Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Unaffordable democracy

You can't afford democracy. That is the lesson the United States and Europe are teaching Palestinians. You may have your choice of government, but it will cost you. You may wish to insist on justice and keep repeating that Israel occupied Palestinian territory illegally, but it will win you no friends. If you want to succeed, throw your beliefs and principles over board and go with the money.

The lesson for the wider public world-wide is that the people are powerless and their elected governments are mere gatekeepers whilst we are governed by an elite with no respect for such aspirations as self-governance and freedom of belief and expression. In a recent programme on BBC's Radio 4 commentators made a comparison between the City of London and the East India Company, each of which representing a private interest group acting as a de-facto government. So as to not implicate the government of the day they conduct their global meddling under the subterfuge of trade and commerce. Should they run into difficulties, however, the political government is always there to help them out. The power elites know how to diversify in order to look after the interests of the oligarchy.

Whether it is the withholding of funding for the Palestinians in the hope that they would turn against the government they just elected (a serious miscalculation which indicates that our rulers have learned nothing from history and do not understand what motivates people under occupation), whether it is the creation of the European super state managed by an unelected commission, or whether it is the manipulation of political parties through funding and loans as in Britain, they get the policies they are paying for. We may think ourselves far advanced today from the days of colonialism, but we've really just got used to wearing blinkers. As the Iraq invasion under the spurious excuse of the danger from weapons of mass destruction has shown, the fight for resources is as fierce today as it was then, and whether we have an elected government or not, clandestine and open foreign adventures continue unabashed.

Now and then our governments see their greatest threat in the people whom they are meant to represent. Much of their effort is spent on keeping them in the dark at least until after the event, like with the so-called extraordinary rendition flights. The idiosyncrasies of the electoral system - which is also dependent on big finance - ensure that it is rare indeed that a government is in tune with its people. When it is, like in Palestine, it poses an unwelcome challenge to those who are used to be obeyed and must be starved out of existence.


At 12 April 2006 at 07:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

civil disobedience, should really be called Civil Responsibility when your leaders are out right criminals and murdering monsters

At 12 April 2006 at 08:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Link here will show How our HIGHEST officials are involved in child sex slaves and the Jewish Media wont even report it:

"The Corruption in AMERICA starts from the whiteHouse"


At 17 April 2006 at 21:41, Blogger Masher1 said...

I say USA stop ripping off evveryone. What gives USA the right to WAR for someone elses OIL. When did DuByA DiC RuMmY and condi become the owners of The WHOLE world? Did i miss something REAL HUGE here? Some folks are just swatting at the hornets nest KNOWING all of the Americans in the states will evenualy be the STUNG not them. Whacking the nest for all there might. And you Mr/Mrs USA well you get to pay for it all,supply the meat to fight it,suffer the wraith of the world for your governments EVIL leadership.

At 21 April 2006 at 13:29, Blogger SC&A said...

Being democratically elected does not mean that civilized nations muxt accept and welcome thos ethat profess hate.

As a German, you recall that Hitler, too, was democratically elected. The civilized world will not make the same mistake twice and give credence to those who espouse hate and bigotry. Had the west not appeased and recognized Hitler, a good case can be made that WW2 might have been averted. In any event, the Palestinians voted for Hamas- they have spoken. At least they are finally being honest. It isn't as if Hamas has ever hid it's agenda'- 'Itbach al yahudi!' from the pulpits, media and in schools. The civilized world is under no obligation to to deal with these bigots, racists and purveyors of taqqiyah. They are proud to refer to themselves as the Nazis of our time.

Recall that in the last election, there were over 25 candidates who referred to themselves as abu Hitler' or variations thereof. Recall too, how many Palestinian publicly announce how they want 'finish the job' Hitler started.

At 26 April 2006 at 15:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...



"Civilized World"

Which nations does he include and what is civilized about them . Stupid Boy

Hmnn I do agree he is a prat.

At 26 April 2006 at 21:01, Blogger SC&A said...

To be clear, the civilized world is the one that does not demand that 'Hitler's job be finished.'

That is reserved for the barbarians.

At 27 April 2006 at 15:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So anyone for Global zionist/ jewish terror is civilized ????
such a div. Its almost funny to think you consider people to be civilised or not dependant upon thier views on Jews....

Anyone who preaches hate, regards Muslims as second class and de humanise them in order to steal thier land or resources is civilised as long as they like the jews.

For a start, You give the zionist jews too much importance who gives a damn about the the dead jews when the zionist jews themselves have perpetrated far worse atrocities since. They have more than cashed in the sympathy from all. The only people who harp on about it are the jews themselves as they belive it gives them cart blanch to go do whatever they want , cos they once were victimised. there are qualified to commit far larger atrocities and we must all feel sorry for them forever.

It is very civilized of the yanks to keep a body count of "brave soldier boys that fell whilst serving country" and not of the civilians they murder daily with indiscret carpet bombing, depleated uranium , chemical wepons and other ilegal substances.
It is no wonder your version of civilized is rejected. It is also no wonder why the yanks along with thier asswipes are considered the least sincere and trusted of all nations. The most hated, distrusted nation of all. God less America.

At 27 April 2006 at 19:45, Blogger SC&A said...

Apparently, stupidity reigns. "Anyone who preaches hate, regards Muslims as second class and de humanise them in order to steal thier land or resources is civilised as long as they like the jews."

Let me be more clear. I don't care about your politics (as clearly infantile as thety are), whatsoever. I don't care about what you believe or who shares your beliefs.

I made it clear (obviously, you have a problem with written clarity- perhaps there ought to be pictures, too, so you might better comprehend) that the issue- and problem, lies with those who promulgate, encourage, teach nd preach bigotry and racism- in addition to those who promote violence against civilians (including the ANIMALS who believe attacking Americans and Jews anywhere is acceptable) and non combatants.

By your own words and the nature of some of your accusations, are irrelevant.

What makes you worse than irrelevant is your hypocrisy. You don't care about Palestinians- you just pretend to.

If you really cared about justice, your voice would be heard about the GIA in Algeria raping children. If you cared your vlice would be heard about the butcher in Darfur. If you cared your voice would be heard about the ongoing Arab slave traders in Mauritania. If you cared your voice would have been heards as Saddam butchered his own.

Shall I go on? Shall we discuss Yemen? Shall we discuss the Philippines? How about the forced conversions in East Timor? How about the six THOUSAND girls subject to FGM every day?

Wanna talk about honor killings, acid attacks and the bombing of churches with worshippers inside? How about gang rapes directed at women that have been raped.

MILLIONS have been butchered- and you think Israel and Jews are the problem.

The fact is, you don't give a damn about human rights at all. You're a hypocrite. You are other things too, but everyone who reads this knows wxactly what you are, so there is no need to expand.

Do you get it, or shall I draw more pictures for you?

At 2 May 2006 at 16:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Different time, same crime. Hitlers in head scarfs trying to blame anyone else but themselves for their problems. No wonder these countries are still stuck in the turd world with this kind of thinking.

At 10 August 2007 at 08:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Different time, same crime indeed. Zionist supremacist Nazis (they also colluded with the Nazis -- google Lenni Brenner) who are egging the Us on to a second war with Iran, after Iraq was laid to waste on Israel's behest. They are the real animals, the Jewish supremacist neocons.


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