Thursday, July 13, 2006

Unless stopped, Israel will carry on regardless

The leopard did not change its spots. Those who are shocked at what they perceive as an Israeli over-reaction to the capture of three of her soldiers are as naïve as somebody rearing a leopard as a pet and then being surprised that it ate a toddler for supper. Unless stopped, Israel will not only wreak havoc in Gaza and Lebanon but draw the whole world into an all-out war.

Israel's recent withdrawal from Gaza was not the responsible act of a mature government putting its violent past behind, as it was made out by commentators. It was a tactical move. The forceful removal of a handful of settlements bringing tears to the eyes of Jewish journalists from the major news syndicates only paved the way to the all-out assault we have seen last week. Those settlers are no longer in the way and need no longer be considered as a liability on the front line.

Israel's attack on power stations, government installations, civil infrastructure and innocent civilians in Gaza has nothing to do with attempts to return a captured soldier. It is about continuing on the path of expansion Israel followed all along since this apartheid state was founded in the Middle East once her European parents, who conceived this illegitimate child, did not longer want to take responsibility for her. Israel does not want respectability, Israel wants power and revenge.

Israel has flouted countless of UN security council resolutions, not to mention the many more which would have been passed had they not been vetoed by the United States, yet portrays herself as the upholder of international law and a model democracy. The truth is that Israel has persisted in illegal occupation of another country for over half a century and has consistently terrorised its people whilst publicly claiming that those demanding freedom for themselves are terrorists out to attack a harmless and peaceful nation. Israel only ever negotiated to win time and the praise of media commentators. Whatever Israel is and has was obtained by brute force.

The public have a short memory and politicians capitalise on it. Because the old massacres have been conveniently forgotten, new ones appear as if out of keeping. That Israel is restarting its military aggression against its neighbours at this moment in time is no surprise, however, for students of the history of the Middle East. Watch out for Syria and Iran being mentioned regularly as the sponsors of Hizbullah in Lebanon. Israel is growing weary that the US and her allies have run out of steam after the controlled explosions of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, in which she probably had a hand. After having misguidedly become embroiled in Iraq, the coalition of the willing and coerced has become decidedly unmotivated to repeat a similar fiasco in Iran. At a recent annual Bilderberger meeting those arguing for an attack on Iran stood isolated amongst more reasoned voices. The only way the war against Iran remains on the table is if Israel makes it happen and forces the hand of the US.

If the Israeli air force unilaterally dropped bombs on alleged nuclear facilities in Iran, as they previously did in Iraq, it wouldn't go down too well with public opinion. Iran poses no immediate threat to the Western world, and the lies which pulled Western governments into the illegal invasion of Iraq are still fresh on people's minds. The resumption of Israel's war against Lebanon is probably intended as a build-up to pave the way for making an attack against Iran palatable. Once Israel makes her move she hopes, and is pretty certain, that the US will have no choice but to take her side. Thus the world will have a major war for reshaping the Middle East after all, in spite of everybody's weariness. Unless, that is, we stop looking at the leopard as a cute pet and demand that it be locked up safely in a cage.


At 13 July 2006 at 10:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomb civilians because a couple of troops are captured? Sound familiar? Should do if you were in the SS in World War II but to anyone else with an ounce of sense this is a crime and nothing less.
Yet we still see the OCCUPIER and the OCCUPIED judged by the same rules, held 'accountable' to the same level, why? I suppose it is just convenient to those who are allies!
Oh, please no anti-semite comments, yet another distortion of the modern media. Most who view these scenes with disgust are just human, not anti-semites, I have NOTHING against Jews, Arabs and all others who were from the Semite races but I do take have something against Zionist instigated fear and punishment of civilian populations!
Without occupation there is no resistance, but if you take the step to become the occupier you better be ready for a bloody nose every now again. Occupied people regardless of race, religion and location with fight for their rights, that is a human reaction and also legal under international law.
Can we say the same about killing 27 civilians over the capture of 2 occupation force soldiers?

At 13 July 2006 at 17:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Israel let them kidnappings and extortions, this would have deadly consequences for the near future. Hazbullah and other muslim terrorists have never accepted the very existance of Israel, and they only understand the language of force. If they return those kidnapped the conflict is over.

At 13 July 2006 at 18:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The self-proclaimed muslim German pilot from England who claims that Israel masterminded 9/11 should be thrown out of this country back to Germany and back in time to serve for SS and pay for his dids. Luckily there was a Nurnberg trial.

At 14 July 2006 at 00:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't I hear you goons denounce the terrorist activity of Hizbollah that started this snowball rolling? Israel has a right to defend itself, and we "decent" Americans have their backs.

At 14 July 2006 at 08:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You 'decent' Americans seem clueless as to the facts.
Israel is an occupying power, in occpation of part of Lebanon, Syria and The Palestinians Territories.
As suich they are responsible under international law for those areas and the security of all civil populations there.
The resistance, be in Palestinian of Lebanese is also entitled under international law to attack the forces of the occupying power. This is a law that the US has also signed up to so must be in agreement with!
Hiozbullah attacked the ISraeli military in occupation, a legal right, Israel has killed over 60 civilians, crippled the country - both illegal under international law.
You 'decent' Americans - by the way I am American! - should get out of your media swamped box, get a passport and see what the world is trult like outside Bushville.
There are many truly decent Americans out here who don't need your Fox News driven ranting to be spread any further!

At 14 July 2006 at 08:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If they return those kidnapped the conflict is over.", a naive thought. Look at the extent of military power being used, targeting of civilian area and infrastructure. Take it from someone in the military, this is NOT about the captured soldiers!

At 14 July 2006 at 13:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn’t it odd how Saddam, ex-Yugoslav leaders and others are on trial in various places for persecuting civilian populations, killing civilians, and other war crimes yet with Israel this is a matter of routine. Internationally it is generally accepted although mutely condemned by states with no real backbone and supported by the US as self defence!

Where have the true leaders of the world gone? There is not one left that will stand up for what is right, the rule of law of the defence of civilians on any side. They are all so consumed by their ‘spin’ (blatant lies to bluff their people) and image that they see little beyond what is thrust upon them by those with most influence.

The day will come when all lies become clear. The day will come when we are all held to account. On that day everyone will have their rights restored and those who took, blocked or conspired to take those rights from people will get what they deserve!

What a sad world it really is when we don't have any leaders with the guts to stand up and speak in support of those who are under occupation, the downtodden and abused.

What a sad world it is when the people ruling our countries have nothing to say about women and children being killed elsewhere other than 'show restraint' and one side can 'act in self defence'.

What a sad world it is when the OCCUPIER is the one that is supported in acting in self defence.

Our leaders are pathetic, immoral and inhuman, none of them deserve to lead us!

At 14 July 2006 at 15:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

US approves killing civilains, so long as they are not US cililians... McCain endorses the targeting of civilians and civil infrastructure:

US Senator John McCain said during a CNN interview that Israel is not responding wildly during its operations in southern Lebanon.

He added that if the US encountered Israel's problems it would respond in the same way, and said that Israel was acting appropriately. (Yitzhak Ben-Horin, Washington)

At 15 July 2006 at 13:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another excellent blog.

Oh well the cat is surely out of the bag now. Tis apparant Isreali terrorist government were waiting for the right time and then just picked the first excuse that came along.

The excuse to justify their action did not warrant the plan to extend isreal by using its US supplied military superiority.

Note the isreali justification of pounding residential areas " These schools, hospitals and mosques are used to attack isreal"
Sounds familiar doesn't it ? The yanks said the same when attacking Iraqi cities. With that lie everything can be a target.

Yes Sir you are so right Isreal is trying to involve Iran. It did not want iran to reach peace via negotiation with the west. It so badly wanted to see Iran bombed by the US.

Unlike most pathetic muslim countries Iran stil has courage and the feeling of unity within Islam.

At 16 July 2006 at 18:47, Blogger SC&A said...


Here's a reality pill: "ITBACH AL YAHUDI!" is not a political or religious ideology that is acceptable to civilized nations.

In fact calls to "finish what Hitler started" or decades of referring to the "sons of monkeys and pigs," only highlights the disconnect between some parts of the Arab world and the civilized society.

Hizbollah and Nasrallah are only continuing the Arafat legacy in Beirut.

The rape of Lebanon continues.

At 17 July 2006 at 01:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"carl sigmund and alfred"...sounds like a homosexual orgy..or just another group of idiots with delusions of granduer.........

At 18 July 2006 at 04:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok does anyone know why Israel was an occupying country of the Golan Heights? Because in the 70s they were attacked by all of their neighbors... never dropped the first hit... and proceeded to destroy every country they were attacked by... They took the Golan Heights because that is they militarily strategic area and Syria and terrorists had used it to spot bomb Israel with mortars from the area. If you want to know the history of Israel post WWII I recommend the book "Tower of Babble"... not only does it give a great history but it shows how useless the UN has been since about 1946.

At 18 July 2006 at 10:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The UN is useless, particularly when it comes to enforcing the many UN resoloutions against Isreali terrorisim, assasinations, destruction of infrastructure, torture and human rights violations.

In todays climate, it is often said Syria and Iran are to blame for supporting Hamaz and Hazbolah. We over heard Bush tell his Poodle Blair the same.
Does anyone blame US and UK for the unconditional support of Isreal and arming it to its teeth with WMD nukes, patriot missiles, chemical, biological and all forms of conventional weapons.

US and the UK are not only the supporters of Isreali terrorism but also the creators of it.

At 18 July 2006 at 12:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zionist Fascists are systematically destroying Lebanon and Gaza and bombing these area into stone-age. Of course, what is happening now is only the continuation of the policy of crushing any possible obstacle that stands in the way of the Zionist supremacy and domination of the region by barbarous force. America and the rest of the Western world are clarly behind the Zionist killing machines. Puppet Arab regimes(Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan etc.) are under the thumb of United States.

At 18 July 2006 at 14:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The United States stands behind the Israeli aggression in Gaza and Lebanon. Israel has in a few days destoryed the infrastructure of Lebanon while it continues to crush Palestinians in Gaza and destroy whatever has still been standing. It is strnge that Israel, the mightiest military power in the Middle East, has totally devastated Lebanon according to its old strategic plans and Bush is blaming Hamas and Hezbullah. It reminds us about Hitler who while invading Poland declarted that Poland posed a threat to Germany. History is repeating itself. Israel has killed over a hundred Lebanese so far and made hundreds of thousands people refugees. Bush and his poodle Blair are happy. Besides, the media are helping the Israeli and American progaganda around the world. The United Nations is helpless because it is the USA which controls and manipulates it and sets its agenda and controls its fuctioning. If Israel chooses to kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of Arabs or Muslims there will certainly be some customary ritualistic statement in the West urging Israel to show 'restraint' (!) but in fact a clear signal to it to carry on the good work.

At 18 July 2006 at 15:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

asalaamualaykum sidi sahib, wonderfull article mashallah, you say as it is may ALLAH bless you and your family always ameen, ma salaam , abdullah celt islam.

At 21 July 2006 at 11:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Utter madness, an equally greater madness is the apparent support and egging on of the naked aggression by the derelict "West", terminall ill on its death bed. Apocalipsis on ordinary civilians under the obscene pretext of 2 or 3 captured soldiers.

Mad dogs on the loose.

Watching the scrofolous Bush and the faggot Blair exchange platitudinal flim flam around a dinner table whilst savage bombing of civilians is taking place makes the stomach churn.

The propaganda machinery is well oiled and in top gear. Key positions in international bodies are in their hands, the main stream communication and print media entirely in their hands. One flying dust bin that hits Haifa is catalogued as "indiscriminate rocket bombing" by the terrorists. Entire civilian neighbourhoods of Beirut cratered and erased is simply portrayed as "legitimate self defence".

At 22 July 2006 at 17:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets see ,two of your soldiers get to react;i know just willy nilly indiscrimintly bomb women,children homes .yeah that makes a lot of know one of those bombs might even blow up those two kidnapped soldiers.

At 23 July 2006 at 22:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it quite amusing when the world turns to the 'civilized world' to bring a solution to the problems in the middle east, especially that of Palestine/Israel. How can the USA, itself founded on aggression, massacre, theft of land and resources from the Native Americans thus bring an end to problems of Israel??

Many neo-cons and zionists argue that the Holy land does in actual fact belong to the Jews and they have a 'historical right' over it. In that case why dont we return all occupied land back to its rightful owners, including Americas back to the Indians and Native Americans, Australia back to the Aboriginal etc? Oh wait a minute. It could have been possible had the settlers not virtually exterminated the natives of the lands, spreading diseases and destruction! It seems Europe's child Israel is simply a chip off the old block.

At 24 July 2006 at 11:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to unerstand that facile comparisons with America and the Indians or australia and the Aborigenes do not carry any similarities with the rape and murder of Palestine. We demean the tragedy of our history by making us look like American Indians or Aborigenes. When the European went to America, America was a virgin continent. Palestine was not a virgin land, neither was a land crying for colonization by outsiders. It does not help the cause of Palestine and its thousand year history.

As far as the "international comunity" is concerned or the Europeans or Americans, or whatever that is non Arab, these "forces" are virtually putty in the hands of Zion. It even goes further, a number of the Arab states are also in the Zionist bag. They are powerless, their governments are puppets of Zion, regardless of the wishes of its inhabitants. Palestine can only rely on its own resources and those of the Arabs. It is a tragedy that a cleavage amongst the Arab governments and their people exists for the benefit of the Zionist culture distorter.
It seems that Egypt ,Saudi Arabia and the other "client" Arab governments are qute content in watching the mephistofelian destruction of Arab land and institutions. Their situation is cravenly coward. The Zionist masterplan is clear to see . Remove Iraq from the equation, pick piecemeal Hamas and Hizbollah, destroy Libanon, corner Syria and follow up with Iran. The monstrous campaign has begun, it behoves to Hizbollah and other resistance groups to exact such a heavy price from Zion that it might make them lose their apetite for adventuristic expansion and the redrawing of the map in the middle East to a configuration which guarantees their supremacy and the perpetual enslavement of Arabs.

At 25 July 2006 at 16:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a lot of fans of your writing over at FreeRepublic

At 4 August 2006 at 11:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to understand...
nabil has clearly laid bare some of the facts about the Arab rulers and Isaeli plans for the region which in the hands of Bush and Blair stategy is being called 'A NEW Middle East'. However, the role of US and Britian, the main protectors of Zionist designs, needs further elaboration.

At 11 August 2006 at 23:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two comments, firstly, Israel's response in the current Lebanon offensive is not only due to the kidnapping of 2 soldiers, but also for the Hezbollah multiple rocket attack on Northern Israeli communities that was used as cover for the kidnap. I suppose you would have wished Israel to only clap in revolutionary applause for such Hezbollah heroic acts, but alas Israelis view things differently, they just can't seem to grasp the true greatness of the fearless Muslim Warriors for some strange reason. Just as a reminder, the Syrian Military erased most of its city Hama for a much smaller pretext in 1982 (unarmed demonstrations of the Muslin brotherhood against the Syrian government).

Secondly, regarding the comment "It does not help the cause of Palestine" to compare the Palestinians to Native Indians, I don't see why not. Comparisons have to be made to help increase knowledge of reality, not just the parts of it that you like. If you were truly interested in the truth and not just a subjective relativist and unproveable narrative, you would enthusiastically encourage any comparisons that come up, if they are wrong you can set them right, but don't shut them up (unless you believe that a rational judgmental view of reality isn't likely to assist your values and ideals).


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