Monday, October 24, 2005

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil - but keep doing it

It's official, our government is wearing large blinkers. They don't only ignore public opinion at home and abroad, they even refuse to listen to their own strategists and advisers. As reported in the Observer the MOD's own survey in Iraq told them clearly that Iraqis don't want them there and that a majority of Iraqis are in support of attacks against American and British soldiers. But the government will stay the course until the elected Iraqi government can maintain control. Fact is that an occupying power or, in legal speak, a belligerent occupier, remains responsible for what happens in the occupied country and cannot abdicate that responsiblity to a puppet regime no matter how hard they try to legitimise it. Did not George Bush himself say (about Syria and Lebanon) that you can't have free elections in a country under occupation? So the Brits are there to stay and get shot at until the Americans had enough and pull out. Until then they will keep talking about an insurgency being fuelled by foreigners (oh no, not Britain and America, they're not foreign, they own the place) and about establishing democracy and fighting terrorism. There is no doubt though that they are loosing the fight. The same Observer article quotes another leaked government memo indicating that the hastily contried new anti-terror measures are being counter-productive.


At 1 November 2005 at 21:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I see. We're responsible for extremists making conscious decisions to blow themselves up and kill hundreds and even thousands of their own people in the process. Stop blaming your own country for the conscious decisions of others to do harm to themselves, their own people, and to the "occupying powers", all in the name of love!! Please help me understand that!


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