Thursday, November 16, 2006

Saab going Muslim?

There seems to be some strange correlation between Scandinavian cars and religion. Volvo used to be the car of choice for Orthodox Jews, apparently because it had enough headroom to allow them keeping their hats on. Is Saab trying to become the car driven by upper class Muslims. In their latest advertising they feature a woman driving a convertible clad in a headscarf, or Chlamys, designed by city banker turned fashion designer Osman Yousefzada. The outfit wouldn't pass the test of Muslim orthodoxy since it leaves the chest bare whilst covering the head, but it presents as an attractive item of clothing the very piece of cloth liberal secularists are usually obsessed with and frightened of.

Osman Yousefzada hails from Afghanistan and entitled his first fashion collection "Kalashnikov". Maybe we need to warn John Reid that in his own subversive way he is fighting an Islamist Jihad against Western freedoms by making women to cover up as part of a desire to gain status in society. Saab calls the "ultimate convertible-driving scarf" a sexy attire sure to turn heads. Muslim women already know that heads are turned whenever they walk past, although usually with an expression of suspicion. Makes you wonder, will the French ban Swedish car imports next?

With a price tag of £150 attached, it might become as chique for Western women to drive around in an outfit that draws attention as would-be terrorists as it used to be for young men to wear prison clothing restyled as urban streetwear. Pity Jack Straw, he had it all wrong again.


At 22 November 2006 at 16:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting, but incorrect. When you look at the Saab ad, its simply a way of marketing a convertible car. Sweden, by the way has many Muslims and will be the next proving ground for Western/Muslim acceptance. Malmo will see what Paris saw.

At 15 January 2007 at 15:21, Blogger Fugstar said...

hmm, covering some of the hair whilst exposing the left boob.

oh dear.


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