Saturday, September 02, 2006

Muslims must do more to help police combat terrorism

With terrorist sympathisers amongst Muslims numbering several thousands, according to Scotland Yard's anti-terrorism chief Peter Clarke, the police are having a hard time keeping an eye on them all. They keep making arrests left, right and centre, but frequently seem to get it wrong since most of the people initially held after raids on various premises are neither charged nor convicted. Clearly, the police need our help.

Government ministers have repeatedly warned that it will take years to overcome the threat of terrorism in Britain, and Home Secretary John Reid told us that we must all be more vigilant and most likely will have to give up more of our freedoms in return for security. Muslim community leaders in particular should shoulder more of the responsibility to eradicate radicalisation and terrorist leanings amongst their midst.

As responsible citizens we must not ignore these calls for cooperation. We must assist in every way possible to make it easier for our security and law enforcement agencies as well as the general public to rid our society of the evil scourge of Islamist terrorism. I think I know how we can do so efficiently without stretching already scarce resources too far.

The key to combating terrorism, so we are told, is to have the right intelligence. It is difficult to figure out whether somebody is a terrorist, or sympathiser, by simply looking at them. When a Sikh with a turban got beaten up after 9/11 it was because his attackers mistook him for a Muslim. Then there are people like me, white European converts, whose number is increasing fast the more Islam keeps dominating the news. Again, it is very difficult to tell a Muslim and a non-Muslim apart in such cases. Even compulsory identity cards would not solve this problem.

We could all help by voluntarily wearing a yellow star and crescent clearly visible on our outer garments. This would restore public confidence. At airports special handling lanes could be set up to process those wearing a star and subject them to more thorough scrutiny, similar to the red and green customs lanes. Check-in delays could be reduced over night. When filling in job applications we could mark those clearly at the top as "I am a wearer of a yellow star" to prevent the difficulty of having to guess whether a foreign sounding name is Muslim or not. This could reduce the number of rejections for Polish applicants who should not have to suffer due to the Islamist activities in our society.

I am not suggesting that all those wearing the yellow star and crescent are potential terrorists, but this should not prevent us from doing our duty to Queen and country. Those who are innocent have nothing to fear and should be glad to assist the police with their enquiries. With such a gesture we would put an end to racial profiling and non-Muslim Brits of immigrant origin would thank us for it. This move could go a long way in repairing soured community relations. We could all proudly demonstrate that we are playing our part, instead of constantly having to apologise that we're not doing enough.

And who knows, in the long run it might even provide us with a group identity that has so long been denied to us by the race relations industry and those in power. Wear your yellow start with pride!


At 3 September 2006 at 12:10, Blogger PersianPaladin said...

Is this a sarcastic joke?

At 3 September 2006 at 12:20, Blogger Mustaqim said...

It certainly is, although I had many people take me seriously on this, indicating just how far we have travelled on the road of control and self-censorship.

At 3 September 2006 at 12:59, Blogger PersianPaladin said...

Lol. Thanks for clarifying. Sadly, I think it's going to get to the point where Muslims will have to leave Britain for Mecca or Madinah because life will be so intolerable. I guess we'll have to kick out all those fat Israel-loving sheikh's before we settle there though.

At 5 September 2006 at 01:15, Blogger Politbuero said...

Nice Sarcasm..:) A German would say: "You are belittling the Holocaust...How dare you compare..."....

At 5 September 2006 at 20:15, Blogger Martin said...

First it was Swatikas daubed on to Israeli flags.

Now it's sarcastic jokes about yellow stars sewn onto clothing.

Tell me, Blere, ever thught about translating the 'Horst Wessel' into Arabic?

Or has that been done already?

At 5 September 2006 at 20:37, Blogger Mustaqim said...

Don't think so, but I might write a piece about George Bush's use of the term "Islmaic fascim" and chronicle his families Nazi links. It should educate you, since you are too blind where this new corporate fascism is being revived with Muslims as convenient scape goats. Except for the yellow star we already have the demonisation and some concentration camps (Guantanamo Bay) plus the CIA does not need lessons from the Gestapo by far in its ruthlessness (see Abu Ghuraib), nor does Goebbels need to teach them propaganda.

At 7 September 2006 at 08:20, Blogger Donald MacKenzie said...

I am heartened that not all Brits are doing the dead man's float in a pool of apathy.

It is a terrible situation this country faces and, while men like Blair and Reid move unimpeded, most of the nation sits idly by as the government pursues its course of social destruction

Keep writing.

At 8 September 2006 at 19:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and all sane people on this blog,

Long time no see martin!

FACT! 1946, that's one year after the second world war, Coronado, California is a buildng which houses the US navy seals.

It has come to world attention that this building is designed in a perfect shape of a swastika!

As one might think this substantial building may be subject to an evil hoax, one only need to witness it for your self.

In fact, one can google (navy seals building shaped like swastika) and see it for yourself.

I'm not sure if critics of Bush and US facism are aware, but wasn't it operation paper clip that was used to fly German scientits and other over to the US, so as to assist the rogue element in government now, in continuing their facist plans.

A US patriot radio show asked officials for an explanation, but of course the letter of reply lead to some hilarity on the radio show THE POWER HOUR.COM

There IS NO explanation for this design and it should tell some people something about their country, let's face it who would have known at the time that 60 years later there would be such an application, namely google earth, which would revealed to the sleeping mass's of US citizenry what is going on right underneath their noses?

Since we live in an age of information technology, there is no reason for people to believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and theories of the moon being made of cheese.

It is the peoples time to learn what elites have kept hidden and not be used as cannon fodder on bogus wars on terror etc.

At 11 September 2006 at 02:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical anti-american rhetoric. The Swastika actually stands for good, power, life, strength, sun, or good luck. I'm not sure, but I would think that would be the mind set of any military in the world. Nice try though, at linking the U.S. with the Nazis. You guys kill me. Anyone can come up with any story to help back their cause.

At 11 September 2006 at 02:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you used the swastika as a symbol of the nazis, it would totally loose its meaning. According to your outlook, all tanks, guns, and military personnel of any country should be associated with the nazis.

At 11 September 2006 at 02:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure, but I would tend to think that a country should be judged by much more than its current how many people try to enter the country, and how many try to leave. I would tend to think that the U.S. would be fairly high on the list of people trying to enter, and low on people trying to leave. Just a thought.

At 11 September 2006 at 19:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaquim and all sane people on this blog,

Nice try???



Now as far as migration is concerned, well people will go anywhere for a better standard of living, even if George Dubya cares less about porous borders and "terrorists" being able to infiltrate the country.

But hey, the fact that Bush has tanked your dollar, China has bought up your debt, Ports are have been sold of to ARAB COUNTRIES, YES ARAB!


You are one step away from THIRD WORLD and Bush the Skull and Bones man's grand pappy bank rolled the NAZI regime.

Furthermore, i never mentioned Nazi in earlier post, as the talk would have been about FACISM.

Hollywood introduced Nazi to your lexicon and that is why you do not place it where it actually belongs, allow me to assist you ASHKE-NAZI!

There is an even better piece of evidence i could give ya, about this NASI business and where it belongs, but let's not have any tears at this stage.

Oh yes i didn't quite fully address those immigrants who are being allowed to flood in, for the work they will not get good wages from, health care, but if they are from MEXICO, there is argument to say they were in that country before the genocide, committed by WASPS.

Look mate, don't think Republic and Democrat, don't think left or right, try RIGHT VERSUS WRONG.

pS, THERE IS A LOT OF DATA ABOUT PRESCOT BUSH, when u find out, please don't blow him away, carry on having a debate on this forum and letting us know how you are getting on, with waking up Joe Six pack and Judy Soccer mom.

At 2 October 2006 at 21:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say that colonialism failed - it didn't. You are a perfect example of its success.

At 3 October 2006 at 09:23, Blogger Mustaqim said...

How's that? I'm German and we didn't get much of a chance to join the scramble for overseas colonies. Guess you assumed I was an immigrant from one of the former British colonies and want to congratulate yourself on providing the natives with education. Sadly, your misjudgment proves that the British education system has also proved a failure for the majority.


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