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The Times of Trojan Horses

I must have done something right: that neocon "think" tank (they can't really think for themselves) in the United States called Gatestone Institute had singled me out for its venom in an article about radical prison imams although I've been on parole for more than a decade now, but it was my anti-Zionist views broadcast on various media channels that really vexed them. I first heard of it when the Mail on Sunday wanted to run with the story and then, after I had supplied them with the facts, thought it better not to. Then The Times jumped onto the band wagon, and today, in spite of having obtained my prior comments and thus knowing all too well about the falsehoods peddled in her sources, Katie Gibbons penned her front page article "Prison imams linked to radicals", then picked up in the lead article inside the paper called "Inside Islam". It's part of the vilification of Islam of late where the public are asked to believe that the country is at the verge of a Muslim take-over, with Trojan horses packed with jihadi warriors hiding in schools, prisons, and many other places we never suspected to be used for the subversion of the state, maybe hospitals next, or GP's surgeries (there is a large number of Muslims GPs and surgeons and they might also harbour radical ideas: material for your next article, Katie!).

The Times did, of course, the decent thing to avoid libel action: they asked for my comments beforehand, only to ignore them in their entirety (although Katie texted me: "Thank you very much, you raised some very interesting points that I will include in my article") and then added the word "allegedly" and the disclaimer that I denied ever having held the views attributed to me. This is what press freedom is all about: you can slander people provided you do it right. Not expecting to be invited to write a response, I reproduce my email to Katie below and the articles in today's edition of The Times for reference.

This is what I sent to Katie Gibbons after publication:
"Dear Katie,
I read your article on prison imams in today's "The Times" together with that on the archbishop's comments and the lead article trying to tie the two together. It's a real pity that you didn't have the courage to buck the trend. There was little chance of coming up with much useful and truthful when using discredited sources like the Gatestone Institute or Quilliam, politically funded propaganda tools designed to decry every Muslim who does not support the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine as extremist, leaving indeed very, very few moderates amongst the adherents of Islam wordwide. I suppose, the Times can now also proudly join the ranks of these hate-mongerers who are "often in error but never in doubt".
Of course, your article played technically save by adding "allegedly" to the views ascribed to me and acknowledging that I denied ever holding them. Between colleagues, however (I've been a card-carrying journalist for some four decades now), let me tell you it is never good practice to smear someone's reputation against better knowledge, and I hope you will never find yourself at the receiving end of such treatment. My Hindu colleagues at the prison chaplaincy would have warned of bad karma having been incurred as a price of landing this front page piece, whilst my Christian lead chaplain would have prayed for your guidance.
You and your editor may want to argue that you are doing this in order to stem the tide of radicalisation, but indeed you are doing the exact opposite: the tiny minority of highly vociferous radicals who are finding it difficult to obtain a supportive audience for their rhetoric amongst Britain's mosques thrive on such publicity. Often this scurge has been groomed and planted by our own security services (e.g. Morten/Murad Storm, recently serialised in one of your sister publications) as agents provocateurs, and just as often they are financed by Saudi Arabia, a regime rarely criticised because it is counted among our allies and a lucrative business partner - hypocrisy reigning supreme as always. By giving those elements the exposure they crave you are lending them a louder voice instead and by lumping everybody else together with them you are suffocating the voice of the bulk of ordinary Muslims. As for the "moderate" Muslims you wish to create and support, in the understanding of Gatestone and Quilliam they can only be the ones who consider the Qur'an outdated and Islam a cultural remnant of bygone times and, of course, bend over backwards to support Israel in everything she does, Muslim Zionists effectively to join the ranks of the Christian Zionists so dominant in neocon policy circles . If these are your ideal Muslims, I'm afraid you are woefully out of touch, not only with Muslims but also with the British public and British values: next Saturday's national demonstration will give you an idea of how the British people do not want to the lend their name to the holocaust waged against a defenseless population in Gaza just because their democratically elected government is portrayed as radical and that Israel finds the threat of peace a hindrance to her territorial ambitions.
Back to the good work done by chaplains of all persuasions and denominations in prisons: they are there not to proselytise but to give pastoral support and aid rehabiliation, and with the prison system already bursting at the seams, to pull the rug from under them as your article has done is highly irresponsible, as without their platinum work your front page would soon again have to be dealing with prison unrest, not radical imams.
Kind regards,

And these are the articles all that relates to:


At 15 July 2014 at 14:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

salaams sahib
we just read the first line of the times article and that was enough.
what a load of BS
one of our group member a FEMALE worked as a volunteer IN THE PRISON and I call tell you that what this hideous Gibbons wrote in the first line is a BIG LIE
she took footballs/sportswear ...etc

the Imam informed his group that the gift was from the female volunteer -
they THANKED HER so all the BS about sports/beating women etc is all the sick perverted fantasy of the likes of the broad writing the times article

Now we will go further regarding the so called "radicalisation" it is the brit government's insane policy of imperialism that is cause of radicalisation
are you seriously saying that Muslims should accept the slaughter of Muslims in Syria/Iraq/PALESTINE?
3 million ITALIANS protested against this TERRORIST ACT BY UK should the Times forget

we contacted the gov bodies informing them that we would like to complaint against the governments racists policy
we were told "no you cannot do that because they are the government"
we contacted the archbishop of canterbury's office and asked them to take our message to his government not to carryout the insane barbarity - TERRORISM in our HOLY LAND - we love nature/land as it gives us the food we need + 50% of Iraki population was under 15years old

today when we are asked what did you feel
we learnt HATE/RACISM
so don't you dare tell us that it is my Imam, my religion, ME
take a damn good look at your zionised imperialism and your heinous crimes you called your foreign policy
as for the harem boys now slaughtering en mass in Syria + Libya surely the brit government is not too shy to show their "training & supporting" results on Utube + internetand Oh on the subjects of gay/homosexuals are you saying that those dumb harem boys hate gays?
the butchers of brits in Syria + Iraq are slaughtering females wanting to create a gay state called IS
IRAQ: mass execution of dozens of civilians in Tikrit, while terrorists attack buildings in Baghdad killing 33, including 29 women

At 15 July 2014 at 16:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sahib first we want to say how sorry we are for the attack on you. you have our support + solidarity
we were expecting this attack on you when we say the link posted on other sites.
they just hate you being so smart and intelligent and as such the attack you.

I worked as a volunteer at a prison. It is really sad, in some rare case there are brothers together in the same place. they did not pay the bus fare. I asked them did they not know it was wrong/criminal offense etc
why did they do it?
No I did not know it was wrong. we saw the white boys do so we did it - they replied
did the white boys get arrested?
No - draw your own conclusion
the point is the brit government's terrorism destroys the fabric of society.
they have no parents to build the foundation and these are 12-15 years old growing up alone.
No one to teach them anything and the only thing they know is the insane brutality of western/brit barbaric policy in their homes.
I am not justfying the wrong they do but trying to point out the immense difficulty in trying to help these people

I suggest the idiot who wrote the article do profound research before using the keyboard but in this case it would have no effect

have a look at this: obviously it is a sanitised version of what real goes on when the western states eye your resources


I wanted to kill many enemies. Also, I wanted a bike - ex-child soldier
What is it like, when war robs you of your childhood? If you have no one to care for you, the gun is your only defender in heat of civil war – and you are just seven years old? We look at the tragic fate of one such man. Our guest has lost his m...
truly sickening they lived together till the zionist came with their imperialist butchers
what brit does is carry out horrific insanity and tell you not to protest

At 18 July 2014 at 11:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sahib
our experience has been similar in some way - 1st comment
Our strong support + solidarity. We notice the jibe the ignorant female was trying to make regarding your profession. That is because they are jealous, ignorant & stupid.
They have nothing serious to say. All they want to do is attack you.
We asked the Muslims prior to their government, UK’s insane brutal terrorism in Iraq, what action did they take?
We asked “our” MP what will he vote. He told us that he was against the TERRORIST butchery in Iraq and when he went to the Parliament “HE VOTED FOR THE INSANE TERRORISM”.
This is the root of the problem –
Israel Accused Of War Crimes (UK Parliament)


British House Of Parliment Debate - 14th of July 2014

Highlights from a UK parliamentary debate in which MPs variously accused Israel of war crimes, disproportionate violence, ruining peace negotiations by building illegal settlements, running the worlds largest outdoor prison, collective punishment, and attacking water supplies, hospitals, supply centres and all manner of other civilian targets.
37 out of 560 MPs. Who is violent/extremist/TERRORIST? Oh by the way the individual who wrote the article is what the western copy & paste types atr – a cookie cutter brainwashed brute.

@ comment 1
Anything you give to the prison is for the use of all the inmates. So if you took footballs etc all the prison inmates would use them. All benefit from your gift
Perhaps Sahib will confirm this

At 9 February 2015 at 21:35, Anonymous Truth Hurts said...

As Salam alaikum Akhi Mubarak on your passing of the Z test, telling truth to power that ironically cannot be criticised in this society of a Fordian Freedom.
And yes, the Trojan Horse story was a Greek myth, just like its modern British derivative - nothing new under the sun...


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