Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heathrow: what a difference a day makes

I had to cancel a business meeting in London today since a party coming from abroad could not make it into Heathrow. With some time to spare I am pondering the consequences of this latest "anti-terror scoop" by the British security forces under the direction of American agencies. Those consequences are potentially far-reaching. No doubt, pertinent questions will be asked in due time, and already a BBC commentator on their morning news programme hinted at the possibility that this whole operation of closing down Heathrow airport had US origins by making the connection between a couple of flights from the UK to the US who had previously been returned and refused permission to land. He also voiced some disquiet about the American law enforcement and intelligence agencies imposing serious restrictions on other countries whilst being unable to get their own house in order with the communication between the FBI and the CIA, for example, being appalling and suffering of the same failures as those pointed out during the half-hearted enquiry as leading to the inability to prevent 9/11 from happening.

I doubt, however, whether the British public put the blame for this onto the Americans. They probably believe that the British security forces had credible cause to move in, and they will simply get scared of flying even more. It is the airlines and airport operators who will probably start asking some uncomfortable questions from the UK government, but will be rebuffed with the usual "public safety is paramount" mantra. Knowing all too well that the numerous competing spy agencies could easily plant a life item at an airport or in an aircraft to reinforce the point, should the airlines not cooperate willingly, they will probably shut up and put up.
The Heathrow operation is likely going to invite a flood of conspiracy theories as the knock-on effects will become more evident. It is certainly too early to speculate on potential interconnections, but there are a number of interesting factors. To start with, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon is out of the news for a while and the Muslim terrorists are the bad guys again. If anything, this is a useful by-product of the terror alert.

Of greater consequence, however, are the economic effects. Already the shares of BAA and major airline operators have fallen by an average of 5%. People will be scared of flying and the industry is likely to suffer for some time, as will all the other industries relying on air travel. I doubt people will happily give up their mobile phones, laptops and handbags before boarding a commercial flight with only their passport and cash in hand, wrapped in a see-through plastic bag. Most flights carry people on non-essential journeys, enticed towards a holiday destination by cheap ticket offers.

The airline industry has been heavily subsidised, and those more familiar with it knew that this could not be sustained over the long term. Maybe a security scare will be a convenient scapegoat for the collapse of an industry which was going to falter anyway, particularly with the rapid rise in fuel prices. Smaller operators will fold, larger operators will be able to consolidate and create a monopoly. Ordinary Brits might no longer be able to escape the dreary English weather (although it is changing) and mediocre lifestyle (which hasn't changed so much) by flying to Spain for the price of less than a train ticket to a domestic destination. The British government won't be too unhappy about that. Those holiday makers made Spain rich and turned up their noses at the backwardness of England, which started to become a haven for migrants from Eastern Europe. Spanish companies bought up British companies, including the major airport operator BAA. "Serves them right" is what many British politicians and civil servants might think when they see their shares go down.

But I doubt that this is about inter-European rivalries. When it all plays out, I think it has more to do with the utter disregard the US administration has for its junior British partner or "poodle". The US economy is in shatters, China is in the ascendancy, the American military might is being dented in Iraq, Afghanistan and more recently in the Middle East, where Israel has been unable to deliver the short and sharp victory they had hoped for. These are the dying days of Empire. The Brits thought they could ride the waves, as they always did, and make a handsome profit in the oil and reconstruction deals resulting from the American war adventures, whilst jealously safeguarding their financial independence against both the Dollar and the Euro. Just before the Heathrow raid, the pound was almost going to buy two dollars, and various European and other Central Banks were switching some of their reserves. This latest knock on the British economy will level the playing field again. In the long-term, however, I think it will have a paralysing effect on both sides of the Atlantic.

I spoke of the dying days of Empire, and the typical pattern of decadence and decline after having reached the peak is nothing new to students of history. The capacity to self-destruct does not fail to amaze me, however, when mighty powers sacrifice their long-term future on the altar of short-term gain.


At 10 August 2006 at 12:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to throw a lot of blame at the Americans and Brits for something caused by Islamic extremists. Why don't you write an article about how Islamic extremism has brought us to this point, instead of throwing out blame at the Americans and Brits. You made no mention of how innocent civilians would have died if this plot would have gone through. You make no mention of how that would have had an even larger economic effect, not to mention emotional effect on family members and citizens. You do a fantastic job of skirting around the reality of the present situation in England and in the middle east...and that is the fact that Islamic extremists has made this world fear doing common everyday tasks such as going to the market, going to school, and flying. I think Israel's handling of the situation has gotten way out of hand. I think they have made way to many "mistakes". I personally feel that they should pull back and allow multinational forces to take care of that "buffer zone". I hate so many innocent civilians have died...both Jewish and Muslim. But again, Hezbollah's actions of going into Israel, blowing up civilian street corners, snatching Israeli soldiers has got to stop. I guess the extremists decision to blow themselves up and those who don't believe the way they do is also America's fault. Why would anyone want to bow to a religion who apparently want peace, but who use torture and treachery to "rid" the world of those who don't believe the way they do. Why would I want to worship a God who apparently condones this action? Those who need to be dealt with in the end will be dealt with at the hands of God, not at the hands of Islamic extremists. I guess it is America's fault they blow each other up...I don't know?

It has been a while since I have commented on your blog. I was once known as Marine1...just so you don't think I'm trying to hide my identity.

At 10 August 2006 at 13:22, Blogger Mustaqim said...

"There is none as blind as he who won't see". Most of the world, including an increasingly large number of Americans have become aware of the dirty tricks campaign of their security services, from subversive membership in communist cells under McCarthy, to premeditating a terrorist attack on civilians to justify intervention against Cuba (operation Northwood), to the planting of the Lockerbie bomb, the collusion of Bush and Cheney in the controlled explosions of 9/11, the lies and pretexts for invading Iraq, the planting of bombs on the London underground headed by a former CIA agent, and now the "baby milk scare" at Heathrow. Meanwhile Israel has been found spying on the US. Open your eyes!

At 10 August 2006 at 13:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fog of Islamic extremism has cluttered your mind to an extreme level. You can believe anything you want too. And you can use all of your "reliable sources" to come up with your jargon. What determines the sources you have used for your "research" to be reliable. You can't see past your hatred for America, Bush, and his administration to see reality. Yet you still deny that your own religion will boast about such plots. Why then, does Osama come out with a video of why he plotted and subsequently carried out 911. Was that Bush and his administration too? Well, why does the leader of the world Islamic Jihad take credit for it? Does that not make him a liar? Each time something like 911 happens, or has been thwarted, why do Jihadists take credit for it? Why don't you write about those things?

"There is none as blind as he who won't see". Open your eyes!

At 10 August 2006 at 14:14, Blogger Mustaqim said...

The details of operation Northwood are now official American history. For more recent betrayals of the people by their government we have to wait for documents to be declassified, i.e. at least half a century. A government contemplating to sacrifice its own citizens for political ends and a military dropping the Nagasaki nuclear bomb after Hiroshima simply because they had still one available should be approached with caution and their postulations as saviours of mankind should cannot be taken at face value. They are likely to be capable of, and most probably have done, a lot more than indicated by the few times they got caught red-handed. The American people's uncritical support of Israel is going to cost them dearly. The Nazis made the same mistake, they trusted the Zionists, and the German people are still paying the price for their government's foolishness of making common cause with those racist criminals. That's not wild conjecture either since the Nazi-Zionist transfer agreement is by now also an undisputed historic record as are many other little talked-about interesting aspects of that unsavoury period of European history. Until the Zionists were catapulted into the driving seat in the Middle East, abusing the hospitality of the Arabs and terrorising innocent populations, Muslim lands were the safest on earth for Jews for over a millenium and their scholars refer to the Spanish caliphate as their golden period.

At 10 August 2006 at 14:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not denying the nasty business of American and European politics. And I'm certainly not denying the fact that America and Europe has overstepped their bounds in many arenas. As for the bomb on Nagasaki, they were warned after the Hiroshima bomb that unless they surrendered that it would happen again. And I will say that those two incidents have probably prevented many wars to this point, therefore saving countless lives. Funny how you guys always want to throw "the bomb" in our face, when those bombs, in reality, saved hundreds of thousands of lives. And you also don't mention the fact that Japan attacked the U.S. and declared war on us. But you still skirt the real issue, which is the fear that Islamic extremism has placed on the world as a whole. If you look at Iraq, it has put the fear into the Iraqis themselves. That's not the Americans. That's Islamic extremism. And why, then, does Osama and his world Jihad take credit for these tragedies...if America is actually behind them? You can only blame America and Europe for so long before you need to look inward at your own religion and it's teachings. Always first to blame America and the "Zionists", but never looking inward to see the fanatics at work!!

At 10 August 2006 at 14:55, Blogger Mustaqim said...

Osama denied responsibility in his first interview he gave to Ummah magazine in Pakistan after 9/11. In my mind there is no way a guy on a dialysis machine in a cave in Afghanistan could have pulled off the simultaneous hijack of multiple aircraft, the confusion of the military due to simulated hijacks on the same day, the standing down of the military in violation of standard interception procedures, the quick wiring up of the third tower for controlled demolition etc. etc. Without government collusion or direction 9/11 would not have happened, unless you believe in fairies that is. So maybe I owe you an apology on the following lines:
"We were wrong all along! Osama Bin Laden did blow up the WTC. Fire did make the buildings collapse. Phew, am I glad the government was right. Now we can pack up all our "conspiracy" paraphernalia and get back to "normal". Oh and by the way, my pet pig is out flying with the pixies this morning."

At 10 August 2006 at 15:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still skirtin!! Then why the Osama broadcast in late 2004 admitting too and explaining why he perpetrated the attack? Why the suicide bombs on a daily basis in Iraq? You're still in a dream world if you honestly believe your religion has had nothing to do with the current situation.

I completely understand how Islam works. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It slowly spreads, over many many years, teaching peace and love. Once it has it's grip on you, you then live literally under the knife, or in today's world, the muzzle. There is no tolerance for other religions. It is peaceful here in America for now. But why would I want to live under that much pressure? You live in a secular world. I challenge you to take your Islamic beliefs and go to the middle east and see just how much freedom it gives you. It's awfully easy for you to sit back and boast about your religion, trash America and its allies, when you have really never experienced true Islam for what it really is. If you believe that Mohammed was a peaceful man who spread Islam in a peaceful way, then you are truly blind.

At 10 August 2006 at 15:44, Blogger Mustaqim said...

There's not point continuing in this cul-de-sac argument, a Marine like yourself trying to pose as the embodiment of peace when the bloodiest wars in the history of the world since Adam are the responsibility of Europe and America. The French Revolution of which Europe is so proud started the violent trend of terror which cost hundreds, then thousands, then millions of people their lives, and the killing continues unabated. No other period in time has seen so much devastation and the destruction of our planet than the period under secular, "enlightened" Europe and her offshoot colony, America. In contrast, a total of less than two dozen people lost their lives in the conquest of Makkah by Muhammad, whom you try to portray as a symbol of violence.

At 10 August 2006 at 15:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He only had one named conquest? My point is, that Muslims always throw up the Crusades as their scapegoat, when in reality it was the spread of Islam into Europe, especially Spain, that triggered the whole mess. And if you believe that the Muslims who moved into Europe during that time period were peaceful, think again. Like I said, it's really easy for you to do this sitting behind the protection of a secular government. And it's obvious that you take every advantage given to you by this government to spread your ideas of anti-American rhetoric. Yet you still will not discuss the treachery of this Jihad. It has nothing to do with being a Marine. It has to do with being a citizen where I can feel safe about having children in this world. Regardless of what you think, America isn't after Muslims. Do you honestly think we have invaded Iraq to rid the world of the Muslim population....much different than what the aspirations of the Muslim extremists have. Just ask Ahmadinejad and the Ayotollah. And your little shpill about the peaceful and factual democratic elections in Iran are so full of jargon. I would love to see the actual results...not the one decided by the Ayotollah. So you can call me whatever you want too, and yes, I am proud to be a Marine...but I am as concerned about the future of the world as you. The only difference is that I can look outside "the box" and see things for how they are, not how I want them to be. Blog on brother!!

At 10 August 2006 at 18:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all well and good running off at the mouth, all manner of emotional baggage, but if one NEVER does any research into a given subject, one only makes one look like an ass!

It appears to me that evidence has been provided and therefore it should be perused by those not in the know, and a return to this site, with a rebuttal or apology, or a declaration of an awakening would be apt.

I see no point in beating down on Islam, if the marine actually follows orders and arms himself to kill people.

Come Marine, tell the world where you live, so we can impose our will on you and yours, thus we can say how peaceful you are when i take a crap in your kitchen!

Sorry mate, didn't mean to put it to you like that, but sometimes and man has to chastise children and explain why afterwards and thus the child realises the error of his/her ways, ie shouting and demanding love is not the way of the sane world.

In short, leave Islam aside, as it appears to be blinding you, just check out the data Mustaque has provided, as it is Christian history and check out the info i have provided, as it is Christian history and Zionist history and I'm a Christian!

How about reading PNAC document, or Project Daniel and perhaps do some research into USS Liberty and let the world know what your views are on these events, that had nothing to do with Islam.

I wonder if you killed people in Iraq, like little children and i wonder if you were one of those Pat Tilman types, who believed wholeheartedly that 911 was committed by Brown type looking people, with that funny religion and those hats they wear.

I wonder if you're one of those types who fell for the Saddam was responsible for 911.

I wonder if your that type of US marine,that cannot take reality and will never brave up and pick up a book, or easier still, watch a dvd "Painful Deceptions" by Eric Hufschmid, "911 IN PLANE SITE, by Dave Von Kleist,or try "Loose Change" by 23 year old Dylan Avery.

You see bravery with a uniform and illegal orders may be your cup of tea, but reading may be a liiiiittle to much hard work, as every page you turn becomes more chilling then the one you just read.

Then again, watching that DVD allllll on your own and finding out that there really are boogy men, but these boogy men shoot their friends on duck hunts and touch up female German Chancellors and stuff.

HA ha, i couldn't help

At 10 August 2006 at 19:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never said, in any of my comments, that America wasn't to blame for much of what is going on. My argument with him was that he never talks about the other side. He never discusses anything about the Islamic Jihad and the toll that it is taking on its own people. And as far as not reading goes, well, I actually have a Master's Degree. And as far as my Marine status goes, I have actually been to the middle east and seen the Islamic people...have you....has mustaqim? Have I killed children....absolutely not. Stories you here on CNN are few and far between. There are horror stories of random despicable acts by our armed forces...but not to be taken as how are armed forces work as a whole. Just as Mustaqim refers to Israel as a rogue state, we also have rogue troops who do stupid things....which only some have been proven by the way. If you feel that you want to come and take a crap in my kitchen, I urge you to do so. Maybe you could actually get to me for who I am...and not for being a Marine. It's awfully hard to read Mustaqim's articles when he doesn't see the responsibility of the Islamic religion in this big mess. If you want to blame America for 911, then ask Osama why he explained to the world in 2004 why he did it? Threats get you nowhere, and speak volumes about who the child is here.

At 11 August 2006 at 08:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Anonymous,

I think you'll find that Osama did not own up to 911 any more than Ahmadinejad denied the Holocaust!

It's simple really, do your googling and find the date, time and video, yes the video may make your claim more valid and i'll show you a neat little trick.

Don't get me wrong, when my soccer team wins, i say things like "We put enough pressure on their defence and it was only a matter of time when "we" would have scored a hatful of goals. Do ya see ma point?

At no time does my "we" claim to be goalie, defence, striker or manager, so let us not read too much into sideline/armchair/cavehideout support.

But then again, there is that video, so for your homework find it, date it and quote it.

I must agree with an aspect to your complaint about the followers of Islam, in that the followers are not perfect, thus they do have cultural conflicts amongst them selves, but hey don't Christians,ie Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah Witness's, Mormons etc.

It is mindbogling to know that, some Muslims are racist to Arab Muslims and visa versa and SOME Mulsims are racist to black Muslims, etc, but as i've said it can be viewed a minor in comparisome to Torah practicing Jews and bogus Jews, namely Zionist TALMUD practicing Cabbalists.

If we worked toward a debate that acknowledged mans flaws, but attempted to address the bigger issues, which is the war against humanity and its desire for freedom, we can perhaps help.

To my mind, rubbishing Islam, is not going to get back your banking system away from the Federal Reserve,(our Bank of England, which is a private company suffocating the life out of the populous), which is the boa constrictor that strangles our fee world and it is NOT Islamic!

At 11 August 2006 at 09:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think most of us (though not all of 'us' because in this category a small powerful minority controls the destiny of Muslim nations and dominates the Middle East by military force and misleads the world public opinion by false propaganda) stand opposed to terrorism by individuals, groups, states and, worst of all, by the only Global Superpower. I believe every sane person who has some knowledge of what is going on in the name of politics and 'safeguarding our values and our way of life' will agree on this. But it is stupid to think, due to sheer ignorance, that big and powerful countries can kill Muslims, occupy and destroy their countries and Muslims will raise their arms in jubilation and exclaim: 'Thank you Mr Bush, Mr Blair and Mr Olmert for your great politics! You are the Alexanders and Goliaths and Napoleons of this era. You have in the classic fashion of New Imperialism of late 19th Century 'conquered' Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon! Your armed forces have killed not under three-thousnd people as happened in 911 bombings at the hands your former CIA agent in Afghanistan, Osasma bin Laden. As long as Osama did your dirty work, he was your trusted lieutenat, but when he finally turned against you, he became a 'terrorist'! You have and are killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims. Besides, at this time you are starving millions of people in Lebanon and Gaza; instead of giving them food or providing them with the basic human needs to sustain life, you are feeding them with aerial bombs, missiles and bullets. See, what great feats you are accomplishing now in all these countries! Please give our heartfelt greetings to all Anglo-Saxon and Zionist murderes of our men, women and children. We have nothing against that. We are only pious Muslims. You have nuclear bombs, missiles and guns and your fingers are on the triggers. But, see, what we hold in our fingers? We have rosaries! Thank you so much once again!!'

By the way, one might ask and we ask everyone: By what right are the leaders of Christo -fascist mafia and Zionist thugs killing Muslim people and pillaging their countries? And where is it all going to lead us to, to all of us? (11 Aug. 06)

At 11 August 2006 at 14:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my point fellas. The articles this guy writes never acknowledge the fault of the Islamic extremists. Somehow, someway, it gets back to America. And it's always America's fault that the middle east is a huge mess, although it has been that way since the beginning. I have never disagreed that the U.S. sticks their noses in places they don't belong. Never. But I don't think you can fault us for trying to make things better for people who have literally been detained in their own countries by their religion and by their governments. And here's what I'm really trying to get across....Mustaqim sits behind his computer spouting off at America and England, who happens to provide that secular government that protects him. He would not be able to do these things in the Middle Eastern countries. Griping about the countries that provide you with that blanket of protection, while not acknowledging fault within your own belief system leaves your argument void....PERIOD!!

At 11 August 2006 at 16:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are a few of your Osama tapes.

At 12 August 2006 at 09:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Anonymous, checked out one of the links and got nothing and the other was a transcript.

However for brevity sake, check out the web page "What really happened", select 911 and schroll down to fake bin laden tapes and make a note of what Bush said, then google what he's said and find out whether he's acknowledged at any time, that the person he refers to was NOT bin laden, but a fake!

You see, what we in Europe and around the world see, is that the American people have been hijacked by a corrupt cabal of Zionists and their lackees and do as they please around the world, whilst they make a pretty penny for their troubles.

One cannot deny that G Dubya has attempted to shred the US consitution/bill of rights in his peruit of absolute power, thus ushering in, via stealth a facist regime.

Who has the DIEBOLD software? Find that out and you'll realise that your vote doesn't really count.

The ordinary man and woman on the street who wish the best for their children are being put into the meat grinder and transported to all manner of theatre of war, whereby many become victims of DU poisoning and other nasties the Military complex uses, by means of weaponry.

People don't hate Americans, they just wished Jo six pack and Judy soccer mum, would wake up and stop thinking it's about left and right, but about right and wrong.

The elite like to juggle/control two balls, ie Dem and Rep, thus they get what they want.

As a brave vet, you'd be a great asset to any truth movement, if you made steps to educate the unwitting and show them the crime that is being committed by treacherous officials in Washington.

Your very own founding fathers gave you the second amendment, which was not just about hunting and survival in the wilderness, but to keep rogue elements of government in check, hence you may note that some in Washington want to disarm the citizenry, as they fear, or should i say the Zionist fear an armed populous finally waking up and saying what the @#%'s been going on, whilst we were asleep and adding to that, how dare you hypnotise me with Jerry "Zionist"Springer and his look at what our Zionism has done to the gentile's ha ha ha show, and all manner of talent quest.

Have you seen the navy seals building on google earth and wondered why it is built in the shape of a swastika?

Alex Jones does a good job, with his dvd "Martial law" whereby he delves into the Bush's connection to early German facism, as well as exposing Arnold "I dream of dictatorship" Fartzennegger.

Hey even Karl Rove is a son of a Facist Nazi.

As a proud American, to which i assume you are, have you done any research into US Facism and noted how powerful they were and where do you think that ilk is now?

We in Europe neeeeed you in the US to lead the way and help us achieve our freedom, as you have the second amendment, lose that right and it's alllll over.

No i am not inciting violence, just reminding you to keep what is good about your country and sweep the rubbish out of Washington, that sit on both sides of the coin.

At 13 August 2006 at 15:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's what I'm dealing with. No matter what Bush says, he's wrong. No matter what Osama says, it's a fake that Bush set up. It's awfully hard to do the right thing, when there is no such thing in the eyes of the rest of the world. And I'm not saying he hasn't brought it upon himself. I'm just stating a fact. So there's nothing else I can matter what I say, it's a lie and I am an American Marine. The funny thing is, you guys have continued to slaughter the American government, placing complete blame for the current world situation, and still will not look at the other guys. There has not been one single comment on this blog placing even partial blame on the extremists. NOT ONE!!! I never said they had to be perfect, lord knows there isn't a single government or religion that is perfect. But you guys won't even recognize the treachery of these people. Therefore I am in a no win situation. You guys have asked me to stand up and do what's do the same to the extremists!!!

At 13 August 2006 at 17:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear American Marine!
No one can blame you for your good work in Iraq or wherever you may be. You like most of the soldiers may be a good person at heart. There is no question about that. We know that a soldier is not taught to question and think on policy matters; he is taught to obey the orders of your superiors and fight their wars. You have no choice. You cannot refuse to fight and kill others when ordered to do so. If you do not follow orders you can be court martialled under a military offence and may end up badly. Merely because your superiors tell you that you are fighting 'Muslim terrorits', therefore you are led to assume that whatever you do is fair and in the interest of your country and democracy. Alas, it is not so! A soldier's world is simple and limited. I assure you that I condemn Muslim extremists as much as I condemn Christian, Jewish and Hindu extremists, because there are extremists and fanatics in every country and in every society and in every religion. Do you agree with me so far? But the fact remains that Mr Bush, your president, is not an ordinary man with ordinary common sense. He is the president of the the mightiest emire in the world history. He is a Christian extremist, a politcal fanatic, a mental non-entity who has become the greatest threat to mankind because he has the military power and he uses it wherever he wants to use. He has occupied Afghanistan, Iraq and has supported the destruction of Palestinian people and recently of Lebanon and its people. He is a born liar and a war criminal who has committed crimes against humanity. Tell me which Muslim extremist have occupied your country? Which Muslim country has occupied and carried on genocide in your country? The answer is: None. But America has ocuupied and destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and caused the destruction of Palestine and Lebanon. Please think about it. If you dare to think then you will be able to find the answers. By the way I suggest that you read some articles which appear in Z Net written by some intellieget writers and authors, cerinly more well-infomred and learned than both of us are.
I assure you that I have genuine respect and love for American people and the rest of human beings. We are all human beings. The wrong and cruel policies of American Government and its allies, Britian and Israel, have created havoc in the world and as a result the so-called Muslim extremists are standing up against their main enemies. It is a simple fact. Whe you and others will face this fact, you will realise that our common welfare can only served by peace and peaceful co-existence, and not by war and blood- shed. I wish you the very best best.

At 13 August 2006 at 17:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then I ask you this..what do think would happend if we brought all the troops home? What if we didn't leave a single soul in Afghanistan or Iraq? Do you honestly think the extremists would stop? Do you not think that if they would put down their arms, allow democracy to take place, that we would leave? What they don't realize is that the longer they resist, the longer we will stay. It's that simple. I will never believe that what we have tried to achieve in Afghanistan and Iraq was not noble. These people have been detained in their own countries and their own religion for hundreds of years. The Iranian "democratic elections" are a front for actual dictatorship....just ask the Ayotollah. I wonder if you have been to these countries to ask the people what they really want. I have spoken with an Iranian woman who married an American who is now living in the states. The people of Iran have no choices in their country. The people of Afghanistan had no choices. The people of Iraq had no choices. We may fail at our attempt to bring that to them. And there will be many mistakes made, on both sides. But until you are on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan, you really have no idea what is happening and what we are trying to accomplish there. You only read articles and watch news media who throw their spin on it. It is one of the most frustrating things you will ever deal be there and see and know what is actually happening...and listen to what the news media says is happening. I don't blame you for your disgust. I don't blame those who feel we are wrong. And I totally understand there are extremists in all religions and governments. Ireland is a perfect example of Christian extremism. We have seen it in our own country with David Koresh, Jim Jones, etc. But if you honestly think that the Islamic extremists would lay down their arms if we were to pull everyone out of the middle east, you are mistaken. Where were we when 911 occurred? And, of course, that was Bush and his animals who orchestrated that I guess. I keep forgetting that 911 to the rest of the world was this magnificent plan orchestrated by our own government...the Islamic extremists were not to blame. I completely see what is happening. And I refuse to sit and listen as the world turns its back on the Islamic extremists who keep this war going. I'm not just a Marine who is blind to the politics. You would be surprised at just how involved our troops are in the political process. We're not robots. And life isn't as simple as you portray it to be. You've been watching Gladiator I take it. Yes, we have troops who are totally against America being in the middle east. But they understand their roles.

When you've been to Fallujah before the battle, trying to set up refugee camps to those who are fleeing Fallujah...and in the meantime taking rocket and mortar fire, you begin to see who the real bad guys are. Yes, we were taking rockets and mortars while handing our rations to refugees!!! Have you talked to those civilians who were victims of this. Have you been through Fallujah to see the torture chambers, the alcohol (which is forbidden by Islam...and these guys are supposedly Islamic extremists), and the pornography, you will begin to see who the enemy really is.

I say all this to say, we're more than just Marines. And the solution to the problem in the middle east is not as simple as America pulling out. We're not there to take on the rest of the world thinks. But no one will listen to those who are there...only to who they want to listen too, the media and its crazy spins.

At 13 August 2006 at 18:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Marine, 9/11 was payback for US foreign policy and 7/7 was payback for British foreign policy. Get over it. When you have a foreign policy that is based upon subjugating and humiliating millions of people don’t be surprised if some people decide to engage in criminal acts in order to fight back. Unlike some on this site I don’t believe 911 was a conspiracy. I believe the perpetrators were Arabs peeved off with US foreign policy. How do I know that? Because I’ve visited many Middle Eastern countries and I know how despised you people are in that part of the world so it doesn’t surprise me that some people want to bring the fight to your own turf. I’m not condoning violence unlike you who joined one of the most belligerent and fascistic armies in the world but am merely stating what I and millions of other peace loving people see.

‘A great war leaves the country with three armies - an army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of thieves.’ German proverb

At 13 August 2006 at 21:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Marine

I would like to add only a few words to your comments. I am delighted that you don't regard American marines mere robots. I agree with you and this gives us some hope in the mess which Bush and his criminal gangsters have created in the Middle East. I think many peple around the world hang their heads in shame and disgust to see the White House being disgarced by a lunatic where once the great Presidet Lincoln lived.

The problems of the Middle East have been enormous. Let me remind you and others only a few simple facts about the responsibility of creating what you rightly say 'a mess' in the region.

It was America which overthrew the democratically Government of Dr Mohammad Musaddiq in 1953 in Iran and reinstalled Reza Shah. Since then Iran was a virtual colony and playground of America. The Shah carried out the most represive measures against all the democratic forces in the country. Finally, he was thrown by the masses.If America had not played its anti-human, anti-democratic and tortous policies in Iran then we are certain that the Khomeini revolution would never have taken place. The masses rose against the oppressive regime of the Shah and his American bosses (CIA and the American military-industrial complex) who plundered and controlled the oil of Iran. As a reaction the mullas arose. But who created the fanatical mullas? Find an answer youself by reading some history.(I could suggest you a few books if you are really interested in the matter.)

Now let us turn to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and American role there. Who created the Mujaheddin? Again, it was America. They encouraged, supplied arms and training to them to fight against the Soviets. Islamic fantatics were the chums and comrades-in-arms of America. When the Soviets left, the Mujaheddin, now labelled Taliban, a creation of America, took over. Now comes the 'arch-terrorist' Osama bin Laden in the context of 'Amerian power, showering democracy and Christian piety' in the Muslim world. But who is Osama? It seems I will have to repeat this once again, as I have already mentioned this fact in one of my ealier comments on this website. He was a Saudi millionair who was trained by American secret services in military warfare and sabotage activities against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan. He was one of their most trusted and able Muslim leaders who organised his activities with the money, arms, technical help and advice of American services. After the Soviet withdrawl, what happened next? Osama realising that his own country, Saudi Arabia, was run by the autocratic Saudi dynasty by a system of government, which was a fossilised anchronism held in power by America. Why? America controls not only the oil but also the policies of this regime. Besides, the royal dynasty in return for its safety and continued existence, had made the country a military base for American wars of aggression in the region(remeber the role of Saudi Arabia 1991 Gulf War and the present American war and occupation of Iraq). Now the question is: Is Osama right or wrong as the historical fact stand? It should not be difficult to find an answer.

Now Iraq and Afghanistan are under the occupation of American-led forces and the countries are plunged into chaos and anarchy. Who is responsible for all this? We all know that it is America. We might ask the American marines: Why were you in Fallujah doing charity work amongst the refugees? Who had made them refugees in their own country? The answer is: America and its war of agression. And after doing this charitable work what did the American forces do in Fallujah? They ordered the entire population to vacate the city which the American forces were soon going to bomb into submission. American forces did just that. This and many other actions of the American forces are crimes against humanity and an insult to the name of any army and its code of conduct. But who is really responsible for these crimes besides the army? Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the gangsters.
Now turning to your question: What will happen if the US forces withdraw? I am afraid this is such a naive prank which does not need any legthy comment. The fact is that the whole 'mess'(!) has been created by America. It is not doing anything and can never do anything good or humane except to propp up their newly installed puppet regimes. American bandit forces must get out; the longer they stay, the more blood-shed and chaos they create. The people of the region and these countries should decide their destiny, and not the American imperialist bandits and their marauding forces. These countries have existed for thousands of years without American 'help'. They can manage their affairs when the Superpower banditry and pillage stops. Let us keep in view the fact that when the American forces were defeated by the patriotic forces of Vietnam, the people of Vietnam have managed their affairs quite well. Even though America had killed more than three-million people there, the heroic people of this tiny country have forgiven the imperialist bandits and established friendly relation with American Government. There is a good lesson for the American bandits. I hope these words will make some American friends think about what they are doing and not be misled by the maniacs in Washinton and London. 13 Aug. 2006

At 15 August 2006 at 09:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The american leadership is composed by devil possesed maniacs.
There is no thinking berth, nor logic girth in their mental processes. It is a perniciously dangerous scenario, and one that leads to contagion. They are madmen, linked up with the other insane asylum dwellers in the mid east, both entities armed to the teeth with their latest sophisticated armory and ready and willing to use it indiscriminately and at a drop of a hat.

The only way to come out of this vicious circle is to deprive these two pit bulls of their technology.

That is the question clamouring for an answer. If the technology remains in their criminal hands, theft, fraud, murder, assasination, massacres, genocides will be par for the course. Iraq , Afganistan and now Lebanons will proliferate at a speedy tempo. We will live like we are now, in a constant state of small and medium size wars.

Welcome to the globalists world, the universalist mantra, mix and jumble populations together against their will and call the luciferian imposition "democracy", and the perpetrators and orchestrator remain outside the laboratory confine in turning the rest of the world into a mulatto breeding farm .

Out of these chaos programmed and directed by Washington-London-and other fellow travellers only other forms of chaos can arise.

At 27 August 2006 at 22:29, Blogger Masher1 said...

Hey Mr Nobody Marine I have one or a few for you Why does your Oath go ignored? You know the one (All enemys foregin and domestic.) Why fail here at home to do your job? Are you even a Marine? have you Googled Depeleted uranium? Have you ever done any independant thinking? Sooner or later you will face these questions and many more. As a Marine We will hold you to account. Us the Public! The ones that just see the Marines sitting on there bottoms thumbing there Xbox games. Us the public that see Marines being Pussys and shrouding there identity with Anonoymous names that don't hide anything from the whitehouse spook corps. For all we know you could be Karl Rove here to cause trouble. Anon. comments are never given much credence so stand to Marines grow some and do it Right. Or just keep playing that PSP so we din't have to read this crap.

At 30 August 2006 at 21:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if the "marine" has ever taken the right wing terrorist websites he frequents for "extremism." Americans are such hypocrites.


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