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Provocation? Let them burn the Qur'an!

It must have been a small-town priest's wildest dream come true when his marketing ploy to raise the importance of his obscure and dwindling parish by attacking the common Muslim foe worked so well that all the leading politicians of the world came out in defence of the Qur'an - or did they? Whilst appearing to make the distinction between moderate and radical Islam - one of their favourite topics lately, with the terms purposefully left ambiguous - in reality they probably savoured this new onslaught on Muslims following closely on the footsteps of the most recent storm in a tea cup, the non-debate about the 'mosque about to be built on ground zero'. In both scenarios their argument went that it would be wrong to hold ordinary moderate Muslims responsible for the actions of the radical and violent terrorists amongst them: a typical false set of alternatives, for it serves to cover up the factual reality which is that the success of the 9/11 operation could only have been possible as an insider job at the highest level within the American administration, overriding established checking mechanisms. Conspiracy theory? Well the weirdest conspiracy theory out there is that a few bearded and turban-clad individuals somewhere in an unknown Afghan cave could have duped American air traffic control and penetrated the defences of the Pentagon with such apparent ease. Sure, bin Laden is still out there somewhere and Elvis lives, let's not question those truths!

The public "news" discourse within the global media environment is carefully crafted by what in the book Satanic Voices we called "Satanic Presses", paid for by "Satanic Purses". It does not take much to find a mentally challenged parish priest with a grudge against Islam, but to catapult him to world-wide celebrity status, even if with negative associations, rather than ignore him, does not happen by accident. From the media-instigated burning of Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" via the Danish cartoons to the public burning of Qur'ans on 9/11 (coinciding with Eid-ul-Fitr), these show-downs are intentional provocations to drive a rift between communities and condition them for the next war between Islam and the West. As I pointed out in my latest book Surrendering Islam, ordinary Muslims are "blissfully" unaware how their own assumed Islamic discourse is equally being distorted to serve a wider agenda. Mentally challenged "radical" Muslim preachers are as easy to find as their Christian counterparts, and all too often they have been planted as agents provocateurs to hype up the Muslim response. Since the second world war the CIA has a long history of covert action in the Middle East using Muslim agents originally trained by ex-Nazi secret service personnel through the subterfuge of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Likewise, the British-installed Saudi kingdom provides a safe haven for a US military presence to protect Israel against any potential threat whilst Muslims have bought into the myth that this authoritarian regime is the protector of the two holy places, having systematically destroyed all other historical evidence of Islam's past glory without hardly anybody noticing. Innocence may be bliss, but ignorance isn't. There is a propaganda war going on out there as a run-up to another shooting war, and we are not winning it. No, don't point me to the alleged success of (CIA-created) al-Qaeda or those mystical Afghan warriors. Islam is not winning in Afghanistan where Muslims are sacrificed in a proxy war between America and China, just as Muslims were the cannon fodder for the proxy war between America and Russia in this strategically important region.

So what should the Muslim response be? Certainly not burning Bibles, but I'm sure somebody sooner or later will fall into that trap. When in the year of the prophet Muhammad's birth - peace be with him - Abraha, the ruler of Yemen marched against Makkah to destroy the Kaabah, Abdu-l-Mutallib the chief of Makkah and grandfather of the prophet astounded the invading general by only asking for the return of his confiscated camels: I am the Lord of camels, he declared. The Kaabah has its own Lord, let Him protect it. And He did. The Qur'an is Allah's eternal word and He ensures its protection and survival. It lives in the hearts of believing Muslims and burning a written copy of it can't do it the least of harm. In fact, we ourselves burn copies of the Qur'an to dispose of them cleanly when they have become worn out. So let them burn it and earn Allah's wrath in return, but let us look after ourselves. We are no longer "lords of camels" either, we are nowhere in charge of our own affairs. In our economic dealings, in our communications, in our "freedom" of movement we have become totally dependent on those who want to condition us or destroy us. Let us defend the spirit of Islam by rebuilding communities which can wither the storms and survive, spiritually and materially, even if those ruling over us want to tighten their grip or pull the plug. That's a very difficult task, of course, and like with the Florida preacher, it is much easier to rise to notorious fame with hot air and provocation. Plenty of "radical" leaders have been handpicked for us to do just that, and if we fall for them, we deserve no better.


At 9 September 2010 at 15:35, Anonymous Nassim Cassim Kamdar said...

Thank you for this article. I hope it is read far and wide. Too many good points to mention.

At 22 September 2010 at 05:06, Anonymous Slave of God said...

Peace be to you brother Mustaqim!
The fellow in Florida was not a PRIEST, a Catholic, he was, rather, a Judeo-Christian, a Protestant of some disreputable sort. One would be hardpressed to find a more understanding Christian group than the Catholics. For instance Mark Glenn is a traditional Roman Catholic as is Miss Joanna Francis, are amongst the stoutest defenders of Muslims today.
Mr Glenn's original website:
His blog is:
Judeo-Christians are more likely than any other, save for Hindus, to attack Islam, they do so because of the Jewish control of media which enflame their passions.
What they do not realize is that both Christianity and Islam is trashed in the films Hollywood produces.
Of course it is Catholicism that is most targeted by Hollywood.

The Cordoba House non-issue:
Anti-Defamers Defame Muslims
Dark alliance: ADL joins with far-right crazies to ban mosque

In summation, Muslims are blamed for the crimes committed by the Enemy of Humanity. Whether 9-11 or others. Truth will prevail, I do believe.

At 9 July 2011 at 10:51, Blogger papa97 said...

Salaams. Many haven't got a clue what's going on. Muslims always assume they know what's up. But when you try to tell them how deep the rabbit hole goes, they laugh, literally. Even the young so called radical youth are content to express their discontent by screaming abuse at returning dead soldiers family's who are brainwashed by the same people. I get Muslims calling me saying.. 'Oh, brother did you see the interview about Iran, they'll show 'em'. So, I go back and watch it and though on the whole it looks like a positive thing for Islam when one really understand how deep the Judeo/Christian/Criminal Zionist agenda goes it is transparently easy to see it for what it is... More Muslims being led by the nose to do one thing.. and one thing only ....RE ACT, Re act to what they are subliminally being TOLD to re act too. 'Popular Arab Uprising'.. Yeah... right...
There is a plot to gain control of the world (as in their Scripture) thru the manipulation of the gentiles (goym.. 'only fit to be thrown on a dung heap when dead'.. apparently) and that they've been doing it for years, thank you. They want chaos, they WANT war. Their vision of the Messiah is far far different than ours. That is precisely why they wouldn't recognize Christ because he was a gentle man. They were told to expect someone that 'rules with a rod of iron'.
The hour is late and their plans are almost in place for the final push. I have little doubt that their machinations are responsible for 100 million deaths in the last century but that will be a drop in the ocean compared to whats coming next. Chaos and pestilence are the conditions they seek to bring out their Messiah. Either total good or total evil. They knew total good was not possible, so they've gone for total evil. My brothers say.. 'But brother, Allah is the BEST of planner' and of that I have NO doubt but the problem for me is that it is this very apathy that our considerable enemies are banking on. We are surrounded by dumb consumers who can't understand the real agenda behind the legislation, happy to sign away their liberty for nothing but a lie.
I am very concerned about the so called 'Hate Crime' legislation ostensibly to protect gays, blacks etc when it is really a step to gag us and send us back into the dark ages where if you were told the earth is flat... the earth WAS flat so any opportunity we had to expose certain Jews (I say some as many Jews would agree with me) is drifting away from us by the day. Their malevolence is plain and many have tried to warn us. They represent almost 80% of the senate and that the Middle East section of the State Department is made up ENTIRELY of duel citizen Jews. Not ONE Christian, definitely no Muslims, not even one plain old American. Where I wonder does their loyalty lie. Their bankers the Rothschilds are said to be worth 100 TRILLION. When will people wake up to what is literally happening in plain site.
Never mind 'there's a black man in the White House.... Everything MUST be okay...

A friend sent me this. I found it very refreshing.

"Muslims! Decisions made under pressure do not last for long. To-day we are not in need of a tree that blooms like a flower or in need of fruit that tastes sweet to our mouths. Instead, we are in the need of fine manure that dissolves in the soil and strengthens the roots. That will unite with the water and soil to produce beautiful flowers. That will destroy itself but will leave its scent and taste in the flowers. We are at present not in need of beautiful scenery that looks good to the eyes, but what we need are foundation stones that will bury themselves in the soil to make the building standing on them strong."

Bahadur Yar Jung


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