Friday, October 28, 2005

Redrawing the map?

Should Israel be wiped off the map or Palestine be added to the map? There is a simple solution: one man one vote. The Palestinians, being in the majority, might want to rename their country Palestine, but at least Israelis could then once more live peacefully in their land enjoying the proverbial Arab hospitality. And we would actually bring real democracy to the Middle East. But that would be wishful thinking. Israelis don’t want to share their space with the natives any more than the American settlers did want to share the New Continent with the Indians.


At 29 October 2005 at 22:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir for this site and the opportunity.

Firstly, it is Israel who intends to and has redrawn the map. Just look at its vast wall of apartied. Not only evil by design but also on Palestinian land. Israel effectively airbrushes Palestine from the world map. It is apparent that Blair and his muppets are either incapable to or choose not to differentiate between the spoken word and actual actions. The Iranians have simply voiced their wishes openly. Israel on the other hand has effectively wiped out towns and villages by bombing, raiding, bulldozing and assassinating. All made possible with military aid from the guardian angel America. Israel has vast stockpiles of conventional, atomic and chemical weapons. Openly documented, supplied by America and Britain. Perhaps we should send the weapons inspectors in and let them have a field day. After all a day is all it will take to find the 'smoking gun'
I can never forget how Israel held Yasser Arafat hostage, snipers and tanks ploughed in once again raising havoc. Yasser Arafat had ceilings falling down around him. He wasn't even permitted 'by the Israelis' to leave and attend a Middle East conference. This barbaric siege continued until The UN and America agreed NOT to investigate the atrocities Israel carried out in Jennin and other areas of Palestine. Only then did Israel retreat leaving a path of destruction. A Twisted demolished Palestinian infrastructure. Buildings with physically and emotionally broken people, in or on the rubble of what was home. We all saw the huge bulldozers demolish stony houses. We saw them crumble, we saw the helpless looking at their homes being tossed aside by Israeli soldiers as they took pleasure in flattening cars and homes for fun. Why did we not hear of large American or Israeli companies lining up for rebuilding contracts? Could it be they have no intention to rebuild?
Did Poodle Blair not find any of that repulsive? Israel carries out its belligerent policies whilst the world enacts the three monkeys.
For years Israel has sort any excuse to raid and occupy.
Suicidal bombings are rightly condemned but how can Israel and its protectors hold the Palestinian leadership or any nation responsible for the desperate acts of its INDIVIDUAL citizens?
How can America warn Iran and Syria to tighten borders with Iraq or face the consequences when the mighty America itself is unable to secure its own border with Mexico?
How can America order all foreign troops out of Iraq, what does it think it's own troops are? In my view, there is simple solution to all of this and that would be not to wipe Israel from the map but to DISARM the terrorist state of Israel and force it to comply with the vast number of UN resolutions made against it.


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