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Migration complexity

Cross-border migration and the refugee crisis are dominating the news after a number of high-profile and totally avoidable tragedies, the latest that of a father losing his wife and children after being abandoned on a boat by people smugglers when the half-hour journey from Turkey to Greece became too perilous. He commented that his family's death should be a wake-up call to the world, and everybody is lining up to cash in with their political agendas on this highly visible emotional image of suffering. Political correctness reigning supreme, nobody blames the father for having put his family in harm's way. I do. But first a number of qualifiers.

Refugees across the world are the outcome of the ruling elite of the current leading Western nations running the world as if it was their exclusive birth-right. Exploiting other people's resources in order to fund an unsustainable consumer culture aimed to buy the acquiescence of their own population in return for ever more games and gadgets, and using military power to force this one-directional flow of wealth, they have wrought havoc all over the globe, generating poverty, fear and despair and thereby displacing people. America and her allied cronies in Europe have shook up the Middle East, toppled governments and financed and trained militias for their own economic and Israel's political ends, and the increase in refugees is a direct result. Britain, as did others, has funded ISIS and other rebel groups in Iraq and Syria as part of their proxy war against Russia and China in the hope that they would topple the Syrian government, just as they erstwhile funded Iraq to fight Iran, funded the Mujahidin and al-Qaida to fight Russia in Afghanistan, then topple Libya, and so on. In this context, David Cameron and the rest of the British government are directly to blame for the death of this Syrian and many other families.

The United Nations with its non-representative Security Council and the International Monetary Fund with its majority Western shareholders are relics of the past when European colonial powers divided the world among themselves without any consideration for indigenous populations, drew artificial borders to suit them and, in most cases, subsequently installed minority puppet governments heavily dependent on their economic and military support against their own subjugated populations in the fiefdoms they had carved out in this manner after the First World War. America continued the tradition having become the dominant power after the Second World War, but wherever possible replaced direct rule and military occupation with indirect rule and economic manipulation, propagandistically termed Free Trade, and intervening militarily only when deemed necessary. After too many people believed the propaganda lies and took the idea of freedom at face value, and with their imperial reach weakened, the USA are now reverting back to direct rule and military occupation.

Today, Americans and Europeans often talk as if there is something morally wrong with people from Africa or Asia wanting to share the spoils of their alleged hard labour, forgetting that American and European affluence represents in most cases the pay-off of colonialism and slavery and that therefore the colonised and enslaved of the world actually have a greater right to those riches than the colonisers and slave masters. British slave owners were compensated for the losses when slavery was finally abolished, slaves were not.

From a true global perspective - not the one world propaganda of the global village which merely means that no corner of the world should remain out of reach of Western domination - fortress Europe is unsustainable as is the exploitative modern lifestyle fuelled by compound interest being the foundation of our economic system, where there is always more to pay back than there was in the first place, requiring the disappropriation of others. So when it comes to the problem of global migration, I can only blame the West for its own conjured demons.

Yet, none of this absolves the father of the family currently making the headlines or numerous others like him. Sure, there are people smugglers unscrupulous enough to abandon a sinking boat with the passengers on board or to park up a lorry full of migrants, leaving them to suffocate. They cash in on a dream for which there is ample demand. The problem, when it comes to the migrants themselves, many of whom are from Muslim countries, is that they were malcontents to start with. The youth in many of these countries does not want to work for a better future, they simply want to take what others have already worked for. They don't want to build their country, they want to abandon it. In many cases, they are not running away from poverty or war but are running to an imaginary destination of full and plenty sold to them on Western television screens.

In what happened off the coast of Turkey is indeed a wake-up call, not just for Europe, but most of all for the migrants themselves: the risks are not worth it. A father lost the family he wanted to give a better life to. His parents still live in a part of Syria not ravaged by war. If he feared for his family's safety, then they had already managed to cross over to Turkey, a country having taken in a huge number of refugees and treating them as brothers rather than outcasts. Instead, he chose to leave the safety of Muslim Turkey to cross the sea in an unsuitable dinghy to Greece, an orthodox Christian and much poorer country. No doubt, Greece was thus never the intended final destination, it was meant to be a stepping stone into the European Union for moving on to Austria, Germany, the UK or Scandinavia. Thus, even if this family originally fled war-torn Syria, once they left Turkey, they were no longer refugees but economic migrants who had fallen for the myth that happiness can be bought at a department store. This father miscalculated and destroyed what he had in the vain hope of obtaining what he was never going to get anyway.

None of this absolves the British government, but future would-be Muslim migrants would do well to ponder on the advice of our prophet, peace be with him: "Richness is not having many possessions. Rather, true richness is the richness of the soul." (Abu Hurairah, al-Bukhari 6081). Or: "Whoever makes the world his more important matter, Allah will confound his affairs and make poverty appear before his eyes and he will not get anything from the world except what has been decreed for him. Whoever makes the Hereafter his most important matter, Allah will settle his affairs and make him content in his heart and the world will come to him although he does not want it." (Zaid ibn Thabit, Ibn Majah 4105).


At 22 September 2015 at 10:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salaams Sir

BRAVO - we stand up with you and strongly support your words ".... nobody blames the father for having put his family in harm's way. I do + They don't want to build their country, they want to abandon it."


this whole story STINKS KOSHERED
this is another ISIS - BS 4x4 files

Are you saying that these refugees AFTER 4 years of US/UK/EU/AUSTRALIA/CANADA TERRORISM have vast amounts f cash to pay for the traffickers/human smugglers

Do you have any idea what it costs? Many years ago some of our group members holidayed in southern Italy - where most of the Islamic hertitage has been destroyed and other converted to cathedrals etc

NOTHING gets done in Italy without the powerful mafia so active that in present time it has reached Rome
just copy txt where necessary and use your preferred translator or may be you are fluent in the lang:

Italy police release video showing arrest of alleged 'Mafia ...
Italy police release video showing arrest of alleged 'Mafia Capitale' boss. ... Police believe he is the leader of an organisation known as "Mafia Capitale".
[Search domain]
you will find these mass murderers discussing how much they can make from each immigrants
eu political at it's best!!!!!
Funerale Casamonica, i vigili presenti sin dal mattino - YouTube
Il cittadino Paolo offre la sua testimonianza diretta sul funerale di Vittorio Casamonica ai microfoni dell'inviato di In Onda.

so let's get the story line correct
someone is paying for the migrants
WHO IS PAYING THEIR WAY? It's not like Mexico, where all you have to do is cross the Rio Grande, THE ONLY WAY a migrant crisis into Europe can happen is if someone is paying their way in, now the question is, WHO IS PAYING THEIR WAY?
America paying for destruction of Europe?
Austria says America is footing the bill for transport of immigrants to Europe
they the EU makes trillions from these vile ideology

At 22 September 2015 at 10:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the recent boat that broke in tiny pieces and "MURDERED" around 1000 people was no sinking boat it was the work of nato bombing the boats so that they can acjieve the evile ideology the pieces of the boast were TINY if it had broken up or sunk the broken pieces would be LARGE

do you honestly think nato gives a damn about "refugees/migrants/......." we prefere to call them PEOPLE
Turkey was told to open the gates by US US will print more money and pay for the vile ideplogy and they are told to kill these ignorant/foolish people
they whole lot of them bloody Malala whores
and are you sure the picture on the beach is really a Syrian or from the Mexican soap opera scene - go to
"A Que No Me Dejas"
As it turns out, that little Syrian boy was a setup. I thought the boy's skin looked too bright and alive in color for it to be a drowning, and as it turns out, that boy was NOT on the beach where that photo was taken. Instead, there were multiple takes with that boy in at least two places, and I am starting to wonder if that boy was really yet another life like CPR doll. If not, he was a Mexican soap opera quality child actor. In the Mexican soap opera, the boy acted well enough to fake a real drowning scene, complete with his body getting all covered in sand and seaweed. He really looked drowned. So super great child actors do exist.

You know full well what propagandist prostitues the western presstitutes are:
Ok, here is another video. This one focuses more on Aljazeera. Aljazeera was set up by the Rothchilds, it came out of London, and is a zionist news channel which serves to make the Arabs believe they have mainstream representation. Of course, Aljazeera is not as stupid with Arab issues as CNN, because Arabs know too much about their own world. SO Aljazeera is tuned perfectly to make Arabs believe they have representation, while dis informing them as much as possible. This is an important video:

Migrants, Refugees, Clandestines and… Jihadis

Pepe Escobar
The plight of the refugees could become the perfect excuse to precipitate a new R2P (responsibility to protect) war; Libya remixed, with fighting ISIL barely disguising the real agenda: regime change in Damascus.

Read more:
and we totally agree - these people are foolish/dumb/idiots/thugs
they will soon learn what EU is!
they have exprienced WEST in their own coutries what makes them think it will be any different in western countries
these people have short memories
they call that murderess of Kunduz

The Refugee Chancellor

German magazine Stern has qualified Angela Merkel as The Refugee Chancellor. The generous German reaction to the refugee drama has drawn praise across the world.

Read more:
ha ha ha -both sputnik + stern forget what the gerries are capable +did to the refugees from Yugoslav war - they loaded them up in buses in the midle of the night and bused them home to their countries saying the war is over off you go to your homes

Europe ships war refugees back home -
Europe ships war refugees back home ... since her family fled Kosovo on the eve of the Yugoslavia war, ... Across Germany, 220,000 war refugees denied ...
[Search domain]

At 22 September 2015 at 10:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way RT.Com has article on the Afghan translators = traitors who translated for the pudegy mass murdering scumbag cameron
boo hoo the UK will not let him in for translating for cameron/nato and the Afghan RESISTANCE want him dead for the rapes/mass murder/bombing carried out by the naTo TERRORISTS
have a look at this "HAPPY" scum who is now in UK and sys that he wants to study dentistry at "cambridge" OMG
another malala brothel boy
does he not know that all the info/books/technology is being destryed by the zionbies tribe and the standards in the west are DROPPING at an alarming rate?
and the dumb fool says he wants to study @cambridge

Holistic Hate Crimes? 8 Florida Doctors Dead and 5 Missing in Past Month --Holistic medicine: What a dangerous profession! Another Florida Doctor Murdered, Bringing Total to 8 Dead and 5 Missing in Just the Last Month | 24 July 2015 | Last week we reported on a number of doctors, many from the Southeastern U.S., who had been killed, died under questionable circumstances or had simply vanished without a trace. Just one week later, another three doctors have been reported dead, with one being found shot to death inside of his Florida home...Information about the five missing doctors can be found here. While all of these deaths could be nothing more than strange coincidences, we'd be remiss in not noting the fact that all of the doctors mentioned, sans Dr. Gonzales, practiced in the Southeastern United States, specifically in the Florida/Georgia region.

Have you noticed that the manufacturers no longer give any technical or other info t

At 22 September 2015 at 20:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 22 September 2015 at 21:36, Blogger Mustaqim said...

To prevent abuse all comments are subject to review and moderation by me, so there is sometimes a delay - sorry.

At 29 September 2015 at 14:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir, you and one of the comment states that the people fleeing the brit/French/wu/us psychopathic TERRORISM should stay and build their
We agree regarding the Afghan “malala” + Syrian, no we mean TRUE SYRIANS and not the scums + presumptuous western “pigS”
HOW? With their bare hands/blood with what? Any decent group of TRUE opposition are build is “slaughtered” by the disgusting insane west. The people are droned/blown/slaughtered and claimed to be terrorists. No proof of any wrong doing is ever presented and nobody protest etc
They – the global scum are so brainwashed you think we are wrong? Nay? Read
Britain’s Labour Party and ‘Stop the War Coalition’ support ‘Free Syrian Army’ mercenary-terrorists

17 Thursday Sep 2015

Posted by Cem Ertür in
Adbulaziz Almashi, Amnesty International, Britain’s Labour Party, Corbyn, foreign mercenaries, foreign-backed terrorists, Free Syrian Army, NATO, NATO-backed mercenaries, NATO-backed terrorists, Propaganda, Stop the War Coalition, Syrian Patriots, Syrian refugees, Terrorism By Proxy
This gallery contains 1 photo.
12th september 2015: Corbyn’s Labour, STWC & [sh]Amnesty International hosting NATO’s phoney foreign backed lethally armed ‘Free Syria Army’… ‘revolutionaries’ like Adbulaziz Almashi…
UK Armed Forces Day 2015: UK STWC (Stop the War Coalition) & Amnesty International host NATO’s ‘Free Syria Army’ mercenaries in ‘refugees’ homecoming parade
There is no way any anti-war campaigners would ever be seen marching alongside NATO’s ‘Free Syria Army’ mercenary terrorists, therefore explaining why two Mayors of London (Livingstone & Johnson) et al suddenly stashed our entire display of Britain committing Genocide [they have repeatedly stolen] in the ‘Museum of London’.
Westminster could only re-brand members of the ‘Free Syria Army’ as ‘refugees’ while wheeling out ‘union’ dogsbodies who are the only ones who would go along with such treachery that far from being any kind of anti-war march was instead a NATO military homecoming parade.
Continue reading
Or this
Refugee kicked by Hungarian camerawoman was member of Jabat al-Nusra terrorist gang in Tel Abyad, Syria ~ [Report]
A Syrian man who was tripped over by Hungarian camerawoman in a video that went viral has been claimed to be an alleged member of a militant Islamist group that had committed crimes against civilians in his homeland.
Osama Abdul Mohsen was accused of being a member of the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front by the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in a statement released on Friday
None of these over tattooed = fungal/overpaid useless jerks running around in their under wares cared or care about the real victims of “their masters” terrorism it is money to them

At 29 September 2015 at 15:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

French Africa Policy Damages African and European Economies.
Bleeding Africa and Feeding France – The Face of French Modo-Colonialism.
Modo-Colonialism, the Veto Right by French Commissars over African Economies.
Together, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, the Republic of Congo, Senegal and Togo, establish the Monetary and Economic Union of West Africa (U.M.O.A.). Their currency, the CFA-Franc is printed under supervision of the French National Bank in Charmaliéres, France. The Council of Presidents of the fifteen U.M.O.A. member states constitutes the highest authority of the union. Decisions of the Presidential Council are made unanimously. The placement of French commissars within the heart of the nations and the union`s banking system however, creates an obvious dichotomy between the apparent sovereignty of the union, its constituents, and direct control from the previous colonial power.
Three of the thirteen of the Directors of the B.E.A.C. are French and four of the eight Directors of the B.C.C. are French. The Board of Directors of the B.C.E.A.O. is constituted by sixteen Directors; two from each country plus two additional Directors from France who take part in the management of the bank under the same conditions and with the same privileges as the other Directors. The number and placement of the commissars gives them a Veto right at the board of each of the Central Banks. No decision can be made without their approval and France can enforce its policy by threatening to deadlock the economies unless decisions are made in compliance with French suggestions.
The French Veto right also extends to the nomination of the Governor of the B.E.A.C.. The Governor is elected with the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, on suggestion of the government of Gabon, and after the approval of the other member states as well as France.(2)

At 29 September 2015 at 15:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

continue from the above mentioned article

2 comments from the above article –pls read the full article:
Dr. Bischara EGAL says:
December 22, 2014 at 06:29
France and British colonialism and Noe-colonialism are unending saga for all COLORED peoples of this World , from Africa , Asia and the Americas. They loot, bleed, and destroy Nations and their cultures. Gambian President Al-Haji Ya hiya Jame , said it correctly that the French and British and Now the Zionist Israel and Zionist America are after Guinea’s Petroleum+Gold,Sierra Leon’s Precious Metals ; Liberia’s DIAMONDS when they talk about “The Ebola FALSE FLAG”- WHY ONLY ON THESE 3 COUNTRIES NOW , SINCE IT ORIGINATED IN ZAIRE= CURRENT DRC??? THEY (FRANCE+UK+NORWAY+ISRAEL) INVOLVED IN REGIME CHANGE IN SUDAN , SOMALIA AND DRC, SINCE 1980’S . With Disastrous economic, financial, psychological and human consequences . AS DAN GLAZBROO’S ” DIVIDE & RUIN: THE WEST’S IMPERIAL STRATEGY….. The Libya war opened the eyes of many – or should have. But the overriding lesson – if it needed reiterating – should be the realisation that the US, the UK, France, Israel, and their allies will stop at nothing, including even the imposition of total societal collapse, in order to attempt to reverse their declining global economic position through military destruction. This is the reality behind all talk of protecting civilians, humanitarianism, and democracy promotion, and all Western military intervention should be seen in this light.
• Reply
• kariuki Kiragu says:
February 25, 2015 at 17:34
Frankly, what the French are doing in the 14 CFA African countries is a human rights issue that should be forwarded to the UN and other global tribunals, for the bad press if anything.
We were given this information last year at a seminar by Amb. Erastus Mwencha, the Deputy Chair-Person of the African Union Commission. He did not mention what the AU was doing about it but we were stunned, couldn’t absorb finer strategic points anyway and staggered home.
Nevertheless, the need to retain these colonies explains many recent French activities:
.1 The murder of the captive Col. Gadhaffi by a French agent to preempt the African Golden Dinar, a pan-African currency the Colonel championed in line with the African Monetary Union.
.2 The ersatz “revolution” in Burkina Faso.
.3 To protect atrociously polluting uranium mining, cooperation with Al Qaeda Magherib in defeating the Azawad people in Mali.
.4 Apparent support for Boko Haram to destabilize Nigeria, with her 180 million people, surrounded by Togo, Niger, Mali, Chad and Cameroon, all French CFA colonies. The former agent in such work, apartheid South Africa, no longer exists.
.5 The embedment of the French Development Agency into practically all pan-African development organizations.
My thinking is that every African, continental or diaspora, in the know should do what they can to remove this millstone from around our neck… for instance, the African diaspora can easily replace the French Development Agency in pan-African development organizations. It is investment after all….


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