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The Pope is embarking on a dangerous course

Commentators trying to portray the Muslim reaction to the pope's latest pontifications as exaggerated are repeatedly claiming that his words were taken out of context, that indeed he intended no offence and was merely quoting a 14th century Byzantine emperor he did not agree with. The full text of his address at Regensburg University, however, reveals that what he said is even worse than has been made out and shows not only that Papal analysis and politics are not infallible, but can be outright wrong and dangerous.

First of all, the pope tries to add to the American war against terror crusade by postulating that Islam is a violent religion. He makes the claim that the verse insisting that there be no compulsion in religion only applied during the early period of Islam when, according to those the pope considers experts in the matter, Muhammad "was still powerless and under threat". He claims that later those instructions were revised and replaced by the concept of "holy war", whereas the Christian emperor viewed conversion by violence as "something unreasonable".

For serious students of history this is, of course, quite a bold statement. The very emperor Manuel II Paleologus was amongst the war-mongers travelling the lands of Europe to incite their rulers to participate in the "holy" crusade against the Muslim and Jewish infidels. The Church has blood on its hands. As to conversion, the pope is blind if he is not aware of the unreasonable missionary activities amongst the "savages" by which the Church provided both rationale for colonialism and benefited from the spoils. For the pope to quote a crusading emperor responsible for violence against those of other faith as an advocate for non-violence in religious interaction seems rather ludicrous.

But the offence caused to Islam goes deeper. First, there is the mistaken Orientalist idea that the Qur'an was written to suit the politics of the time, thus disclaiming its validity as a sacred and revealed scripture. Secondly, there is his main argument that Christianity is a religion of reason which, together with the Greek concept of logos, created the basis of the modern world, whereas Islam is characterised by blind conviction.

Putting aside for a moment that rather the opposite holds true and Islam can be credited with having introduced reason and empirical science into the superstitious world ruled by Church during the dark ages, the pope is actually reversing the policy of his predecessor who had adopted the spirit of Lessing's ring parable by seeing the monotheistic religions as of a similar strand, each containing some truth. The new pope has displayed a true crusader mentality where only the Judeo-Christian tradition is worthy of reason-endowed mankind, Islam and probably the rest of religions are either conveniently engineered belief systems or irrational blind convictions worthy only of savages.

Viewing the other as inferior is in turn going to lead to the same violent excesses as Christian theology sponsored during the crusades and during the colonial conquests. With his lecture the pope has given his blessing to the "war against terror" or modern crusade against Islam, unlike his predecessor who repeatedly criticised the American adventure as lacking moral authority.


At 16 September 2006 at 17:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and all sane people of this blog.

I saw right through this piece of Zionist propaganda the minute i heard it.

First of all the former member of the Hitler youth, Ratzinger as Pope, ordains three Rabbi's in Germany, this week Wednesday.

In the very same week he's putting in the incendiary boot into Islam, doing the Zionists bidding.

I suspect that the Christian Emperor who uttered those words, was merely doing what the Murdoch press does today and that is demonise an entity he is afraid of and poison his peoples mind against a people they do not even know.

We must remember that at the time, the Pope/emperor lived a complete separate life from their subjects. They were aware of the geo politics of the day, well fed and educated whilst the vast majority of Christians couldn't read, let alone take a look at a Catholic bible, so what ever he said at the time, doesn't necessarily have to be true!

The fact that this Pope is going utter this type of incediary propaganda, just tells you who he ultimately is working for. It appears to me that he has quoted this emperor but taken his eye of Christian history which is seeped in blood and barbarity.

As for Islam itself, it actually brought a lot benefits to Christiandom, so much so that Spain has refused to destroy its fine Islamic buildings.

If i were the Muslims i would not get all hett up, i'd tell it like it is and retort, with the question, Why does the so called head of the Chritian church think it right and proper to ordain three Rabbi's who hate Jesus/Yesua, believe him to be boiling in hot s#@ and Semen, desire to kill, control, deceive his Christian flock?

I know the Pope also wears a small hat, but a Catholic ordaining Rabbi's is stretching it a bit, surely it has to be against the principles of Christianity to ordain Talmudists?

Muslims in the UK and US would do well to use their positions of influence to highlight the evil taught in the TALMUD.

I for sure, believe true Christians currently being led astray by Zionist educated Pastors, would truly appreciate Islamic help in that area.

Today and Tomorrow is not the time for followers of Christianity and Islam to allow Talmudic bankers and promoters of war and division to win the day and our childrens tomorrow, for ever locking the Gentile/Goyim societies in a never fuedal slavery.

At 16 September 2006 at 18:00, Blogger PersianPaladin said...

Great post there Sahib. This is just more anti-islamic attacks masked behind 'contextual rhetoric'. I can see through it. Satan is very much in charge at the moment.

Talking of satanic influences - I fear that Daryl Bradford Smith may be influenced by the OpposingDigits website which is extremely anti-religious and anti-jew. I would keep away from there and start to expose that site as a place of xenephobic hate.

At 17 September 2006 at 11:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes i agree Persianpaladin, "Satan is very much in charge at the moment", he controls the media, that being movie industry, print media, TV news etc.

Yes Satan has seized contol of the banks, which suffocate the populous of the world, like the Boa Constrictor, as it crushes bones and squeezes the life blood out of its victim.

Yes Satan boasts and brags about his prowess at telling his own not to worry because he controls the US, re Sharon.

Of course Satan hides behind the deeds of men, but one only needs to look at their fruits and whoops there it is!

Now Persianpaladin, a simple truth can be revealed once you understand that, any army no matter who's, needs MONEY in order to kit it self out with weaponry!

Who prints and issues the money?

Who do you think financed Napoleon, Hitler, Saddam etc?

It certainly was not the queen of England!

Oh and there is NO LAW that says you must like Brocoli or Jew-ish people for that matter.

At 17 September 2006 at 12:10, Blogger PersianPaladin said...

Do you think that the pope is a christian zionist then?

Oh, and what about the Talmud? Do you think it would be harsh to judge the entire Jewish religion by a perverted version of the Talmud for zionist ends?

At 17 September 2006 at 12:58, Blogger Showkat said...

Salaams All

This is my poetic response to the popes speech, feel free to circulate as widely as possible

Bush, Blair and the Pope
Axis of evil
Talking abut things which are medieval
Crusade against Islam
Politicians and the clergy
United once again
With the same mentality
To destroy Islam

Three fanatical and fundamentalist Christians
Who claim to be guided by God
Even when they illegally invade Muslim countries
And kill millions

Does their God sound to you like a merciful and compassionate God?
Or does he sound like the devil himself?

Remember Pope Urban II at Clermont
The launching of the crusades
When he promised redemption for those who participated
They came murdered, raped and pillaged
But the Muslims remained strong and the disbelievers were dissipated

Masjid Al Aqsa liberated from the filth of the crusaders and terrorists
Who made this holy place into a stable for their horses
And now we see occupation once more by the Zionist beasts
Aided and abetted by the Americans and British

Today they have a foothold in Iraq and Afghanistan
But the Muslims continue to resist occupation
And the body bags keep on coming home to the west daily

While the wounded wish they were dead
Coz their Governments ignore and try to forget about them
Collateral damage no less

If you don't know your history you aint got no future
They know their history but do we know ours?
History repeating itself
Muslims under attack once more
No hiding place not even on the net

The Pope is mad
Instead of looking at his society
And seeing and condemning immorality
Homosexuality, fornication, and child abuse
All on the rise
Even among the clergy
He focuses on Islam

Islam is the truth
And refuses to change with the times
Coz the message was sent by the creator
For all times and places
No women imams or same sex marriages will it allow or condone
Islam came to be the law of the land
And not to justify every filth and perversion

There is only one Quran
And not a new version every few years
This they can't handle
As they launch their attacks in the name of war on terror
Which everyone knows is a war on Islam as an ideology and system for life

Oh! Crusaders keep on attacking verbally and occupying Muslim lands
Because your actions are fast forwarding the Islamic awakening
And hastening the clash of civilisations
And may Allah swt help and give victory to the Muslims as it was granted to
us in the past


At 17 September 2006 at 14:15, Blogger PersianPaladin said...

Nice poem. It's time that the west started to learn the true Islam; not the 'Islam' that has been falsely presented to them by the zionist deceivers.

At 18 September 2006 at 13:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mushtaquim and all sane peoples of this blog.

There is only one Quoran, as far as i know and only one version of the Talmud, therefore it follows that if a person calling themselves Jew-ish sees this book as the premier Jew-ish "holy"book, then one can only assume, that all people who call them selves Jew-ish condone this perverted book and its directives and ethics.

Before mass media and the Zionist controll of it, Christiandom knew exactly what this tribe was about and did not stand for it, hence they were banished from the lands in which they sought to corrupt.

Yet today, it uses its vast network of media paid lackees to misinterpret the Quaran and blame the Quaran for deeds we as Christians would stand by, ie i wouldn't call a paedophile an infidel, i'd call him a c#@t and want NO justice for that piece of scum, yet when the Muslim chooses a better word for these filth ie infidel, they are condemned, cleverly by the Zionist media, as if human feelings against being aggrieved are some how abnormal!

The real enemy has always been the Zionist, Cabalistic, so called Jew!

History tells us and we can verify today, that in Muslim lands they have churches and temples and people who believe in different religions, but if you do not recognise the entity that does not like it when peoples accept difference, then one will never recognise who it is that puts people against people.

Example, today there are reports of attempted Church burnings, it of course will be sold to the unsuspecting public as a Muslim attack, albeit in the past some Mulsim have done such deeds, but today, we must understand how certain tribes operate in enemy territory.

Who's to say, they can say for sure a church was burned down by such and such when they have no culprit. Look how easy it is to committ certain acts and other get the blame for it.

A case in point, UK under cover operatives shoot police in Basra, are caught, they are dressed as Arabs, wearing phoney beards, a car full of explosives and hence put in jail.

The UK sends in the army and they flatten the jail, kill many more police and free these operatives...Why?

Simple really, much of the so called religious executions and bombings in Iraq are being carried out by US mercenaries, Mossad and UK elements.

These heartless rogues who go back home with Christmas presents for their luuurvly children, need to get paid in order to play happy families at home.

No spectre created civil war, No need for occupation and high wages of sin.

As for the Pope, he was a member of the Hitler youth, newly found documentation states that Zionism and Nazism worked together during WWII. Furthermore, Hitler was quarter Jew-ish and his army had over 150,000 Jew-ish soldiers, many top generals earning first class Iron Cross's.

Read the book "Hitlers Jew-ish soldiers" by Bryan Mark Rigg.

Was in not Pope Pius XI, who gave Mussolini consent to invade Abbysnia/Ethiopia?

The Pope, in my view is bought and paid for and subject to the occasional set up, by the Zionists, who seek the one peoples it failed to conquer, via military and corruption of its faith.

I believe we Christians need our Muslim brothers more than ever, as far too many pastors have been corrupted and do the Zionists work for them.

At 18 September 2006 at 15:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the following photo very well sums up the 9th Century death cult that you call "I Slam".

I look forward to seeing someone here trying to explain this photo.I could use a good laugh.

At 18 September 2006 at 15:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They will never learn. Watch this:

At 18 September 2006 at 18:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so the Pope blasts Islam with words...islamists burn Christian churches...wonder where the pope got his idea for islam being a violent religion?

At 18 September 2006 at 21:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and all sane people on this blog.

There are times when one must do what one must do, or to put it mildly, some people can bring the worst out of you, hence Jesus/Yesua went into the temple took on the money changers, yes the prince of peace lost it, but for good reason.

In deed the bible show many examples of violence, but does show man a better way and encourages peace and moral goodness.

Anonymous, how about doing some research into that tribe of Israeli's that murdered 91 innocent people in the King David Hotel, learn about the Irgun, Stern gang and Haganah and then see if it takes your fancy, that this tribe will kill, deceive and cheat the world of peace, for a piece of land they have NO biblical/historic ancestry to.


At least the Quoran respects Jesus/Yesua and promotes him to a prophet and i say promote, because the Zionist Talmudist says he's stuck in hot sh#@a nd semen.

Takes your choice, good vrs evil, it's your conscience.

At 18 September 2006 at 22:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't live back in those days...and there lies the problem. No one will ever get past the violence of today so long as they keep living in the past. This is such a ridiculous place we live in. And so long as we keep fighting violence with violence...or words with violence, it will never change. The thing that is so frustrating about this whole situation is that Muslims think this is a "holy war" with America and its allies. Well, I'll give you Israel..I understand that being a holy war...still bent out of shape over the PAST!! But America is not at war with Islam. We are at war with the extremists...who happen to be Islam. Why is that so hard to understand? If Islam is so peaceful, then why to they bring violence to those who oppose it? The poor are peaceful, because they have no means by which to wage violence or war. But the wealthy extremists are not peaceful. It's awfully easy to say Islam is a peaceful religion when the ones that are peaceful are the ones who can't afford to wage violence. And a large part of those who can afford it, but don't actually directly get involved in the violence, condone it and even fund it. If America was at war with Islam, then why are so many moving to the states? We are the scapegoat of every problem in the world. I'm sure you'll have your figures, your numbers, your books to read, explaining why you and most everyone else who hates our way of life wants to blame us for it all. But the Islamic faith has played just as much a role in this war, and in violence around the world. And Mustaqim still will not admit that. Things will never change so long as we live in the past. And that's what this "holy" war is all about...something our generations had nothing to do with.

At 19 September 2006 at 09:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and all sane peoples on this blog.

Anonymous i didn't live back in biblical times, Jurassic times, Elizabethan times, but those times dictate to some degree how we live today, hence it isn't as simple as to say, that was then this is now!

Our now has been shaped by our yesterday and in order for us to exist in the now, we need to understand our yesterday, so that we do not sow the seeds of discontent in our tomorrows and our children's tomorrow.

Therefore, let us both agree that it is the wealthy who send the poor into their wars. It is the cannon fodder who react to the incediary words of wealthy leaders, who take advantage of the under education of their mass's and set the scene for those with nothing to take vengeance into their own hands.

It is easy, for the wealthy leaders of the West to rabble rouse its populations into approving of illegal invasions, arming hostile nations to demolish countries that flout every UN resolution ie Israel, as it was easy for Saddam to wage war against Iran, because he populous were not aware that he was being backed by the US.

Let us not move too far from what this Pope has quoted and go further into the fact that Popes of the past and his religious cabal, were the ONLY peoples able to read the bible. Furthermore the entire populations of the West were illiterate, so consider how easy it was then to persuade a nation to wage war on propaganda coming from the vatican, or Christian church!

The said most probably can be said of countries that call them selves followers of Islam, therefore propaganda and rabble rousing is not exactly an exclusive domain of Islam.

Let's face it, today it is the West who is lying to its populous and engaging in wars against Islamic countries.

I refuse to believe that the peoples of the world actually hate the American people, as much as the Zionist controlled media will have those who tune in believe, as i think people actually realise that the US has been hijacked by Zionist Israel firsters and with their AIPAC and ADL etc cabal, they ensure that the US Pays for Israel's wars and very survival.

Luis "Scooter" Libby writer of child pornographic novel, is Jew-ish and has dual citizenship, James Ruben, Clintons spokes man Jew-ish Israeli dual citizenship, Ari Fleisher, Bush's spokesperson, Israeli dual citizen, David Frum speech writer for Bush,who famously coined the phrase "Axis of Evil" Isaeli dual citizen, Ken Adelman cheer leader and drum banger for illegal invasion of Iraq, Israeli' dual citizen,Paul Woferwitz,Richard Pearl right down to the White House Chef, are all Jew-ish Israeli citizens.

This is what the objective world can see and read about, as they are not hypnotised by the Zionist controlled CNN, NBC, FOX alphabet lying news outlets.

In fact, Anonymous i think you'll find that the US has some fantastic independent reporters, who have not been compomised by the Z men.

Remember Anonymous, it was Bush who recited the words "Axis of evil", it was he who said he would "smoke em out", it was Blair who uttered the lie "45 minutes", It was Bush who said "We have prevailed" and lastly let us not forget that, during the presidential debate with John Kerry, it was Bush who said that he didn't say he was not interested in looking for Bin Laden, yet the very next day... Whooops there it was large as life.

So with all the talk of war and acts of Illegal war against other people, if YOU were the other people and were a Crhistian and decided to defend your family and home, would it be apt for the invader to call you violent and your religion and religion of violence and bring quotes from the many books of the bible, ignoring such quotes as let him without sin cast the first stone.

I merely say, try walking five minutes in another mans shoes, before believing the propaganda OUR leaders put out, as WE BOTH KNOW WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO AND IT IS NOT THEIR CHILDREN BEING PUT INTO THE THEATRE OF IMMORAL AND ILLEGAL WARS.

At 19 September 2006 at 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And again, no admission that it takes two!! It's obvious that the agenda of this and every other blog of this guy is to focus attention away from the actuality of extremist violence, and toward the "evil Americans". Did you know that more Muslims have died in this war at the hands of other Muslims than at the hands of any occupying military?! As extremists hide behind, in cowardice, those who can't defend themselves, America is being blamed for the violence against Muslim nations. All of your's and Mustaqim's "Zionist" rhetoric is splattered all over the net, in order to hide the truth about those who are killing their own people. I trust that you have been to the middle east to see these atrocities by the Islamic extremists against their own people? Or do you read your "choice" of media outlets to get your inflammatory numbers. Who is being deceived here? Is it I, who has seen this firsthand? Or is it the good Islamic congregation who would rather keep their mouths shut out of fear of being slaughtered at the hands of their own. America has made many mistakes. I am not so blinded by my patriotic vibes that I don't see that. But any denial that there is another side to this war, that has been even more costly to their own people than any by the Zionists, is a gaspy cough in the wind.

At 19 September 2006 at 19:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mushtaquim and all other sane people of this blog,

Greetings Anonymous, I believe i have serparated the American peoples from the rogue government tht claims to act in their voice.

I do not enjoy taking pot shots at the US administration, but if only it WAS a US administration acting in the will of the people, but sadly the RECORD shows us it is NOT!

This idea you put forward that "It takes two" is a bit weak if i may say so.

Can "Homey" rob you today/tonight, without your resistence???? Or will it "TAKE TWO"!

You see the scenario you offer, does not take into consideration anyone's right to say "Hand over what"?, It's my brothers, or it belinged to my great gran etc .


Anonymous, you obvously careless about other patriots,or are quite unaware of them, what the heck would YOU HAVE DONE IF PAUL REVERE CAME RUNNING UP TO YOU!

Yes there are certainly so called Muslim countries that have terrible regimes, but like Uzbekistan, whereby this prick boils his victims alive, he is backed by the rogue element of the US government you seem to want to be patriotic to and i don't GET IT!

I don't hold too much for Webser Tarpley, but he has done a good job in investingating George Bush and his family and i think you need to suss that out first.

Will you at least check out Operation paper clip as well!

We NEED YOU and you are quite right that there are issues with some Muslim countries, but you must also be educated that the countries you speak of are being propped up by the US/UK.

I personally disagreed with the Taliban destruction of the Buddha, but they did it and therefore they attempted erase history of their country, but take a look at the illegal war that looted the Iraq artifacts and the looting and shooting of innocents.


Remeber this, we are being fed by WESTERN media and they do NOT tell us what our consciences need to know, hence we drink our beer, eat our chicken and fart our crap to more uneducated fools who think we are great because we pay some attention to some form of media.

It ain't about left or right, Republican or Demorcrat, Labour or Tory, Liberal or staunch religious, it is about RIGHT OR WRONG AND IF WE GET THAT RIGHT, WE HONOR THE DEAD!

At 15 October 2006 at 15:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing is very clear in these replies. That is,that for all the whining of the Islamic world that it is being demonized,a large amount of the Islamic world spend their days doing the same thing in regard to Jews. Everything seems to be a "Zionist agenda", according to Muslims. The daily propaganda against Israel in Arab media, makes Goebbles films look tame. I've lost my socks? Oh, it must have been Mossad. An extermist beheads a hostage. Oh, it was mossad dressed up in a balaclava. No doubt coalition governments have been telling the world a half truth regarding the reasons for attacking Iraq. But I'm sick of the Islamic worlds demonization of Jews al the time. If you don't wish to be demonized and suffer generalizations, don't continually demonize and generalize everybody else. It is as simple as that. Our pasts are full of conflict that stretches back to the 630's AD. Only when we "all" admit our faults and atrocities, are we doing to make any progress forward. Until then, if people keep on claiming only 'they' are the victim, then this will go on and on and on. Everybody is to blame for this. We all played our part.

At 24 October 2006 at 00:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's very well said anonymous. In my comments I have tried not to sound like I am pro anything. I am just as sick as you of all the blaming. The blame game solves nothing. I have admitted the faults of America and its government. But I have yet to hear the Mustaqim..accept any blame in this conflict..and it's very disconcerting. Well said.

Marine 1


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