Monday, December 12, 2005

Australia in denial

Australia, like the rest of the Western world, is in denial. A mob of drunken rioters attacked minorities in Sydney, shouting racist slogans and injuring over 30 people. The violence then spread to other areas where a man was stabbed and cars were damaged. Yet, prime minister Howard, whilst condemning the violence as “sickening” stated, “I do not accept that there is underlying racism in this country”.

The French, in spite of a fortnight of rioting, do not accept that they have a problem with racism either, nor do the British, but they all have created the sickening conditions where a small group of racists can incite a drunken mob and send them on the rampage for Arab or Paki bashing. They have consistently vilified immigrants, and particularly Muslims, as enemies of society and would-be terrorists. When a man pulled the headscarf off a Muslim lady in Sidney he probably thought he was doing his country a service. Throughout the Western world the Muslim symbol of decency is portrayed as a sign of militancy which needs to be removed. The French succeeded doing this by manipulating the law, the Aussies, after a few cans of lager, preferred to take the law into their own hands.

The British are even more cunning. They let women keep their scarves, happy that this makes it easier for them to be discriminated against, and even get the head of the government-sponsored race relations body, Trevor Phillips, to lecture Muslims on the need to integrate. The facts, however, remain: Until Western societies acknowledge that they have created an enemy image within, the tension will not ease. It smacks of nothing but hypocrisy to chastise people, drunken or not, for simply acting upon the sound bites they are fed daily by their political leadership. Of course, we could say that we get the leaders we deserve, in which case the blame falls squarely back on the whole of society.

Maybe what is really “sickening” is the inability of the so-called democratic process to remove bad and corrupt politicians from positions of leadership.


At 12 December 2005 at 18:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think whats sick is islam.. and muslims refusal to accept that there is something wrong with it and the teachings of koran.
i think islamic people deserve violence as they have been dishing it out for centuries.. dont be a muslim apologist... u didnt blame the muslims for rioting in france when 2 muslims were killed... why would u blame the whites for rioting when 2 whites are killed?

At 12 December 2005 at 18:41, Blogger Mustaqim said...

Very satisfying to observe that my blog generates such meaningful discussion and always brings out the best (or worst?) in people. Keep it up mate, show what you're made of and make a proper fool of yourself. At least when some smug race relations buddy tries to claim next time that anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry don't really exist I only have to point them to the comments on these pages. Thanks for helping.

At 12 December 2005 at 20:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any evidence that '2 whites' were killed as the original poster claimed. It's probably news to their families if they have died...but lets not let facts get in the way of providing justification for smashing a few Muslim heads. Does the original poster work for 'The Telgraph' any chance....

At 13 December 2005 at 16:24, Anonymous Londoner said...

What more can you expect from a citizen of a country whos only entry qualification was a criminal record?

At 15 December 2005 at 01:55, Anonymous Omar Abo-Namous said...


i think mostly the problem consists in the image that is built around muslims and how that is being used to bring the rest of society (whereever) to hate muslims and blame them for everything. Without stressing that too much, there are groups trying to spoil exactly this image. In Australia, you should be aware of this group:

From their "About us":
We must count upon real events to push White people in our direction, and we as an organization must be prepared to take advantage of these events -- and be a credible alternative as the existing order fails.

Whom that doesn't sicken .. well what could you say to that kind of person..


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