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New Labour and the BNP are two sides of the same Zionist coin

What do the British prime minister and the leader of the British National Party have in common? Their unconditional support for Israel and loathing of any Muslim wanting to retain more than a token adherence to his faith. Bad enough, that New Labour served international capital and bankers better than the Tories under Margaret Thatcher, their domestic and foreign policies are now no longer distinguishable from that of BNP leader Nick Griffins. Should Labour ever manage to shed this disgraceful legacy, which is doubtful, Tony Blair might find a new political home with the BNP.
Sir Rodric Braithwaite, a former senior ambassador, claimed Mr Blair's "total identification'' with US policy had wrecked Britain's influence abroad and increased the likelihood of terrorism at home, calling for the prime minister to resign immediately. According to the New Statesman magazine, Mr Blair was informed in advance of the Israeli attack on Lebanon, but did nothing to stop it. He has consistently refused to condemn Israel's actions as disproportionate and instead focused during his US tour on waffling on about refining the war on terror by empowering and mobilising moderate Islam, a euphemism for the accelerated secularisation of Muslims in the West.
Blair's sell-out to Israel and the Zionist agenda should not come as a surprise. Labour was moved into government through the strategic help of Peter Mandelsohn, the fundraising efforts of Lord Michael Levy, and the media propaganda of the Sun newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch – all of whom are Jewish supporters of Israel. Zionist lobbying power in the UK is no less effective than in the US. Recently, it has also turned its attention to the British National Party which, under the leadership of Nick Griffin, has identified Muslims as their common enemy. Since Muslim-bashing is the respectable face of racism, it allows the BNP to gain mainstream credibility by abandoning its more xenophobic message from the past.
"I support Israel 100%" writes BNP chief polemicist Lee Barnes with Griffin's blessing. "In fact, I hope they wipe Hezbollah off the Lebanese map and bomb them until they leave large greasy craters in the cities where their Islamic extremist cantons of terror once stood." He then turns on the British media: "The fact that the British media has become the European propaganda wing of Hezbollah and churns out endless montages of wounded children, old men and women whilst never showing any footage of dead Hezbollah terrorists, blown up Hezbollah weapons dumps and footage of bombed Hezbollah camps should get some people thinking", he whines, and claims that the reports from the BBC and other British Media are openly anti-Israeli.
According to Barnes, "Israel is the only living organic nationalist state on the planet." In his assessment "Israel have adopted one of the most restrained invasions in world history… The media , and the pet politicians of the New World Order that are also calling for a ceasefire, are all stooges of the United Nations, the European Union and the rest of the International Elite that regard Nationalism and nation states as historical anachronisms that must be wiped out. All true nationalists should be supporting Israel in this struggle not attacking them for rejecting the orders of the New World Order."
This erroneous and selective reading of history misses not only the point that the state of Israel was founded on terror, including the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the kidnapping and slow hanging with piano wire of two British army sergeants under the British Mandate, ordered by Irgun terror gang chief Menachim Begin, later Likud leader and Israeli prime minister. The British showed a lot more restraint than the Israelis just did when their soldiers were taken, and the BNP should change the first letter  in its name to an I for Israel.

And, of course, Israel is not a nationalist state, that is it is not a state content to remain within national borders. It is the driving force behind the globalisation and "One World" movement. Ben Gurion once observed that the UN was a Jewish ideal and dreamt that Jerusalem would be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind. One world government with the Zionist entity at the helm to judge amongst the gentiles is what Israel sets out to establish, to restore the temple and take the Temple Mount back from the Muslims. The Israel envisaged by Theodor Herzl included Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Syria. The reshaping of the Middle East is only the continuation of a plan laid out long before the official establishment of the state of Israel. We are indeed seeing the "birth pangs" of a new Middle East and world order, as the American secretary of state put it. The Iraq war and the coming war against Syria are being conducted in the interest of Zionist domination.

Now before those subservient to Israeli interests try and convince their populace that an international court of justice administered by enlightened Jews in Jerusalem is not such a bad idea in order to bring peace to the world, they better familiarise themselves with the racist "supermensch" ideology of the Zionists. According to Rabbinical law the life of a Jew is infinitely more precious than that of a gentile, and when it comes to safeguarding Jewish interests, particularly in war, there are no innocents according to the Yesha Rabbinical Council in Israel. Before accepting the Pax Judea the Zionist apologists better read Alan Dershowitz's elaborate argumentation why non-Jewish civilian casualties, even of children, don't really count. They have been asked by the Israeli Defence Force to leave and not stand in the way, so if they are still there and get hit, they have collaborated with the enemy and brought their fate upon themselves.

Zionist end-time Christians in America hope that by supporting Israel they will hasten Armageddon. In their unholy alliance with the Zionists they think in the back of their minds that they will, of course, convert all remaining Jews or get rid of those who refuse. Their Zionist partners in this pact expect them to submit to slavery under their Noachite laws. Muslims, from their prophecies, know that the false Messiah, the Dajjal, will emerge on the road between Syria and Iraq. The time cannot be far off.


At 4 August 2006 at 18:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Bleher for your excellent article covering the antics and tricks of the British prime minister Mr Tony Blair (alias lap-dog/poodle of GWB as well as the darling of Israeli rulers). The readers of your blog may also find The Barnsby Blog informative. The blogger, Dr George Barnsby, 87, a radical historian of the working class movement and trade unionism, has called for Mr Blair's trial at the Hague for the war crimes. He has tried to expose clearly Mr Blair's role in the destruction of Iraq and the murder of hundred of thousands of Iraqis. Mr Blair's support for Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Gaza and the crimes against humanity is part of his anti-Muslim and anti-Arab crusade.

At 5 August 2006 at 16:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article in support of Israel by Lee Barnes is merely his own opinion. Many BNP sympathisers and supporters strongly disagree with him and many are aghast at his article.

I personally find the current presence of Muslims in Western Europe offensive and unwelcome. I never want to see Sharia Law practised in my country and I would prefer that every Muslim stay in the Middle East, the only place that Islam belongs. Suicide bombing can never be part of British culture.

However, I agree 100% with your article regarding the situation in the Middle East and the dangerous ambitions of Israel/USA/Zionists. Thanks to our politicians' allegiance to the people who fund them, the UK is also embroiled in this sorry business, much against the wishes of the majority in my view.

The BNP's official stance seems to be that the UK should remain neutral and not interfere with foreign conflict (Lee Barnes opinion is not policy, it's one man's opinion). I think you will find that most BNP supporters prefer the official line to the pro-Israel views of Barnes.

I think you should realise that the BNP would not be anti-Islam in the first place if it's adherents hadn't descended on Britain from the Middle East/Pakistan/Somalia.

At 6 August 2006 at 15:48, Anonymous GP said...

Greetings Dr Bleher and all the sane people on this blog.

The time has come to tell it like it is and the new book 911 Evil, by Victor Thorn promises to follow the trail right to where it was orchestrated from, that being Israel.

Let's not forget 7/7 was also carried out by the Zionists and their lackees, via setting up innocent young men, who thought they were given the role of James Bond.

Was it not Peter Power of Visor consultancy, who said he was carrying out terror drills on the day at the very same time and the very same stations?

The chances of that happening are near on impossible, in fact you the reader walk out side your place of abode now and you'll have more chance of lightening striking you dead on the spot now!

This is the a war being waged by Zionist against the world, as they see Islam as the only doctrine that will not bow down to their usary, to like the Mafia depicted in Zionist controlled Hollywood, if you don't take their kind offer, they'll bomb your place of business out and kill your children!

For those who support these Zoinists, i wonder if you've ever researched as to why Zionist Jews have been turfed out of CHRISTIAN societies throughout the ages?

Lastly and again for the Zionist supporters, of Christian ilk, do you know anything of the TALMUD and what it says about Christians,Gentiles, Paedophillia etc?

At 8 August 2006 at 11:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From my restricted vantage point what I see and make of the BNP it is neither fish nor fowl. It purports to be a nationalist movement, it may very well be so, but it lacks bite and sting.

Their main proposition is to be accepted and acknowledged as a main stream party. We al know what that entails. The main stream is fully controlled and manipulated by the powers to be, and to play in the degenerate democratic circus of the two party system a party like the BNP aspiring to be a contender within the system will have to abide by the strict rules and protocol of the rules of engagement. We all know what those rules, utmost defication and worship of the present establishment and its owners.

At 10 August 2006 at 18:10, Blogger counterboint said...

You can claim Zionism wants to rule the world, but none of its current leaders make any statements to support this; since 1977 Israel's territory has only diminished (if you take an annual average). On the other hand, there are many current Muslim leaders who openly and proudly incite for the flag of the Umah (Muslim nation) to raise above Number 10 downing street and the White House, and some of them are also acting in this vein.
Lastly, even if your self soothing fantasies of Zion's Elder's protocols had any shred of truth,
the western world under Judaism would not be as different than today's world than one conquered by the Muslim fanatics. Israel, the Jewish stronghold, is a western valued country, at least it does not shoot homosexuals or allow female circumcision and honour killings of women) and I am sure even you in your heart would secretly and shamefully prefer to live in a world ruled by Ben-Gurion and Herzl rather than one Ruled by Ben-Laden and Ahmadinejad if those were your only two choices. For it is not certain at all that the new Islamic Scotland Yard will not invite you for a friendly chat in their cellars regarding some of your past heretical articles in the internet which dared to invite infidels to post messages. The Jewish Scotland Yard, however, will never do such a thing: there are Arab Parliament members (backbench MP's) in the Israeli Parliament who regularly shout at the Prime Minister and Defence Minister in session that they are fascists, monsters and murderers, and none of them (the Arab MPs) have been arrested yet. So you will be safe. Try that in Iran or Lebanon or any of the other "Liberated" Muslim Lands.

At 15 August 2006 at 10:08, Anonymous betun said...

Tools of the trade, Islam is a tool in the tool kit. The globalists will make use of groups and forces for particulars goals and when its usefulness has been spent, discard the worn out tool.

The bosses of Britain and the USA are the one who promoted the Islamization of their living spaces, for specific purposes and aims. When the destruction of the West is accomplished, Islam would have been a dead end unit in the Wests funeral burial.

As far as living under Ben Gurion or Ahmenidjeh is concerned; no true Westerner should or would accept either, because neither of those two is a Westerner.

A Westerner must demand to live under a genuine Western boss in a throroughly genuine Western environment and not under disguised rulers and a concocted mish mash environment under jungle rule.

At 25 July 2007 at 12:29, Blogger Final Conflict said...

A great post.

We should be worried that the BNP are being turned into a quasi-Zionist party, acting a s a buffer to excuse Israeli (war) crimes.


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