Saturday, March 25, 2006

Beneath the varnish of civilisation

The recent manslaughter verdict at Preston Crown Court against a gang master employing illegal Chinese immigrants, 21 of whom drowned at Morcambe Bay in February 2005 whilst cockle picking, has highlighted again the suffering and hardship people go through in order to try and make a better life for themselves in the West. The same holds true for the boat people who drowned off the shores of Australia or the refugees freezing to death on Eurostar trains during the last leg of their journey from France and England . Prior to their departure they will usually have paid large sums of money to organised crime syndicates in their home countries who promise to get them to their destination of choice, money which they will not be able to recover even after years of hard labour.

Sadly, they all fell for the glossy advertising which presents the countries of the first and second world as having streets paved with gold and perpetuates the Hollywood rags to riches myth. By the time they discover the truth it is far too late for regrets and a life of near-slavery begins. Western governments and media have been very successful in presenting their own countries as the pinnacle of civilisation and everywhere else as unsafe and backwards. Below this thin veneer of self-glorification lies quite a different reality.

A cursory look at any of the free local newspapers distributed to households in most British towns tells the story eloquently. Here is a headline selection from my local advertiser, covering the week's events for an average sized English town: "School wins legal battle" – "Schools hit as staff go out on strike" – "Appeal set to be lodged over murder convictions" – "Hunt for attacker" – "Drunks in court hit back at allegations" "Youngsters get frank advice on drugs" – "Newspaper's call ends ordeal for family" (this relates to a family who've been living in a council house behind boarded up windows for over half a year) - "Woman robbed on the redway" - "Woman dead in bathroom".

Of course, there is some good news, too: A dog who can twist his tongue, a promise of broadband connectivity for the town, some dancers who had a great time at a newly opened club, announcement of an extension to the consultation exercise about building expansion and reports that Royal Mail will open a new sorting office. All in all, however, it does not sound like the place you would want to go to, and this is one of the newer and more affluent towns in the country and a lot tidier than, for example, the capital, London.

Of course, one could argue that newspapers sell copy by sensationalising and that their headlines do not adequately reflect reality. This is a fair point except that they could not report events if they didn't happen. No matter how sensational the headline is phrased, a murder is a murder, youngsters wouldn't need drug advice if there wasn't an addiction problem, and school staff wouldn't go on strike if they were happy with their working conditions. Maybe a translated summary of local headlines for the most popular destinations made available for free at the British embassies around the world would put a sudden end to immigration. But then tourists might be tempted away to Africa and Asia instead, and we can't allow this to happen. Besides, without turning a blind eye to illegal immigration, the artificially sustained British economy would soon collapse.


At 28 March 2006 at 01:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you sound like a Daily Mail reader. Of course in a country of 60 million people you can find bad news if you look for it. Of course nowhere is perfect. but most immigrants who come here like it, I am the son of an immigrant, in my job I work with a load of them, very few consider themselves slaves or that their life here is worse than the one they left behind.

At 28 March 2006 at 06:12, Blogger Mustaqim said...

Why don't you write to the families of the dead cockle pickers and tell them just that?

At 30 March 2006 at 13:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt if any of these so called "great nations" would be so great had it not been for the exploitation of immigrant workers. Most large glossy and gamorous companies such as BMW, and Mercedees would be nothing and niether would so many of the multinationals which operate a policy of only hiring cheap unofficial labour. Immigrant labour is a dream come true for these companies as they don't have to provide for sick pay , holiday entitlement and health and saftey laws can be exploited to the full. Seems to me like the black labour market has always been and always will be. We like to moan about it and it raises tempratures and wins votes but we can't live without it either. Especially when so many many British people consider a large number of jobs to be beneath them and they are financial better off being unemployed or a single parent.

At 12 April 2006 at 07:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

America is one of these so called "great nations" that would Not be so great, had it not been for the exploitation of immigrant and SLAVE workers,As well as the Murder and occupation of these same Lands.
Look at the Indians who were murdered and starved into submission ,until they STOLE there lands. Same lands that were built by BLACK Slaves !!
All the immigrants who built this nation ,who live as second class citizens ,who are separated from their families in other countries by strick immigration laws that prohibit them from even visiting them.As if they owned them and had the right to deside how they should live,belive or even think.

They complain about the immigrants sending the money they make to support the people they love.When they make the money working doing the most horrible Jobs available,while there paid slave labor wages.

Americans policies Of hiring Cheap Iligal labor,Is everyday hypocrisis.
Immigrant labour is a dream come true for these People,they just dont want to admit to it or even say thank you.Look at Mexico they stole alot of mexican Land and use the Mexicans to do all the Dirty work for pennies.How do they thank them ? By treating them like dogs.!! Great country full of Justice and Equality and freedom for all !! Absolute Bullshit...
Nothing but Controled propaganda and Lies....
Meanwhile the leaders rape our laws destroy other coutries and violate our constitution and GOD Given rights !! NONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DESIDE OVER OUR LIVES, ONLY GOD has That RIGHT !!!

Its Time the Poor and the Underdogs Strike back and take our lives back from these MADMEN running the world,They dont have the right or the smarts to deside anything for anyone !!
Its time the world had PEACE and prosperity for all. We the people need to take CHARGE and change our world.There is no other way.

People Need to STOP fearing the goverment,Goverment needs to be reminded why they should fear us...

The Crminals Must be brought to pay for their HIGH crimes and Treasons...


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