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The prime minister is gone, long live John Reid!

Leaving aside the question whether there was credible intelligence about a potential baby milk explosion plot to light up the sky with the burning debris of up to ten jumbo jets – after all we've had plenty of dodgy intelligence since the Iraq invasion when political demands started to direct the security forces as to what was expected of them – there is a nagging suspicion in my mind that the way the disruptive Heathrow exercise was carried out was actually intended to further somebody's political career: John Reid, ex Northern Ireland and later defence secretary, sweeping reformer at the home office, and would-be occupier of No. 10.

With Tony Blair out of the country and John Prescott too humiliated already to make more than a cursory appearance (whilst officially remaining in charge), this was Reid's unique and only chance to demonstrate how he could aptly take the reins at a time of national crisis, chair meetings, hold news conferences, proudly declare that the police and security services were giving 100%, so we all had to make some sacrifices for our own good, and – most of all – make the name Gordon Brown sound like something from the distant past.

We better keep a close eye on this rising star of British politics who seems to emerge strengthened and unharmed from every encounter or adversary. Unlike Kennedy, a drinking habit did not halt the career of this imbiber of Scottish whisky, now a self-declared tea-total who also gave up chain smoking. A find of cannabis at his home did not make him unfit for being given the portfolio for the Home Office, in charge of law enforcement, which he soon afterwards declared unfit for purpose. His friendship with Serb war criminal Radovan Karadzic, still on the run from the international court, did not prevent him from becoming defence secretary nor does it dent his current image as the uncompromising eradicator of terrorism past, present and future. The man clearly is a survivor.

Noticeably absent from his brief official biography at the government's own website is the fact that before joining the Labour Party Dr John Reid previously belonged to the Communist Party of Britain who at the time supported the Stalinist oppression and loathed Refuseniks like Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He didn't have to change too much in order to serve under New Labour leader Tony Blair since he too is in favour of centralised government and more power for the state. Like Blair he is a member of Labour Friends of Israel, thus qualified for high office, and as an added bonus his new wife is Jewish, according to Wikipedia. This Brazilian-born film director made her debut with a titillating raunchy film about a girl's sexual experimentation in a quest for her identity as soon as her mother dies.

On balance, then, comrade Reid is cut out and destined for greater things. Britain's new charismatic leader is ready to take on the country, demand their undivided loyalty and to give up their freedoms in exchange for extending his protection, and he will rule over us with an iron will and fist. The days during his youth when he admired Stalin may not have been without purpose after all.


At 14 August 2006 at 21:38, Blogger Martin said...


Has anyone ever suggested that you just FUCK OFF BACK TO GERMANY?

At 15 August 2006 at 09:16, Anonymous GP said...

Good Mornining Mustaqim and all sane people of this blog.

Tut tut tut Martin, at least offer a credible argument, or refute the claims made by Mustaqim, with the actual facts.

Or are you telling me, who didn't know the full bio of John Reid, that all that Mustaqim claims happens to be true and you are merely upset, that i and others find out about this cabal of vengeful Jacobite's, destined to destroy the UK and bring about their Zionist New World Order.

Surely everbody knows that the Russian Revolution was actually a Zionist revolution with the main players being Jew-ish.

I speak of course of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and 95% of the Bolsheviks, who then went on to massacre Christians in their millions.

Yes, a prototype New World Order society,central control experiment on Russia.

Look mate, you may be upset that some people do not wish to have their lives run like well bread guinea pigs, or farmed fish, but please allow different views to be aired and debated, without displayihng the end result of a human farmed specie, that cannot only grunt,swear, eat, obey and s#%@!

Personally i welcome a back ground check of a man, who must have had prior knowledge to the 7/7 attack, or should i say self inflicted wound.

Just in case, you offer more examples of inbreeding, please google "official" and watch the DVD for free, entitled "Mind the gap".

At 15 August 2006 at 09:33, Blogger Mustaqim said...

Yes Martin, you just suggested that, and normally I would censor that comment for foul language, but then the next comment would not make much sense to the readers, so I allow you to degrade yourself. By the way Martin, let me thank you for giving my articles wider circulation through highlighting them on your own site where you have kindly nominated me to "Most repellent foreigner number 1" for posting what you called "the most disgusting anti-Semitic image ever" - a flag of Israel labelling it a terrorist state and equating it with fascism. And this is your problem: you cannot differentiate between Semitic and Zionist. The Zionists are the worst enemies of the Jews; they want them to be persecuted in order to prove their point. And by uncritically supporting them you are more foreign in outlook and your ideas more harmful here in Britain than me, just because I am of German origin - after all, so is our Royal family.

At 15 August 2006 at 09:52, Anonymous atulio said...

I, for one, do not buy this thick plot to blow up the planes with liquid substance. Every now and then we have "discoveries" of new plots and stratagems to bomb this or that. This is all gist in the windmills of the spastic Bush ,and his acolytes ,and the hyena Blair and his canine comrades.

Besides they had to manufacture a kind of incident to deflect attention from the massacres in Lebanos and focus the bovine masses attention into a riveting new "event".

The war on terror its a war of addiction, it is open ended and abstract in form and substance; anyone who does not toe the official line could fall into the categorization of "terrorists" or "paladin of terror ideology".

Just like drug addiction ensnares its victim leading to larger doses of addiction, the war on terror requires and demands larger and more potent dosages of "terror" actions. The carousel of manufactured terror effects will keep on revolving and turning - remember it is open ended, meaning it has no end - and new variations will be born. No one should expect victory parades and ticker tape showers announcing the war on terror. Everyone should , with baited breath, look forward to the next installment.

Parasitic liars and deceptive worms are sitting and manning the ramparts.

At 15 August 2006 at 10:19, Blogger Martin said...


In the cold light of day I might, but only might, have phrased my comment differently.

But the sentiment would have remained the same.

Precisely what value do you feel you add to the British national conversation?

To the British way of life?

Taking your differentiation between Semitic and Zionist at face value, were Heydrich, Eichmann, Hoess and Kramer Zionists? Hardly.

If you wanted to depict Israel as a 'fascist state', an absurdity, why not use the Roman fasces? Why the swastika?

Why, Bleher?

In respect of your comment in respect of my being 'foreign in outlook', you show that you maybe haven't met as many British people as you think.

And you also display an admirable ignorance of British history. Although the House of Hanover assumed the monarchy on the basis of their Protestantism, they were also of the British royal line.

So unless you have a Scottish granny, O Learned Imam Of The Ailerons, they started out with having considerably much greater claim on being British than you do.

At 15 August 2006 at 10:41, Blogger Mustaqim said...

Maybe I do have a Scottish granny, maybe even a Jewish one - when you stop being obsessed by bloodlines and talk concepts and ideas instead you might begin a meaningful debate and be taken seriously. Besides, I haven't come across anybody yet who can properly define Britishness for me. Our laws are now made in Europe. Brits are migrating to Spain for retirement and the promise of a better quality of life. Even the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has to abdicate and become an enforcement branch of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

At 15 August 2006 at 13:01, Blogger Martin said...


'Twas you who mentioned bloodlines (specifically, the Royal Family's) first, not me.

You want a definiton of 'Britishness'? Fine. Here's mine -

For the most part, 'Britishness' is a bit like an elephant - impossible to describe but immediately recognisable. Daubing swastikas on to Israeli flags is most certainly not 'British'.

Out of interest, I thought I had tossed a couple of debating points your way.

If you wanted to depict Israel as a 'fascist state', why not use an image of the fasces? Why the swastika?

You have described the Zionists as being 'the worst enemies of the Jews'; I answered that if that were the case were Heydrich, Eichmann, Hoess and Kramer Zionists?

You haven't answered.

You are not correct when you write 'Our laws are made in Europe'. Some of our laws are made in Europe. Do you believe that the current constitutional settlement is final? If you do, then you haven't been paying much attention to Scottish politics for the last nine years.

Times change, Herr Doctor. National moods change. At some point in the future the people might decide that they have had enough of being the Second Belgian Empire's most compliant colony and reject its rule. To think that it is everlasting is the mindset of a totalitarian.

Are you a totalitarian?

There's enough debating points for you to be getting on with, laddie.

At 15 August 2006 at 13:32, Blogger Mustaqim said...

I came to these shores in the early eighties and liked the liberal and tolerant approach to life. Unfortunately, just like the kind of Britishness you appreciate, it is disappearing fast. We now have Germanic bureaucracy and conformism, an overbearing state, and divisive tribalism (just look at the England flags during the world cup and the Scots supporting everybody playing England!).
Europe is complex as are he people. The car sticker I saw lately: "I love Europe but hate the EU" kind of sums it up nicely. Ireland did well by joining Europe and escape from British domination that way. Crossing the border between Southern and Northern Ireland is now like travelling from the first world to the third. I support Scottish independence, though the British government wouldn't want to let its military training grounds go, but for the Welsh it would probably not work. And the English are caught between a rock and a hard place in this Divided Queendom (UK).
As for symbolism, leaving aside the common racist nature of the Nazi state and the Zionist congress resulting in the little talked about transfer agreement at the time - pictures and caricatures are powerful message bearers, but you have to use symbols people know and understand. The Roman fasces would not make much of a statement.

At 15 August 2006 at 14:17, Blogger Martin said...

Not quite, Bleher old chap.

You were 'allowed to come' to these shores - and there is a world of difference between 'coming' and being 'allowed to come'.

I happen to agree with you that the recent fragmentation of the British character, and the reversion of the people to their historic types as signified by their preferences for the Crosses of St. George and St. Andrew over the Union Flag, is absolutely pernicious. A country like the UK, a collection of historic nations, should have realised that it works best when its constituent parts don't have to speak to each other. To my mind it's no coincidence that 'Scottish nationalism' only began to get a head of steam after the advent of broadcasting.

Mind you, if you think the Germanic conformism's bad now just imagine what it would be like under Sharia.

Irish history didn't really begin in 1973; the universal dividends that membership of the EU have brought the Republic are in danger of being obliterated by Ahern's obsessive neo-liberalism - a policy in complete contradiction to the founding principles of Fianna Fail. If you mean entering the North is like entering the Third World in the sense that you're going to a place where tribalism rules, then take heart - it was ever thus.

Scottish independence would be a disaster. The English, to whose needs and voice the Blair government has consistently stopped its ears, are the real victims of the past 10 years.

In respect of your thoughts on imagery, I would agree that familiar symbols and characters possess the greatest potential for impact.

And a German Muslim daubing a swastika on to an Israeli flag certainly makes a statement, I'll give you that.

At 16 August 2006 at 07:33, Anonymous GP said...

Very interesting debate, to which i take an opportunity to demonstrate before your very eyes the way Evil Zionism works and for that matter with a long term agenda, which will have many plan B's C's and D's.

When we the free people of the world allow an outside entity control over what we think, to the point that we ignore what they think and believe, we collectively give away our future and our childrens future to this mysterious entity.

I draw you attention to why Jews have been kicked out of Christian societies throughout the ages and why although we probably know the reason, we choose to ignore it, which is effectively saying goodbye tomorrow.

Yugoslavia and its break up and subsequent war, was in my view, a test case, to which the Zionist can make people who live next door to each other for hundreds of years, suddenly rise up and murder their neighbours.

Like it or not the UK is a European Union, in which came about by nasty politics fron England and lots of blood, however it is what it is now.

The fact that conquered people still hate, is exactly what the Zionist need, for them to survive and their long term plan alive.

Personally i do not think some Scot, or English lad, decided all of a sudden to start manufacturing flags of their respective countries, as we in the UK do nothing but follow suggestions implanted by Zionist media or Zionist puppets in control of our government or other effective areas of our infrastructure.

In short, individual nationalism needs to be kept alive and some Zionist will have made money off those flags, which all of a sudden are chic with the chavs of the world.

Remember, Serbs allowed Albanians to live with them for hundreds of years, yet they not only murdered each other, but an international force was used to bomb one section of that once united country.

Sometimes, we need to appreciate what we have and stop longing for something else, as that something else is what the Zionist wants you to long for and you just might get it.

Do you realise, that if it wasn't for the Zionist Jews presence in our media, politics etc, Scots may have forgiven English men for the sins of their fathers and because English men may well have apologised for the sins of their fathers for the crimes against Scots of the past.

The same can be said of Ireland and Wales.

Unity is not what the Zionist agenda is about, unless that unity comes in the form of Globalisation and its centralised world comes under their control. Those countried that do not agree with their nationalism being shoved aside for some huge club people of nations will not benefit from, will be ridiucled in the media and forced via economics to comply, (mafia nice offer) or face war and destruction.

The Zionist evil Jew, has a long head start on us, as we comply with him, when he says don't take a forensic look at that lie we said happened at Auschwits! We comply when we do not investigate why he was kicked out of Christian countries throughout the ages, We comply when he says the Protocols are fake, but fail to understand that fake does not mean anything, if what you are actually reading is a copy of the real manuscript, or that two documents were written prior to the protocols, to which it can be argued that the Jews who wrote the original aritcles, were saying the same thing the protocols say.

Why do we ignore the fact that Zionist Jews are following the Protocols to the letter and put it off as some coincidence.

Ignornace may be bliss to some, but knowledge will always be power and truth will always defeat the liar.

Nothing happens by accident, especially where these Zionist Jews are concerned, however their arrogance may well be their undoing, as it has been in the past.

At 16 August 2006 at 08:05, Anonymous GP said...

Good Morning Mustaquim and all sane people of this blog.

Tottenhamhotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and now Aston Villa, have all succumbed to the control of the Zionists, the latter because he like Boss of supermarket chain Morrisons, were English men, without knowledge of their enemy, thus media power, which ran through the clubs fan base, enabled them to appear out of touch.

Manchester United at least demonstrated against this power, but rumour has it that, Rothschild is behind it, as with every thing else.

At 16 August 2006 at 12:20, Anonymous salman said...

"Liberal and tolerant approach to life"; a poisonous toxin stiffening tharteries of a nations life.

The eye sore that most "cosmopolitans"; egalitarians, oneworldists, avoid to evade is as to who or whom benefits from a "liberal and tolerant approach to life" ?

Natures way is distinction , diversification and separateness.

Cosmopolitans and lovers of liberal and tolerant attitudes to life are oblivious about this disciplines and facts of life.

Eventually tolerance and liberalism, like a self consuming fire, incinerates itself into a descent to degeneracy.

At 16 August 2006 at 15:16, Blogger Martin said...

Are you boys for real?

Really, I haven't laughed so much in ages...

At 16 August 2006 at 18:00, Anonymous GP said...

Greetings Martin,

I am well aware of the glazed look, you perhaps had, before you decided to have a laugh, as the analysis may well have gone over your head and i'm sorry to spoil you jocular moment.

What's so funny about 911 being a self inflicted wound carried out by Israel and its US based lackees?

Do you really think it's that funny that the blame was put on an imaginary filing system, namely the Al Queda files, where the Mujahadeen CIA backed operatives were kept.

Do you really think its funny that an Arabic family,be they Muslim or Christian, have the life bombed out of them when they sit down to eat as a family?

What is so new and funny about some people willing to kill and take what belongs from someone else?

Martin all you need to do is watch a DVD for free on line and many of your dreams will come crashing around your head and then my fellow you'll be a free man, at least deprogrammed and free to think and seek solutions to a long standing problem.

Which one of your boogy men shall i direct you to, so that you know the truth, 911,7/7, the 6 million lie?

Hey, let's start with the 6 million lie, in which for free you can watch on line, in two parts, Jewish David Cole visit Auschwits and film the curator Dr Franciszek Piper state quite clearly that the Gas chambers were built AFTER WORLD WAR II AND THAT HE ESTIMATES ONLY 1.1 MILLION JEWS DIED AT AUSCHWITS!

Let's face it, it did once say 4 million Jews died at Auschwits on the plaque outside on the wall and now it says 1.1 MILLION PEOPLE,GET THAT NOT JUST JEWS!

Remember it was the bogus 4 million claim that lead to this over inflated 6 million, to which many a life has been ruined for stating that obvious fact, they now admit on the quiet.

As for destroying the Myth of Anne Frank, that can be done on request and i'm sure you wonn't want to go down the Simon Weaselyourmoney centre and his plagiarism.

Go on Martin, have a laugh on me and when you've actually watched the DVD, then tell me what you intend to do or say about a huge fraud!

The web site to see David Cole's video is

At 17 August 2006 at 08:45, Blogger Martin said...


The patronising tone of your post apart, I would have you know that I am a dedicated opponent of the the continued occupation of Iraq, once coining the word 'gonzoconservatism' to describe those so called 'conservatives' who shouted for it and, even in the face of a mass of evidence to the contrary, still think that's it's going great.

One of the miracles of modern life is the Internet, without a shadow of a doubt. If you take any interest in economics, and are willing to take a view broader than the anarcholibertarian economic totalitarianism that passes for British economic policy, you'd know that its impact upon economic life has been as profound as the theories of Adam Smith and David Ricardo were in their times.

But its downside is that you can get anything on it. No, I haven't seen your DVD. Neither do I have any intention of seeing your DVD. My eyes and ears are stopped to such filth.


Because,inter alia, you write,


Good God, man, have you no shame? No sense of decency? Is the death of one Jew killed because he is a Jew not as much of a tragedy to you as the death of a Muslim?

Is this how the so called 'religion of peace' debates, with ahistoric filth?

At 17 August 2006 at 10:43, Anonymous GP said...

Good Morning Martin,

Perhaps the tone of my post was rather pompous, as i was only going to provide the facts that so many other researchers knew long before i found out, so i apologise.

I truly am sorry for being the prat i can be, when i allow the human foolishness within my self to kick in, when i feel i have truth on my side and i am confronted with a person, who's first instance is to challenge the truth i put forward.

My analysis, may have amused you, but whether you were for the Iraqi invasion or not, is not up for debate, as the Iraq invasion, illegal as it is, has taken place.


"But its downside is that you can get anything on it. No, I haven't seen your DVD. Neither do I have any intention of seeing your DVD. My eyes and ears are stopped to such filth."

I was only exposing you to the truth of a lie, to which i can only assume you consider the lie as filth. I prefer to call it a crime against humanity!

Now, i jest with you, for you tell all who view this blog posting, that the truth is an issue you fear, as you have said you have NO INTENTION of watching the truth?????

My word Martin, grow a spine man!!!

I did not say that the death of a Jew-ish person was to be celebrated or ignored, i merely told you of a crime that has impinged on the world, in that the crime is of such magnitude, that to question the numbers of Jew-ish death at the hands of the German's during WWII, has seen innocent men lose their lives, careers ruined, labels associated with their good name, only for telling the truth!

The fact that one can probably purchase Viagra on the internet and learn how to cook roast beef, does not mean one cannot access excellent research and cross examine that research material. Martin, it will not go away and the truth will set you free, go on have a go and have an opinion on what you think should happen to those who have killed people, who only told the truth, that being, 6 million Jews were NEVER murdered by the German's.

Let's not forget the FACT that the Gas chambers were built AFTER WWII!

Remember the claims, that Germans made soap of the Jew-ish inmates, Lampshades out of the skin of Jew-ish inmates, yet one by one, these myths have now been admitted by Jew-ish scholars as ridiculous!


Allow me to refer to an Irish comedian when i tell you "And there's more"

Come with me a little way and arm your self with the truth, as it is a trusty shield. I will be your companion on this journey and promise never to abandon you, when you are confronted with difficult issues you once thought and took for granted as a truth.

Perhaps you hadn't read my earlier posts, when i clearly stated that i was a Christian. Furthermore at no time have i said anybody was more valuable than anyone else, that teaching is reserved proudly by the said Jew-ish Zionists you seek to defend and protect.

Finally, you should realise that i benefits no one to make a video full of lies, concerning the Auschwits fable.

YOU and others of the belief that 6 million Jew-ish people were murdered by the Germans, should be emboldened to at least look at the video and list the discrepancies you imagine will be there and put the issue to bed, thus be left nice and cosy with the Hollywoodized Zionist clap trap you've been raised on.


So with that and the hundreds of films that make you want to continue to believe in a well exposed lie, i await with baited breath, for your response to 1 liiiiiitle film by David Cole, which will put the lies in the ashes can, where all the other myths surrounding Auschwits have finally been dumped!

Grown men running from the truth,HAVE YOU NO SHAME?


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