Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A very British pursuit

Two MPs from opposite parties, Jack Straw (Labour) and Malcolm Rifkind (Conservative), have been found to be more interested in advancing their own good fortune than that of the British public who elected them. This in itself raises questions of whether the British parliamentary system is fit for purpose. Being an MP is not a voluntary position. Elected members of parliament are paid a handsome salary plus expenses to free up their time for representing their constituents. They should not be busying themselves with seeking earning opportunities elsewhere whilst preaching austerity to the masses. In other countries we call cash for access corruption, in Britain it is business as usual.

Yet the double standards do not end here. Had those two MPs been Muslim, there would have been a massive media outcry about them undermining British values and possibly renewed claims of Trojan horses and disloyalty. As it happens, these two MPs do not share the same political persuasion, but they are both Jewish. In today's Britain religion is brought into focus when you are Muslim. When you are Jewish, it is not good taste to mention religion in connection with wrongdoing.

This one rule for one and one rule for another approach goes across the board. Over the past few days there has been hysteria about three Muslim school girls leaving the UK allegedly to join the pretended Islamic fighters of ISIS in Syria. In total it is estimated that some five hundred Brits have gone to Syria to join the fighting originally started by Western security agencies in order to topple president Assad's regime. Note cause and effect coming into play here. Nobody even reports, however, that hundreds of British Jews join the Israeli Defence Force every year, a racist army defending its exclusive claim to stolen land through state terror. Muslims returning from Syria are intercepted and held as terrorists. Jews returning from an illegal war in Gaza settle back into life as if they had merely been on holiday.

Children in school are taught that the Nazis spied on their own people to seek out potential collaborators with the Jews and that they ridiculed the Jews through caricatures in publications like "Der Stürmer" in order to dehumanise them. Under the latest round of anti-terror laws, the same school children are told to report anything suspicious they might notice about Muslims, and all public agencies, schools, hospitals, GP surgeries etc. have a duty to report perceived radicalisation, in other words to spy on their fellow citizens. Caricatures intended to dehumanise Muslims are hailed as examples of freedom of speech.

Then there is this ongoing prodding in the media and by various campaign groups against circumcision and halal slaughter as elements of the Muslim faith as well as the head scarf. Some European countries have already passed laws against those practices, then granted their Jewish citizens an exemption so as not to be guilty of anti-semitism. For the record, Arabs, the cousins of the Jews, are Semites, and Moses was married to an Arab lady from Midian. Also for the record, the Nazis were the first in Europe to outlaw kosher slaughter, undoubtedly guided by animal welfare concerns alone.

And just for the record: this article isn't about Jews. Or Muslims. It's about double standards, a quintessentially British trait it seems. As Churchill put it: A nation has no permanent enemies and no permanent friends, only permanent interests. And it seems that whilst remaining on the sidelines of Europe, Britain is leading the continent in this hedonistic and utilitarian approach to politics. So why blame MPs for living up to such engrained British values? Let those who keep lecturing Muslims on adopting British values hold them up high as examples of true integrity!


At 24 February 2015 at 16:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salaams Sir,
indeed "Let those who keep lecturing Muslims on adopting British values hold them up high as examples of true integrity."

butthe brits obnoxious ignorance is
here is another take on the say matter

The big question about Malcolm Rifkind is where he finds the time to moonlight
by nsnbc

"Time flies

So far, so predictable. But there is something else in all of this that seems to have been overlooked in the rush to accuse Rifkind and Straw of acting improperly. The secretly recorded footage of Rifkind shows him telling the reporters that they would be surprised by the amount of free time he has. To emphasise this he reveals that he spends a lot of time reading and going for walks."
by the way ins't this corrupt MP in charge of SECURITY!
Now there is something to be very WORRIED ABOUT
to say the least.

At 24 February 2015 at 20:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I suggest copying and pasting this into all forum threads on all forums and comment sections that are at this time so hell bent on pushing hatred towards Muslims, do not reference this site while doing so or it will just get deleted."
I am sick of the lies being hatched against Muslims
Even if Muslims were responsible for all they are accused of, consider this:
FACT: No Muslim is going to design a tainted vaccine and then pressure you into giving your children autism. Yet every classroom in America has been touched by this form of Jewish terror as is every child who has received one of their death shots to one degree or another even if it does not show up as autism. WHO IS WORSE? Terrorists on TV, or those who brought vaccine damage to your family directly?

FACT: The Federal Reserve debt is not owed to Muslims. And not really owed by America at all, except through Jewish enforcement of Jewish trickery. How much has that hurt America when compared to anything Muslims have done?

FACT: 99 percent of the population hates having the GAY AGENDA rammed down their throats on prime time television. They therefore hate what Jews have done to American television. What percent of the population hates something Muslims actually did to them as much as they hate this trumped up gay agenda?

FACT: Muslims did not write the hacks that are in your cell phone, your TV, your computer, and everywhere else. What is worse for America? The police state agenda which stands as a serious direct threat to the American way of life (especially patriots), or Muslims?

FACT: Muslims are not the ones pushing GMO in America and killing the monarch butterflies and bees. ASK YOURSELF: WHO IS? What is worse? permanent corruption of our nations natural plant DNA, or "Islamic terror"?

FACT: Muslims did not trigger the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan. Muslims did not write Stuxnet or wave the threat of nuclear blackmail. Muslims did not then demand a multi trillion Yen payoff and trash the Japanese economy with a forced payoff or "other nuke plants would go boom" as many claim Netenyahoo threatened. How does poisoning the pacific rate in contrast with anything Muslims ever did?

FACT: Muslims do not own the media lock stock and barrel, and then use that media to manipulate and destroy the American psyche. What have Muslims ever done that could even come close to anything that bad?

FACT: Muslims did not infiltrate the American government at all levels, Federal State and Local, and then use that level of influence to force a banker bailout that absolutely robbed America, only to have the recipients of that bailout turn around and use it to buy up large corporations like Wal Mart with Americans footing the bills and Jews collecting the profits. What have Muslims done to rival that?


FACT: Most "terror" attacks committed by "Muslims" are frame ups. If only 65 percent of these are fronted by zionist Jews to frame Muslims (and in fact the percentage is higher) who are the real terrorists? When it comes to destroying lives everywhere, the indisputable champion is the Jew.

To the idiots posting to forums and blogs about how bad those evil Muslims are, YOU HAVE TO BE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO DID ALL OF THE EVILS LISTED ABOVE, only that type would be either ignorant enough or dishonest enough to point at a single fly turd on the wall all the while the Jews are bulldozing the entire house. GET OUT.
I suggest copying and pasting this into all forum threads on all forums and comment sections that are at this time so hell bent on pushing hatred towards Muslims, do not reference this site while doing so or it will just get deleted.


At 25 February 2015 at 09:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and this is no SMALL THING. we are proud to have someone like you among us

what you manage with your wise, educated and intelligent words is GREAT.
we are sure that you will appreciate + deserve some humour - so hee it goes:
we read that is/blah blah blah is/has opened an ENGLISH School - what for? they have rita katz SITE
isilwood showing how "barbaric/ugly/thuggish/ ... they are
so why would they need EDUCATION?


Italian anger over English-language slogans used to promote Rome ...

www.telegraph.co.uk/ news/ worldnews/ europe/ italy/ 11429978/ Italian-anger-over-English-language-slogans-used-to-promote-Rome-and- countrys-navy.html -

On the navy's Facebook page, an indignant Italian wrote: “Are we now an American colony? ... Basilio Catanoso, an MP from Silvio Berlusconi's centre- Right Forza Italia party, said “it provokes anger, disgust ....
there was LORD CASHPOINT not so long ago
yep we can imagine if it was anyone else than the "chosen"

At 25 February 2015 at 10:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

our reply to the 2nd comment - 100% AGREEMENT.
PS- where did they get these FOOLS? site/rita katz islwood

The Destabilization Doctrine: ISIS, Proxies and Patsies

ISIS’s continued provocations in the form of carefully crafted, emotionally impactful execution videos (real or faked), such as the recent immolation of a caged Jordanian pilot, cannot possibly be the work of rational actors seeking a military victory in any capacity. The videos only ever work to ISIS’s disadvantage, solidifying the resolve of their current ‘coalition’ opponents as well as creating new enemies upon every release.

Sixty-two countries and groups are presently fighting in the dubious ‘coalition’ against ISIS, most of which have modern militaries with advanced air and ground forces. Why in the world does ISIS continue to entice more countries to join the already over-crowded alliance against them? Why a group that purports to want to establish a ‘state’ which will ostensibly govern millions of people is deliberately seeking more and more enemies and a constant state of war with them beggars belief.

Does ISIS think it can do battle with the whole planet and achieve victory, culminating in world domination? How do people who harbor such ridiculous delusions have the wherewithal and resources at their disposal to organize and recruit thousands of fighters from around the world to an utterly ludicrous cause doomed to sheer failure? How can this be anything but a contrived prank of an operation?

The only logical conclusion that many analysts have come to is that ISIS does not represent a grassroots, organic movement, but rather operates entirely as a cat’s paw of Western foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa, which is concurrently under the domination of Israel. ISIS’s actions expressly benefit Muslims least of all and Israel/the West most of all, the extent of which increases with every new atrocity and outrage ISIS inflicts upon innocents in Iraq and Syria that gets endless play in Western media.


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