Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel and the Jewish psychosis of victimisation

As Israel continues to commit war crime atrocities in the Lebanon, it also justifies those as legitimate defence as well as blaming the other side for making them do it, like the claim that Hizbollah was purposefully using civilians as a human shield, leaving Israel no other choice but to bomb civilians. Seeing that the Israeli attack against Lebanon started with bombing Beirut airport, we should maybe suppose that runways are a preferred location for strategically placing human shields.

What is more outrageous than Israel's aggressive disregard for international law and human rights is that the rest of the world, or at least those holding the reigns of power, the so-called international community, acquiesce to the crimes committed. One of the reasons is that in the Western psyche, greatly assisted by Hollywood reminders, the Jews are the victims of the greatest crime in history, the Holocaust (albeit committed by Europeans, not Arabs), and Israel, their state, must hence be protected from any further abuse by its vicious and violent neighbours.

Since psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are sciences with Jewish roots, it would not be inappropriate to apply them in this instance by looking at the psychology of victimhood. If we put Israel and its leaders on the shrink's couch we will soon find that the state of Israel is condemned to permanent psychosis unless it stops claiming victim status in everything it does, and Israel's alleged friend, like the US and UK, better provide some useful counselling instead of encouraging its path to self-destruction.

A good summary of the victimhood syndrome can be found in Psychology of Victimhood by Dr Ofer Zur:

"In claiming the status of victim and by assigning all blame to others, a person can achieve moral superiority while simultaneously disowning any responsibility for one's behavior and its outcome. The victims 'merely' seek justice and fairness. If they become violent, it is only as a last resort, in self-defense. The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible nor accountable, and forever entitled to sympathy."


"The victim's basic stance is that he or she:
  1. Is not responsible for what happened.

  2. Is always morally right.

  3. Is not accountable.

  4. Is forever entitled to sympathy.

  5. Is justified in feeling moral indignation for being wronged."
What we essentially have in Israel then, is an unbalanced state of mind justifying regular outbursts of uncontrolled anger and violence with the claim to being the eternal victim and therefore never responsible for the consequences of its actions. It is frightening to think what the future holds for the world when such a state is in possession of most advanced weaponry, including a nuclear arsenal, with the tacit approval of those running the asylum, who think that feeding the patient's delusions is more convenient than having to put up with the tantrums induced by the initial withdrawal syndromes of any meaningful treatment programme.


At 31 July 2006 at 11:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a life.

At 31 July 2006 at 19:25, Blogger MT said...

There's no entity to psychoanalyze here. A nation is not a person. Israel isn't even sovereign with regard to it's military and foreign policy. I suppose the psychology you describe figures in a vague sense or feeling of Israel that some foreign supporters have--and especially the ones who don't follow the news, and get what they get from Fox. I bet it figures in rhetoric too. But among the players I think it's much more about contemporary events on the ground, the fact that all Israelis serve in the IDF and know people who have been victim of the martyr's brigade or ketushas or whatever, the impact on the economy and unemployment, etc. Also I imagine most Israelis don't have anything like the perception of the Arab side that you or people on that side have. Grandma Aisha doesn't bake them cookies. Presumably they're not watching Al Jazeera. Perhaps if you thought like an Israeli that would suggest you are psychotic. But I doubt it's so weird how most Israelis think.

At 1 August 2006 at 06:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another way of looking at Israel is to face the facts of expansionist Zionism. Zionists have created the myth that there is a human race and then a 'divine' Israeli race. As a racist ideology, like Fascism and Hitlerism, it claims superority over the rest of humanity. At practical level it has suited Western powers and evangelical Zionist-Christians very well. When the colonial-settler state of Israel was planted in the Middle East by the colonial powers they had their own objectives. History has shown that they had calcuated their future dividends about their work. Consequently they have been able to dominate the Middle East through this artificial entity that exists with the arms and money of the the West, especially of the United States. Israeli crimes against humanity, the uprooting the Palestianin from their homeland, killing large populations and systematic destruction of Lebanon and Lebanese and Palestine and Palestinians goes on. Israeli leadeship does not give a damn to what the ordinary people of the world say about their crimes against humanity. Did it ever worry Hitler what the world said about him? The answer is: NO, it did not.The fact is that the people of the Middle East (not the puppet Arab rulers) are facing the menace of Zioinst psychopaths. They have their own methods and a special psyche to execute their plans. They will stop at nothing unless the domocratic and patriotic forces stand up and resist the barbarians.

At 1 August 2006 at 21:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need to psychoanalyze anything. Hizbolla attacked first. That's all we need to know to understand Israel's response. Terrorism and Jihaidsm are the evils here, not victim philosophy.

At 2 August 2006 at 04:23, Blogger MT said...

Another way of looking at Israel...

Wow. Does anybody who talks this way actually believe it? I don't get to hang out with racists much in the real world. This is so cool!

At 2 August 2006 at 13:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent summary of the psychology of victimhood.

It is true that the Anglosphere needs to be a much more critical friend of Israel, and impress on them that killing 10 Lebanese for every 1 Israeli is not the way to win friends and influence people, neither is inflicting collective punishments on Palestinian Arabs.

The EU is irrelevant - with the noble exception of Angela Merkel's administration in Germany, most of its member states are sticking their heads in the sand re. the threat from Iran under Ahmadinejad.

Trouble is, it applies equally well to the Palestinian Arabs. When are they going to realise that their 'victimhood' doesn't justify their blowing up civilians? Neither does it help when they speak 'peace' in English to the world's news media, while all the time churning out vile hatred of Jews and Christians in Arabic to their own population.

Not all of us in the Anglosphere are blind, stupid or both. 9/11 and 7/7 changed all that. We now know who our enemy is. We know that you are seeking to destroy us and all we hold dear. You will probably succeed with your creeping Islamisation of Europe, but I pray God will raise up someone of sufficient moral fibre to resist you in Britain. Despite the useful idiots in our public institutions who aid and abet you, ordinary Brits outside the chattering classes are waking up to what you are about, and will not take it lying down. If the worst comes to the worst, those of us who care enough can each take one of you with us. Being of pioneer stock, Americans and Australians are made of sterner stuff, and still have the moral fibre to resist you.

At 4 August 2006 at 01:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange, this code of the victim could exactly describe your basic suicide bomber, could it not?

You know, the excuse that they must become violent because they have no other choice, it is a last resort and the only method available to them, etc.

It is strange to slur Israel with the same motivation the other side has, then call only Israel on it........

At 4 August 2006 at 09:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is anathema that a rogue state should be armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and imperatively attempt to impose its will, by force, over its neighbors.

The rogue state has been crowing about peace, and peace for the last half century. But do they want peace ?. Definitely not. Everytime the vapid excuse is wielded that there are no "partners" to discuss peace. It is very convenient, if there are no "partners" to conduct negotiations then everything stays as it is. The bandit state must be brought down to its senses and made to realize that peace and negotiations are not conducted with "frends", but with the enemy. It is highly implausible that two friendly nations will negotiate peace; they are at peace.

The succees of the rogue state is owed much more to the disunity and dishamony of its enemies rather than to its own merits.

How this is achieved is clear to see. Everything that has got to do with learning, existential mores, language, knowledge, religion, is in quarantined in the hands of the bandid. Mind shaping, thought control, programed reactions, these and other levers of influence are entirely in their hands; therefore one should not be surprised at the outcome.

It is paradoxical, that the oil wealthy arab nations, have their wealth deposited in the bandits banking network. Even if they wanted to use that wealth to influence the outcome of any struggle they will be deprived of making use of those assets by the very same network that purportedely is the custodian.

At 4 August 2006 at 09:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like all the lies and disinformation we are fed daily, another distortion is added to the confusion with oxymoron slogans.

It is blatantly false to equate the Nazis with the Zion. The nazi ideology and ethos is diametrically opposed to that of the Zion.

We are trying to compare disconnected scenario which only befuddles the brain.

Indiscriminate bombing is a trademark of the Zion- Anglo Americans axis.
The Nazis were pulverized by the bombing campaign. The Japs had two bombs dropped to flatten Nagassaki and Hiroshima, we all know about the holocaust of Dresden. More recently the footprints of the 1st gulf war, Yogoslavia, the Iraqui bombfest, are fresh in our minds.

This is not an attempt to defend the Nazis, the germans can do that if they have the guts and the gumption; but to equate the Zion current bombing orgy of Lebanon, and the previous ones, the unspeakably slaughter , and territory theft , of Palestinians to be compared with the deeds of to the Nazis , it is incongrous, false and gratuitous disinformation, which serves the aims of Zion propaganda machinery to obfuscate reality with fiction.

At 4 August 2006 at 19:31, Blogger MT said...

If Lebanon had the huge military advantage and it was Israeli guerillas firing ketushas into Lebanon and kidnapping Lebanese soldiers, what would be the measured moral response of the democratic government of Lebanon? How many innocent deaths of your neighbor are allowed for the sake of stopping a continuous trickle of innocent deaths on your own side? I think you have no reply but to say "no Israeli is innocent" and that you are denying Israel any right to defend itself. There is more than just the here and now to think about when we tally the dead, as I suppose theocratic anti-Israelis believe more fervently than anybody. I don't mean to suggest anybody lacks good reason to be wounded and enraged, nor to assert the overall conclusion that Israel ought not to be doing what it is doing in Lebanon right now (I don't know the answer), only to assert that some intellectual positions seemingly occasioned by these feelings are irrational. I might be wrong, but nobody's going to convince me of that without reason.

At 4 August 2006 at 19:32, Blogger MT said...


"nor to DENY the overall conclusion that Israel ought not to be doing what it is doing in Lebanon right now (I don't know the answer)"

At 4 August 2006 at 19:35, Blogger MT said...

"Reason and credible testimony" I should have said. It's hard to find credible testimony around the matter of Israel/Palestine. People care so much they are credulous.

At 6 August 2006 at 13:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaque and sane people of the world.

What an excellent observation and no doubt another nail in the coffin of this blood sucking parasitic vampire crede, that appear to thrive off blatant lies!

Not only can we analyse Satan's penchant for bogus victimhood, but we can also take stock of the bogus language they use, as well as the superimposing of events and scenario's onto them selves.

What makes me laugh, is when we hear this denial of the facts and this new found nonsense phrase tumbles out of their mouths and all of a sudden has currency in the mad media, i speak of course of "Old history"????

Is there such a meaningful phrase, i mean i've heard of ancient history, but "OLD HISTORY".

Well if it ain't ancient, then it is history and all history is old, thus i have done some liiiiiitle research into this 6 million claim and as far as i'm concerned it is just that a claim, to which i call a regurgitated myth, which was attempted during WWI.

We ought to investigate why the lady does protest too much.

At 7 August 2006 at 18:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And exactly how many Jews have crossed the Israeli borders into Muslim territories and blew themselves up all in the name of a loving God? It's fairly simple...if you can look through your fog of extremist Islam. Stop blowing non-muslims up, snatching soldiers, all in the name of your loving God Allah, and the bombing will stop. You can complicate things with all this Western influence jargon, and try to steer our vision away from reality all you want. The fact is, Hizbollah is backed by Ahmadinejad and his puppet state of Syria. Or let me say, Iran and Syria are both puppet states for the Ayatollah. And I would love to see the actual results of this so called peaceful democracy's presidential vote last year....and not the one decided by the Ayatollah, who I might add along with Ahmadenijad calls for the destruction of the zionists!!! And how are we to interpret that? Why would we want to submit ourselves to a religion that proclaims peace, yet requires death and destruction by treacherous means to those who reject it. And this makes sense in what way? You had better believe that Israel is detained in it's own country....just as Muslims are being detained in their own religion, by force. It is a sad state to be in indeed. And blame the west and Israel all you want for it, the fact is, Islamic extremists have spread their words of hatred and destruction for many years now. And it's always the same..."death to Israel and its Zionist partners." Makes me want to bow down and worship this God of love!!

Sorry, I've tried to create an account on here. I was formerly known as Marine1....just so you know I'm not hiding my identity.

At 7 August 2006 at 21:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Mustaque and all sane people of the world.

Education is the key and within that structure of learning principles we have divisions in which we specialise.

Geography, or rather the Middle East, for this purpose Palestine, whereby pre the creation of the state of Israel all people of all religious faiths lived without out problems, as they do did Iraq, they do in Iran, Syria and other free states that have not be tampered with by the money masters.

Mathematics, or rather the body count since the creation of the state of Israel, whereby the people of the world have become victims of this rogue state, which stops at nothing in its hunger for what was never theirs and isn't theirs today.

Religious studies, or rather the recognition that many who support the state of Israel, fail to understand that any self respecting Jew follows the tenents of the Torah, thus any state created other than divine hands must be the work of Satan, as God has forbid Jews to create any such state.

Torah not to be confused with Talmud, which condones Paedophillia,girls under 3 and boys under 8, promotes hatred of Christ, sees non Jews as chattle to be slaughtered, deceived and their property hijacked amongst other non mentionables at any time and any place, unlike Islam which does have conditions when regarding infidels invading their space.

History, or rather the true story of Zionism and its aims, as stated in the 1896 Basle conference attended by Theodore Hertzl and many other Zionist luminaries, to which there is a voluminous account of what many of these people said their stated aims were.

Lord Rothschild and James Arthur Balfour and his famous letter, to which he gives permission for a homeland at your house, without asking you a darn thing about it.

The historical ancestry of the Zionist, i refer here, rather in the religious section, as there is no connection the Jew-ish/Jew-like people have to the land formerly known as Palestine.

Finally the reason the Zionist decided on a quest to find a bolt hole to retreat to, in case their nonsense behaviour, beliefs and practices, which is contrary to the benefit of civilised people, becomes exposed once again and they are chased from the lands to which they inveigle the unsuspecting populous.

English Language, or rather this forum, which seeks to hold decent debate and perhaps find truth and with that hope that ideas come forth from ordinary people, which contain truth and considered thought, may aid those that call them selves leaders to come to their senses and encourage those who seek destruction of others to at least consider their fellow man and let them live free from occupation and tyranny.

As men and women of this world, we hope we never are subjected to thieves,bullies and robbers who envy our possessions and places of abode and wish to take what we have and then tell us how we should live.

In plain English, my words should not incite you to preemptively act when my words were mere words, be that bravdo, gibberish or a verbal dislike for how another lives.

If i am wrong in my thinking,then God will deal with that, but here on earth, it is not for another to become my God, Judge and Jury if i commit no earthly crime.

I know of no religion that condones suicide and as for killing innocent lives, again i know of no religion that condones this act, apart from what i recognise is in the Talmud, to which i'd love a Talmudist to explain to the world what that is all about, as opposed to pointing the finger at other faiths and taking parts out of context.

All of the above happen to be my views and i am, of course can be prone to the odd error.

At 8 August 2006 at 02:18, Blogger MT said...

But if you play the Koran backwards in the Algonquin translation it says "bite me."


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