Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Suicide bomber tasteless but not offensive

The media have just scored a serious own-goal and society has displayed its double-standards when Omar Khayam was returned to prison for his part in a demonstration against the publication of blasphemous cartoons depicting the prophet and his followers as suicide bombers. The young 22-year old had served a sentence for drug dealing and was released on licence, since it is customary in the UK that offenders only serve half the sentence given to them by court and are then paroled.
The prime minister stated that police would have the government's full support "in any prosecutions they mount", saying "it is very important for our overall good relations in this country that people understand there's no political correctness that should keep the police from taking whatever action they think is necessary and that is my position 100%." Hang on a minute.
What was the crime that this young man committed? Dressing up as a suicide bomber? It may be tasteless to do so and hurt the feelings of people, but seeing he didn’t carry a real bomb it sure wasn’t something they shouldn’t be expected to cope with if we’re talking about so-called freedom of speech and the right to satirise. Were not the cartoons depicting the prophet of Islam as a bomb-carrying fanatic equally tasteless? Did they not hurt the feelings of a billion people who love their prophet as dearly as their own parents or even more so? Khayam may have lacked the responsible maturity in failing to realise the sensitivities of people affected by the way he expressed his opinion, but can we expect a young fellow his age to act more responsible than many of the editors of European newspapers?
The cartoon printed in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten was not an expression of freedom of speech, it was a deliberate attempt to provoke Muslims. The same paper had rejected cartoons making fun of Jesus on the grounds that they might offend readers. A cartoon depicting the Queen as an evil monster sending princess Diana onto her fatal final car journey would, I am sure, also be punished by the courts as disrespectful and offensive. Europe’s reaction to Muslim objections and protests following the anti-Muslim cartoons has only demonstrated what was already known to Muslims long ago: that there is a deep-seated hatred of Islam and Muslims in media circles who, probably for the benefit of their Zionist paymasters, want to demonise Muslims in the public eye. They consider it their right to poke fun at others, but lament when faced with a taste of their own medicine.
No amount of reasoning and debate can put the cat back into the bag or the genie into the bottle. The establishment have come out and shown their colours. Europe is a post-Christian club still defined by the attitudes of the crusades. Liberal secularists are no neutral do-gooders, they come from the same colonialist and xenophobic stable as their crusading ancestors. The crusades eventually failed and civilisation, from coffee to medicine and science, was finally allowed to enter Europe ending the tyranny of the Church. The new tyranny of the money changers whom Jesus threw out of the Jewish temples followed. If Muslims wake up to the fact that the whole power of Western nations is based on fictitious debt finance, Europe might once more see the light of civilisation.


At 25 February 2006 at 22:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is interesting how the Muslims in the USA have not made the same noise as the European ones!

They have had no campaigns of hatred with placards that say "Slay those who insult Islam".

Surah 9:5 "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them" an incitment to hatred, there is no such thing as Islamophobia, it is factually correct!!

At 8 March 2006 at 22:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you on about - not a single UK newspaper ever published the cartoons!

they did so because the editors , collectively , agreed that they WERE offensive. This policy has been PRAISED by many Muslims.

now you come on and whinge about that same media saying that the suicide-bomber stunt was offensive. well, it WAS offensive - suicide bombers blew up 60 Londoners last year.

i'm sorry - there is no own goal - the UK media have been entirely consistent.

You really need to get your head examined, as its obviously seriously paranoid and deranged.

At 22 March 2006 at 20:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree that the reaction was ridiculas - I mean I'm sure God can take care of his own! and for crying out load a few stupid scibblings arnt anything to get into a frenzy about really common how many innocent people are being buchered around the world and ferry accidents too!.
I'm gonna post mainly a comment on a comment - to mr anonymous no.1, what the heck is with taking out of context a quote from the Quran!
Lets look at the context shall we if thats not too difficult dude!
The worse things in todays world are hypocracy and ignorance!
When those verses were revealed the polywatsits were truely evil, burying there first born if it were female and countless other examples. The human world was about to die out until God gave us and the universe the seal of the Prophets! look at the context dont give in to ignorance. remember at the time the dum-ass byzant leader was the marrying his sister type - just read history folks and get to the truth by the truth! use the God given talent people and think!
And yes the is islamaphobia for crying out load - I'm a disable m person a muslim a pakistan by decent born in ol blighty and other people at the disablity centre used to look at me as if i was gonna detonat my wheelchair and kill everyone - me damn it i have enough probles just getting to the shower in the morning!
Actually if the stupid asses of my community would just drop kick the moronic whaboiy fantasies and go back to the traditional values of islam then maybe there would be better example of muslims so no matter what info-tainment came out of what every broadcast people could see with there own eyes that hey that muslim well hes okay!
God damnit cartoons ! get a life people God gave Muhammed (peace upon him) more then any creation (see chapter the fountain) how can some poorly drawn nonsense make any difference whatso ever! let deal with real problems and if my coreligionist lemons and youthfull nutters have nothing better to do then offend people please send them to some disbled persons house and get them to help them or sumat do something useful
dont just preach but practice what you preach also!


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