Sunday, October 15, 2006

France, Armenia and Jewish-perpetrated genocide

When the French parliament voted to make illegal the denial of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Turks they were not only being hypocritical, since their own involvement in the more recent Rwandan genocide continues to be hushed up, but also historically inaccurate. A jail sentence and a hefty fine now await anyone under French law who denies that the Turks tried to systematically eliminate Armenians, the same penalty currently used to prevent revisionists from questioning aspects of the Jewish holocaust at the hands of the Nazis.

The move has since been criticised by the EU commissioner as preventing dialogue and debate necessary for reconciliation. Turkish MPs have already vowed that they will lobby for a similar law to be passed in Turkey about the massacres perpetrated by the French during the Algerian war of independence. This tit-for-tat would, of course, further delay or ultimately prevent Turkish entry into the EU. This is seen by many as the real motivation for the new French law.

For the Jewish holocaust industry it will be a double-edged sword. On the one hand they have always jealously guarded their holocaust as the only genocide worth remembering, on the other hand the ensuing debate about what really happened between Turkey and Armenia might put them on the spot as perpetrators, not victims, of genocide.

Unacknowledged by French legislators, the onslaught on Armenians was not so much the work of the dying Ottoman Empire but the Young Turks who were to replace it. These in turn were anything but Turkish in origin. They were a movement created in Greek Salonika by crypto-Jews, the Sabbateans or Donme. Whilst this is very much a matter of record, little is found in history books about the interrelation of this movement with Masonic lodges under the protection of European diplomacy. Through these channels the French and British engineered the downfall of the Turkish Islamic Caliphate, and the Armenian massacres were part of this grand geopolitical plan.

One could argue that the followers of Shabbetai Tzevi were not really Jews but members of a cult as far removed from traditional Judaism as the Donme were removed from Islam after their conversion of convenience. However, the founder of the Young Turks, Emmanuel Carasso, was an Italian Jewish lawyer and official of B'nai B'rith, described on Wikipedia as "the oldest continually-operating Jewish service organization in the world", so this is about as Jewish as it gets.

Once we probe further into what happened into Armenia, we might also be tempted to revisit the history between the two world wars and find that the Bolshevik revolution had a disproportionate number of Jewish financers and executive members. They had as little respect for the Orthodox White Russians as the crypto-Jewish Young Turks had for the Orthodox Christian Armenians. We might want to declare the Stalinist purges an undeniable genocide, another holocaust which according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the author of the Gulag Archipelago and once hero of Western anti-communism, was more Jewish than Russian.

The French may have set the wheel of historical review in motion with their hasty vote on the Armenian massacres. In the process we might learn that the myth of eternal Jewish victimhood does just not bear out. Likewise, they expelled the indigenous Palestinian population in order to establish their Zionist state in their promised land by perpetrating numerous massacres and atrocities, for example Sabra and Shatila. Any criticism was usually deflected by a reference to anti-Semitism and Europe's collective guilt. Yet, injustice does not last forever. A hundred years on the Armenians have not forgotten what happened to them. Nor will the Lebanese and Palestinians.


At 15 October 2006 at 19:38, Blogger GWPDA said...

You might want to consider doing some actual research into actual history before writing out such a farrago of nonsense.

At 17 October 2006 at 14:15, Anonymous Londoner said...

Thank you for your well researched blogg.


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