Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blair's ten patronising years

At last Britons will be given the brief triumph they've long been waiting for: to see their most unpopular prime minister in post war history (though some would call it a tie with Margaret Thatcher) leave office. Having sacrificed the interests of the country in order to achieve his personal milestone of ten years in office, Tony Blair is finally going to announce the date of his departure which will be greeted with more than a few cheers.

Shortly after Blair came to power he commented that in government Labour had to remember that they were not masters but servants of the people and that what the electorate gave it could also take away. Hopefully those words will come to haunt him again in the upcoming local elections to make his long awaited announcement of resignation an even greater humiliation. It is probably a little early for an obituary, but I doubt that Tony Blair will ever play any meaningful role in politics after this, not even in the upper house.

Of course, it would be unfair to lay the wilful destruction of Britain at the hands of an individual, but Blair - a career polician through and through or what less polite folks would call an intellectual prostitute - did allow his premiership to be used by those dictating his policies to fatally wound a country in the misguided belief it could rise once more to become an imperial power. It stood shoulder to shoulder with the USA in its wars of aggression, and together they will fall.

New Labour, with a sales pitch of shaking off the old socialist roots, managed to transform the UK into a through and through socialist state, also termed the Nanny state, where citizens pay high taxes with nothing in return but goverment interference in even the minutest detail of how they live their lives. No wonder that most Brits who can afford it are voting with their feet and emigrate to work or retire elsewhere in Europe or even as far away as New Zealand, whilst the British economy (or what is left of it, since it no longer has a manufacturing base nor a viable service industry) has to rely on immigrants from the new European states in the East.

The Blair government tried, and will continue to try under whoever succeeds Blair until the next general election, to set up one section of the UK against the other: "Middle England" against the "alien Muslims" within their midst. It has instigated the most vicious witch hunt against so-called Muslim terrorists, ignoring the fact that the European Commissions report on terrorism during the past year only managed to list one failed attack and one failed attempt by a group with Muslim leanings amongst the hundreds of terrorist attacks carried out on European soil by non-Muslims, with the Basque separatists in Spain leading the way. In the process of the government's defamation campaign and the intrusion into people's lives by giving the police unprecedented powers and pushing for identity cards and Big Brother style control, both sections of the traditional British populace, Middle England and the law abiding second and third generation Muslims were thoroughly put off the British enterprise and are making preparations, or at least hoping, to leave.

With illusions of grandeur Blair and his team succeeded in giving their country a death blow from which it might not recover. If it was not for the English language, the only thing of value Britain still exports, the UK would already be classified as the new sick man of Europe. Of course, Blair won't ever understand why he is no longer popular, and he will try to go round and tell people - as Thatcher did after first having sold out what England once was - that they never had it so good. Those who supported him, however, in his obsessed crusade of trying to make all the people serve the state will soon come to regret his legacy.

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At 3 May 2007 at 10:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for an excellent summing up of Blair's record in office and highlighting the damage he has done to Britain and especially to the hopes and aspirations of the common man and woman of this country.

In my opinion the man has been a charlatan, a puffed up trickster and a pathetic power-hungry careerist all along, but it is also true to say that he is not the only one of the type around.

In foreign policy matters Blair has earned the unique distinction of being called by even the conservative British media the 'poodle' and the 'lap-dog of President Bush'. And we all know that he has been a loyal errand-boy of Bush all these years running around and selling Bush's politics of war, terror and more terror and lies and more lies.

I would like to remind your readers that Blair is also a war criminal who sided blindly with Bush to invade and destroy Iraq. The blood of almost seven hundred thousand Iraqi men, women and chidren is on the hands of Blair and his Washington boss.

The democratic forces in Britain should join those who are demanding the arrest and trial of Blair for war crimes, crimes against humanity, misleading the British people about the war. His place in the next round should be before the International Court of Justice at the Haig.

At 3 May 2007 at 12:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last sentence in the above comment should be:

His place in the next round should be before the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

At 4 May 2007 at 20:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So True, he should be treated like the the mass murderer he is. Handcuffed and sent straight to the hague.


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