Tuesday, April 01, 2008

For the sake of provocation

An item in the news this week contained the hype about a theatre in Potsdam, in the former East Germany, where racism continues to thrive, was staging the first stage play of Rushdie's Satanic Voices, the book that Roald Dahl considered unreadable. This was followed up by further news articles in the mainstream media that the play was performed without violent incident. Much to the regret of the theatre, I suppose, who had probably hoped to ride to fame on the controversy as Rushdie did aforetime.
On the trail of the republication of the Danish cartoons insulting the prophet Muhammad, the Dutch release of an anti-Islamic film and the Pope's very public baptism of an Egyptian anti-Islamic journalist in Italy one wonders whether there is a concerted effort to stir up troubles, and I am glad that Muslims have matured and did not respond as expected.
We indicated long ago in the book "Satanic Voices", our response to "Satanic Verses", that Rushdie was not acting alone but on the behest of "Satanic Presses" and "Satanic Purses". Islam is dangerous because in its opposition to lending money at interest it poses a challenge to the primacy of banks, a message becoming ever more potent during the current credit crisis.
These days poor writing and shabby expressions of hatred are elevated to art form when they malign the Muslim enemy. Anything to make Muslims look bad is good in the eyes of the media and politicians. However, their sword has become blunt.
The French author and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupery, best known in the UK for the story "The Little Prince", sums it up beautifully in his magnus opum "Citadel" (Wisdom of the Sands), doubtlessly inspired by his encounter with Islam:
"Whence I was led to reflect on those who consume more than they bestow. Thus it is with the lies of the rulers of a nation; for the efficacy and power of their words reside in men's belief in what they tell. True, much may be achieved by lies; yet when I lie I blunt my weapon in the using of it. And, though I may begin by besting my opponent, there comes a day when I must face him, weaponless.
A like case is that of the poet who makes his effects by playing traitor to the time-proved rules; for scandalizing, too, is a technique. But such a man is an ill-doer. He shatters for his personal ends a vase containing an age-old treasure, common to all. In order to express himself, he ruins the possibilities of expression for others; like one who, to light his path, should set fire to the forest, leaving nothing but ashes and charred embers for the rest of men. Moreover, when once grammatical mistakes have become the rule, I can no longer scandalize or startle. But also, by the same token, I am unable to express myself in the beauty of the oldtime style, for I have made havoc of its usages and ruled out the mutual understanding, the signs and symbols, the speaking glances that are a code built up from generation to generation and that enable me to transmit my thought down to its subtlest shades. I shall have expressed myself, perhaps - but at the cost of ruining my instrument, and others', too."
So all the supporters of Rushdie and Co. have done is to destroy the integrity of literature and art. Shocking Muslims into a response no longer works. And the day may well be near where the rulers' lies are no longer believed and they face their opponents weaponless.


At 1 April 2008 at 23:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saalam Brother

I hope you are well.


Did Dahl say it was unreadable? I thought it was too, but I thought I must be dumb or something because all these others (his supporters) thought it was good.

Anyway you said there is a concerted effort to always have Muslims and Islam demonized which I agree with, if you look at the link there are some pictures of Muslims carrying placards saying 'death to Europe' or something, do you think these people are genuinely Muslim or just a mob posing as Muslim? I suspect it is not Muslims, and why would the police allow such things?

At 2 April 2008 at 16:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic!

I read that in the brit presstitutes sheets that there was fury at "Pope's very public baptism of an Egyptian" journalist? (LOL journalist- now that is funny) when the fossilised Zionist press wants to attack, demonise, insult Muslims & Palestinians in particular they give the pinocchio of egitto a text which he reads out. He is the darling of the RAI - La RAI – is Radiotelevisione Italiana Israeliana, Ask him a question and he will repeat parrot style word for word what he said on other shows.

the Muslims are jubilant at having gotten rid of such an odious racists individual, a fake at that and are saying "grazie, grazie, mille grazie"
the only ones furious are those whose evil ideologies failed

"Rushdie was not acting alone but on the behest of "Satanic Presses" and "Satanic Purses". – What a brilliant phrase.

just finished reading another article of one of those ex-Muslims - he will not show his anti-Islam movie - yes this goon is an Iranian (Dutch businesses have already threatened to sue Wilders if his film led to an economic boycott of their products)

Now why am I not surprised he is Iranian

By the way, I haven't met a single individual (in 4 countries) having read a complete Rushdie texts. All of them have used one word to express their opinion – boring

At 11 April 2008 at 20:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US State Department does not have an office to monitor hatred against Christianity or Islam, yet they have a unique office for Jews. The recent report issued by US State Dept last week was VERY disturbing.

Note this US State release, Germar Rudolf lies rotting in a German prison for scientific research which is listed here as HATE, "Hate Speech" laws are a tool of oppression:


At 30 July 2008 at 03:23, Anonymous MorrisMinor said...

Too bad you forgot to mention that your Islamofascist Muslim pals still have a death threat against him. If you and your ilk had your way, you would kill Rushidie and the Danish cartoonist. You are a fascist cretin with no respect for truth or human rights like the good Muslim mouthpiece you are


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