistance from it's own population. This 'Syrian puppet' did nothing when Israel destroyed half of Lebanon, and is hated by the Lebanese for its betrayal. Israel was fighting Hezbollah, a grassroots Lebanese resistance movement, not the traitorous government. Syria helps Hezbollah only because they see it as a buffer between itself and israel.

Also, your notion that the 'entire ME tried to destroy Israel simply because they are Jews' is simply false. The conflict between the Arabs and the Jewish Zionists is because of land/occupation/dispossession/etc. The Arabs would have fought them the same even if they were Bhuddist or Martian.

And you're wrong, the strongest critics of the 'Muslim' (or should I say Arab) dictators are the 'good Muslims', and that's why they're in jail getting tortured for it. Most Arab dictators are American puppets, that's why they're not talked much about and their crimes ignored by America. The few that aren't American puppets (eg Saddam) get demonised and attacked.

If you're proud to be American, I suggest you uphold what's good in America, and work to fix it's unethical foreign (and other) policies.

At 22 December 2006 at 14:39, Blogger Bane said...

The Syrians were recently kicked out of Lebanon if I recall. Lebanon can’t fight off Hizballoh b/c they are not strong enough to do it. Hizballoh are terrorists backed by Iran & Syria. You simply don’t see that terrorism in the form of Hizballoh & Hamas as a problem do you? How come Jordan can occupy the East Bank and nothing be said about that? Where are the Palestians in that regard? It is simply b/c they are not Jews. AS far as all the dictators being puppets of America and America looking the other way…. That is lame. WE are looking the other way? WE are there in the thick of it…lol. So Iran’s President is backed by America? Syria’s President is backed by America as well? You just said it yourself. The good Muslims are being tortured for speaking out, so therefore they have no voice. Just like Nazi Germany…lol. I want you to explain to me how Iran’s & Syria’s Presidents our puppets of America. Also, include America’s part in the Ayotallahs controlling Iran. None of that is America’s doing. Lebanon unfortunately is being used by terrorists to get to Israel. So when they attack Israel, Israel gets blamed for bombing innocent people while the terrorist hide behind those innocent people. It is a smart thing, what the terrorist are doing simply b/c they understand the media. And the media being left wing to start with, eat that crap up and turn the other cheek by never mentioning that Hizballoh was firing rockets from civilian apartment complexes. IN other words it was all Israel’s But the media is stupid anyways, whatever can hurt our President is the goal of the day. You see the Western Media wants America to become a socialist democracy and unable to defend itself. It is a guilt thing. The left in the US “feels” guilty of being the lone superpower. It is stupid I know, but that is the left in gerneral.

Israel occupies land b/c they were attacked by Middle Eastern countries. When you are attacked and you win a war it is common practice to keep the land you win. Just ask the Muslims who invaded Europe all the way into Spain. Plus Israel has given back some lands if I recall and all it got them were more suicide bombings. So why capitulate to our enemy if all your enemy is going to do is attack you again? Why bring your enemy closer to its goal of wiping you out? It makes no logical sense.

The reason we attacked Saddam started back in the 1990s when he invaded Kuwait. We kicked his butt out of Kuwait only to stop before entering Baghdad. Now lets stop right there and let me say this: We should have removed him at that exact moment. We should have taken Baghdad right then and there and saved ourselves & the world 12 years of inevitable confrontation. But we didn’t. That was not the game plan. The game plan was for Saddam’s removal from Kuwait only. Over the next 12 years Saddam played cat and mouse with the international community over his WMD programs and sanctions. Meanwhile Kofi Annan and others inside the U.N. were getting kickbacks from Saddam the whole time in the Oil For Food Program. This money was suppose to be going to the people of Iraq but instead Saddam was buying off France, Russia, China, and others in the security council. This is why all 3 of the mentioned nations did not want us to liberate Iraq simply b/c all of this would be uncovered.

You have to remember whoever you are, anonymous, that the Middle East governments are not giving their people to be free. Women in Iran cant even go to sporting events. Now how stupid is that? The Saudi government is in danger of being overthrown by terrorists elements & both Syria & Iran harbor, train, and fund terrorism. IF these Islamofascists achieve their goals over total control over the Middle East, they will also acquire the ability to blackmail the entire world by controlling the oil that feeds the world. Now unless you want another Dark Age, you would be dead set against such a scenario. But as you said before the “good Muslims” are being killed for speaking out against these Islamofasists simlpy b/c the terrorists control the Middle East and the religion. So you can keep blaming America & Jews for the problems but what has the average Muslim done in the Middle East to bring it into the 21st Century?

Lets go back to women’s rights for a second. We have Human Rights Watch all across the world. Yet we never hear of the human rights violations occuring in the Middle East. Why is that? Why does the core global news media ignore that violation yet we can’t get enough news stories about detainees wearing panties on their head at Abu Ghraib? Women in the Middle East are still not able to do the same things men are. Why not? Can you answer this for me?

At 24 December 2006 at 11:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A factual statement about the war criminal Blair and his cheap tricks to fool around. What was Blair doing during his recent surprise visit to the region? There were no surprises. He was continuing what he did before: lies, more lies, and deception and more deception, both in internal politics and recolonisation of the Middle East in the interests of US imperialism and its military-industrial complex

At 25 December 2006 at 22:17, Blogger Blogger said...

Blair is a disgrace to humanity, and now he is behaving like a sore loser.

At 27 December 2006 at 09:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Isu makes a few good points, i.e we should not overstate the case for US puppet mastery of Middle Eastern leaders without evidence. There is good circumstantial evidence that the government of Lebanon are puppets judging by the recent huge demonstrations against them by 20% of the population.

However saying things like the entire middle east has tried to destroy Israel because they are Jews seems ridiculous. They have not tried to destroy Israel and the anymosity is there as the Palestinians had their land stolen by via Zionist deceit and violence. Now the media especially in the US, far from being lefty loonies, conceal what Israel does.

Also here are some thoughts of ex IDF soldiers about what Israel does now:

At 31 December 2006 at 12:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The jewish state of Israel was always going to cause problems.
Total displacement of people and stolen land = conflict.
I have no problem with religions of any kind.
A western idea again.
it was once discribed to me as 'someone coming to your house throwing you out living in it and then forcing out of the garden'
Would you sit back and let that happen?

At 4 January 2007 at 20:19, Blogger Bane said...

Right and who did the Palestians take it from? Where is the outrage over Jordan controlling the Esat Bank? Since they are Muslim it is ok then? Gotcha guys.

At 11 January 2007 at 01:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You talk of palestinians taking land? the biggest land robbery is that of the united states is it not. A country built on slavery, and slaughter. Ask the native american indians


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