Monday, March 20, 2006

Pay the piper, call the tune

The recent discussion about loans to political parties in the UK misses an important point. The key issue is not whether donations and loans should have been declared or whether it amounts to political sleaze that some large donors or lender were able to buy themselves a seat in the House of Lords. The central lesson is that democracy is a corruptible form of government where money buys policy. It explains why the policies of the major parties don't differ essentially when it comes to protecting the interests of big money.

There is another important truth: Western governments and the political parties running them have bankrupted themselves and are entirely dependent on loan financing. All our public institutions are in debt and debt servicing is a continuous drain on the resources of our people. Taxes will rise and services will be cut. The alternative, a thorough reform of the debt financing system at the heart of the problem will not be contemplated by any party in power because of their own dependency on the loan sharks.

Nor is the question being asked where a lender obtains so much money from that it exceeds the totality of the social product of all the industrialised nations. How can individuals or institutions be so much richer than governments representing their people that the latter must borrow from the former? The answer is a simple confidence trick called fractional reserve banking: The lenders lend what they have not got, but want real value in return. By allowing private banks to lend a multiple of their asset base and then charge interest for it, our governments have sold us out to them and enslaved us to keep paying the interest on this fictitious money. By borrowing money from banks who create it into existence, instead of issuing the same money themselves free of the burden of interest, our democratically elected governments are covering up the largest fraud ever committed in history which makes the currently suggested improprieties look distinguishably pale.

The required remedy, therefore, is not another law on the statute book which defines how party donations and loans should be declared, but a complete overhaul of our financial system which has given banks far too much power for far too long. Of course, in this struggle between the banks and the people the bankers won't go without a fight, and there are no prizes for guessing on whose side the leading political parties are on.


At 21 March 2006 at 14:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

speaking of money, did anyone see the channel four investigation on the 32 billion dollars of Iraqi money. This money had been taken by the pentagon from oil for fuel and frozen assets. the money was converted into cash in new yourk then paid out to American companies for false invoices. The American military handed much of it out to whoever they wanted and many helped themselves to it. They also tried to spend as much of it as they could before the handover. When they handover came about they only had 3 billion left. So much for rebuilding Iraq and geting rid of a corrupt regime. Just what is needed now.

At 12 April 2006 at 07:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont blame A scorpion for what he does,,,Hes a Scorpion its his nature ..Just step on it and move on....

At 23 August 2006 at 18:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice article but let's get not just knee-deep... since we're all stuck in it.

It's even deeper than fractional reserve banking; it is FICTIONAL reserve gangbanking" It's not even sleight-of-hand; it is a Sleight-of-Mind trick! When what we use as "money" is simply digits followed by a symbol then the creator of the symbol (shareholders of the gangbanking institutions) own everything and enslaves everyone that the symbol reaches via pretended "loans" of intangible digital pulses in computer databases displayed on computer screens. You can burn all the circulating "cash" and no money would disappear because money is created (animated) and destroyed (de-animated) as credit in the banking institutions. This is per the Federal Reserve's own admission. If we fear the advent of a cashless society, we will never realize its presence (since 1967). Cash comes from the Chinese word "Kasu" meaning coin... well I digress. There's not enough space or time to do that justice here and now.

The DOME is the Domain of Monetary Exploitation. Money exists in our is intangible (a relation--the mathematical relativity of value), and our inability to overstand this extends our subjugation to the intergenerational money masters. When we reverse the E=MC2 (Exploitation = Money Counterfeited Circulating) we will be able to release the monetary power of the people as Exchange = Mutual Credit Clearing. We clear our minds, then clear each others monetary acceptances. The means to freedom is overstanding the science of the exploitation and then reversing it (through it). How money arises into circulation is the litmus test to its authenticity. Bankers and governments are precluded from issuing authentic money. All issues from either government or banking institutions are legalized counterfeit. Monetary authenticity is tested by it's nature (of issuance and redemption through reciprocity of exchanges) not by authority (fiat) of its issuers (who don't and cannot redeem what they issue because that is not what they do; that is not their purpose.) If you're an artist, have you ever tried to sell a banker your artwork to satisfy "pay off or pay on") your imagined "loan"? Bank loans simply authorize you to obtain something of value from someone else. Only producers of wealth can truly issue monetary symbols as they (we) are the only ones who can redeem them. Since all political money (gov/bank sanctioned) comes into circulation as debt, if all of the loans were paid off (which due to interest-laden faux loans is impossible) there would be no money in existence. The road to freedom is overstanding monetary science (deleting reality boxes we currently have regarding money) and building interconnected systems of exchanges between people (without non-producing 3rd party interlopers, i.e., "governments" and banking institutions). The science of money (from the perspective of those most inconvenienced by its artificially-guaged scarcity) has been a knowledge vacuum or even as deep as a black hole in human consciousness. Think about it, how can there be a scarcity of something intangible used to measure the relationship between and among things calculated in our minds? Have we ever run out of or run short of inches or gallons? Why then dollars--the system of weight measurement? There is a reason and it has to do with the fact that dollars no longer have a reality referent to the substance it use to weigh, i.e. silver. This ties into the cashless society point I did not delve into, supra.

Read E.C. Riegel's "Flight From Inflation: The Monetary Alternative" & "New Approach to Freedom;" the most lucid writer on "money" in history. Then, avail yourself of Dr. Blynd's epic "FUNKTIONARY: The Original Reality-Based Dictionary, 3rd Ed." and expand your awareness to the true science of monetary freedom while raising your level of consciousness (and opening yourself up to a brand new Lexiconsciousness too).

Yeah, I know...self-serving; but it's well-deserving. Consider this a KSA (Knowledge Service Announcement) courtesy of the Phfree Association)

Food for thought: MONEY = My Own Natural Energy Yield.

P.S. Vote for Afro-futurist Dr. Blynd, Realitarian Afterparty candidate for U.S. President.



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